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#65051 Texture Glitch

Posted by JCarter426 on 18 May 2018 - 10:44 AM

It looks like you've set the envmap in appearance.2da to CM_Baremetal when it should normally be DEFAULT.

#64776 Visas Marr's Med-Bay Body Position

Posted by JCarter426 on 01 May 2018 - 04:59 PM

I'll keep it in mind. I had planned to take a look at that scene eventually, though there are a couple others ahead in the queue. I got taken away from those when... the data was taken away from me. But it's since been recovered, fortunately.


It's been a while since I've seen the scene, but I remember they used the regular dead animation rather than something like prone (as seen with Saul Karath's death, for example) and a new animation might indeed be desirable. Visas doesn't talk in the scene, so that makes it somewhat easier.

#64672 Download:JC's Battle Undergarments for K1

Posted by JCarter426 on 25 April 2018 - 09:31 AM



File Name: JC's Battle Undergarments for K1

File Submitter: JCarter426

File Submitted: 25 Apr 2018

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: No


By popular* demand!


This mod will add a new item that has the appearance of underwear but grants a defense bonus when equipped (+4).


The mod does not integrate the item in the game at all; you will have to cheat it into the game in some manner. The item is "jc_under01".


*For populaces totaling one or more individuals on Deadly Stream.


Click here to download this file

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#64617 .txi Parameters and What They Do

Posted by JCarter426 on 23 April 2018 - 08:45 PM


  • Various blending options using the alpha channels of the .tga. (Think Photoshop blending options.)
  • blending additive, blending punchthrough (not sure of the difference though)


Additive is equivalent to "add" or "linear dodge" mode - the color is added to whatever is underneath it.


Punchthrough is equivalent to "normal" mode, I think.


In the game, punchthrough is generally used when only transparency is needed, when there really is supposed to be nothing there (grass, leaves, grates, hair, etc) while additive is used for any translucent texture (such as windows) because it brightens the background and makes it easier to see.


You might be wondering why punchthrough is even there when we have alpha channels that can handle transparency. That's because the game is crazy and won't render anything behind another object even if its texture is transparent from the alpha channel, unless a blending mode is applied.



  • ??? (I can only assume it scales the bump map, e.g. 1=100%, 2=200%, etc.)
  • bumpmapscaling 1


This increases the intensity of the bump map. If you have part of the bump map that is higher than the base texture, bumpmapscaling 2 will double the height, bumpmapscaling 3 will triple it, and so on. At least, that's my guess. I noticed a subtle but possibly not imaginary difference when I tried it.



  • ??? (Defines which areas of the bump map should also be shiny?)
  • bumpyshinytexture


This is for use with a bump map on a texture that uses an environment map. If you're using cm_baremetal on a metal texture, for example, you'll want to use bumpshinytexture instead of bumpmaptexture.



  • Black areas of texture will be translucent.
  • decal 1


I believe there's more to it than that. This is an assumption based on how I've seen it work in other games, but I believe decal will make the texture render on top of anything that it's flush with. A burn decal on a wall, for example, will always render on top of the wall texture, rather than the Z-fighting nonsense you'd usually get.



  • ???
  • isbumpmap 1


This just tells the game the texture is a bump map.


  • ???
  • mipmap 1


This is an optimization thing. A mipmap has multiple copies of the texture in different sizes and the game renders the smaller ones from far away, only rendering the real size when you're close up. I'm not entirely sure how it works with KOTOR since KOTOR also has different texture packs, and I've only seen the mipmap parameter on certain textures. But it's not really a concern to us, thanks to modern hardware.

#64556 Camera not facing where it should

Posted by JCarter426 on 21 April 2018 - 12:47 AM

Well, in my case there actually is a reason for that. The cameras are used in the Xor cutscene that's present across three different modules and each of them uses static cameras with the same IDs. I only edited that one instance and I'd rather not make it a special case by using animated cameras and thus requiring a unique dlg and thus requiring a unique trigger script.

Oh, that does make sense. That's a strange way to go about it, but I can see why they would do that.


You could still do it all in the same dialogue without requiring a new trigger, but it might end up being more work so it might not be worth it.


But you say that in a way that leads me to believe that it's always better to use animated cameras. Would you mind clarifying why that is? I always though that they'd be much more work.

Static cameras:

a ) are required to be placed in a module's GIT file, which means they can't be placed after you've entered the module and make for a compatibility nightmare

b ) use the obscure quaternion rotation system

c ) are restricted to a single module

d ) can't be animated


Animated cameras:

a ) can be animated but don't have to be animated

b ) use intuitive XYZ values for rotation

c ) are contained in a model file that can be named whatever and used wherever (though difference in module layout is obviously still an issue)


There is one and only one thing static cameras can do that animated cameras can't: You can change cameras in the middle of a dialogue node with SetDialogPlaceableCamera. Unless I had to do that, I wouldn't ever use them. I hadn't ever considered a circumstance like the Xor encounter, though. That's a unique case because it can pop up in different areas, as you said.

#64374 "Holocron Quest" Discussion

Posted by JCarter426 on 14 April 2018 - 05:54 PM

I started translating some of my ideas into code.


This script is essentially a copy of the script for the dark side taint in the Tomb of Freedon Nadd:



I've set it up so it can be applied to the player or the Disciple, or both. It grants a Force power based on a certain progression tree. If by any chance the character has all the powers it'll give them 10 bonus Force points instead.


I've also drawn up a light side version:



I've picked light side powers that I think correspond to the dark ones in the original script.


Finally, these two scripts will check what power is supposed to be given without actually giving it:





These will let the game say "here's what power you're going to get" in the dialogue file before it gives it to you.


I think that should cover the rewards for generic holocrons the Disciple doesn't have anything to say about. I've yet to look at the ones he does say about in detail, though I imagine the player would find at least one generic one before getting any of the special ones.

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#64329 Remaking the Loading Screens

Posted by JCarter426 on 13 April 2018 - 11:31 AM

The 205TEL mod has the cutscene where the Exile meets Admiral Onasi. However, in the game it reuses a standard Telos loading screen. (It doesn't have it's own loading screen.) So this won't be included but I thought I'd show it to you all anyway.

Oh, so you're not doing any 2DA editing. Huh, this is... strange. I would think 154, 853, 907, and 950 might be in trouble too, but they actually do have custom loadscreens. Just not 205. There's a line for it, but it has 204's data. Maybe it was a typo.


Progress looks good, in any case. :D

#64166 Remaking the Loading Screens

Posted by JCarter426 on 07 April 2018 - 07:39 AM

Yeah, I'd say the back for the reasons you mentioned. It also makes it seem more like the ship is going somewhere if we can see out the window.

#64164 Remaking the Loading Screens

Posted by JCarter426 on 07 April 2018 - 07:19 AM

154HAR - That's when Sion breaks out of the kolto tube, right?

Nah, 154 is the cutscene of him meditating on the bridge when the Harbinger arrives at Peragus.


205TEL - Is that the cutscene where Admiral Onasi speaks with Grenn when the Ebon Hawk leaves the station for the first time?

That is correct.


EDIT: Whoops, I did... not read that properly. It's the cutscene with Admiral Onasi speaking to the player. After the battle.


853NIH - Showing Nihilus on the bridge behind his back would work for both.

I suppose that would work.


907MAL - There are two ways I think I could go with "Kreia's Fall"

Hmm, I'd go for the overhead shot. It's the first time we see evil Kreia, so I'd avoid revealing her in the loadscreen.

#64161 Remaking the Loading Screens

Posted by JCarter426 on 07 April 2018 - 05:25 AM

There are modules that are missing loadscreens, or don't have unique ones, like 001EBO and 004EBO, which you've done. Some others that come to mind are 205TEL and 950COR. As far as mods, go, it would also be nice to have custom loadscreens for modules that replace prerendered cutscenes, like Sion's introduction, Visas' introduction, the Nihilus and Tobin scene, and Kreia's fall... but that depends on whether they were given unique modules and I don't recall if they all are. Sion's is 154HAR and I believe Kreia's is 907MAL, but I think the others are both 853NIH. There's also the Telos shuttle, if that was given its own module.

#64002 "Holocron Quest" Discussion

Posted by JCarter426 on 29 March 2018 - 07:06 PM

I've thought about this before and I think it's a mod that's possible and worth doing, but it comes with some complications.


First, the holocrons referenced in the Disciple's dialogue would be difficult to implement. Many of them would grant Force powers that are already learned through some other means, very late in the game, including Force Enlightenment and some prestige class abilities. Do you get something else if you already learned an ability with a holocron? Or does the holocron merely give you early access? What you already have the ability before finding the holocron? Do you get a different holocron? And would a version of the quest be available without the Disciple, either for male player characters or before you recruit him? There's a lot to decide here.


Second, it's not really clear how the final holocron mission would play out. Some dialogue suggests the Disciple didn't know the Exile was meant to be his master so many years ago, while the other dialogue has him give the Exile's holocron to her because he knew, and he knew all along in the original release of the game as well, of course. Likewise, some dialogue seems to have him find the holocron by happenstance during the quest, while other dialogue has him take the Exile to the final holocron after all the others have been found. Perhaps both were possible, depending on things such as the order in which the holocrons were found, how much influence the player has with the Disciple, and when the Disciple is trained as a Jedi. Some coherent series of events would need to be realized.


Third, any attempt at this mod would require editing the Disciple's global dialogue file, placing holocron items in numerous different locations throughout the game, and adding new journal entries and/or global variables. Naturally, compatibility with other mods would be a concern.


Finally, it would be nice if it were possible for new planet mods to add holocrons to the quest. That would be another compatibility challenge, but it's something I would appreciate. If, for example, someone wanted to add a Sith holocron to M4-78, that should be possible. Or if a new Coruscant mod were to be made, as has been discussed, it would make sense for it to come with a holocron or two. I wouldn't make a holocron mod that didn't allow for that, and that's the main reason I've yet to attempt one.


I think rather than a standalone mod, the holocron quest should be made as a sort of mod resource. I would include a system that could be edited to include any number of additional holocrons. Of course, the Disciple only has a few lines of dialogue, and therefore could not elaborate on the specifics of each one, but perhaps he could have something generic to say for the others. For the holocrons beyond the scope of the original plan, the items could randomly give you light or dark side points, or an ability you don't have, or some similar bonus, like what you when you access the dark side mist in the Tomb of Freedon Nadd. To account for a variable number of possible holocrons, the mod would have a sort of "next holocron" script to determine which one you find, much like learning the lightsaber forms. That would generate either the next holocron that has specific dialogue attached to it or one of the generic holocrons, depending on circumstances.


Those are just some rough ideas for it, anyway. It's not like I've written code for it or anything. I'm busy with a few other projects at the moment, but I might lay out the core structure of what I've mentioned if I get some free time. I'm willing to offer assistance if anyone else wants to attempt it, also. But I wouldn't undertake such an endeavor lightly. This is almost as complicated as a planet mod.

#63958 Are Animations of .tgas Stored Elsewhere Other than in .txis?

Posted by JCarter426 on 26 March 2018 - 04:55 PM

The particle system doesn't care one whit about your TXIs. The data is on the model, as you suspected:




The grid size determines how many animation frames there are and how they're organized. The one in your image is 2x2. It's the same way it would be in a TXI. If you just want to improve the texture resolution, then you don't need to do anything except keep your resolution a power of 2 and portion the frames the same way. All the game knows to do is halve it. If you want to add more animation frames, however, then you would need to edit the model. All this data is in on the OdysseyEmitter modifier.

#63953 Tutorial Request: Horizontal Bars on the Loading Screens

Posted by JCarter426 on 26 March 2018 - 10:00 AM

You may want to stretch it beyond the edges of your texture to be safe. If you can load the PSD version, you can also fiddle with the opacity of the bars. Given that I did it so quickly, I may not have been thorough with regards to accuracy. I did load up one of the game loadscreens and drew the new layers to match it, but I was eyeballing it. If I end up doing loadscreens in the future, I'll take a second look at it.


Also, for future reference, to make the bars I first filled in some horizontal lines in black with the selection marque and the paint bucket. A single line was 4 pixels high in the original size, so 8 pixels for the doubled size that I did. I duplicated and moved that over and over to create the venetian blind effect - one line of black, then negative space of the same size, then another line, and so on. Once they filled the screen, I merged all the line layers and applied a blur effect. After that I reduced the opacity to 50%.


The exact steps will vary depending on the software you use, but that's the basic design philosophy.

#63947 Tutorial Request: Horizontal Bars on the Loading Screens

Posted by JCarter426 on 25 March 2018 - 08:19 PM

I will do you one better...

#63946 Download:JC's Loadscreen Template for K2

Posted by JCarter426 on 25 March 2018 - 08:19 PM

File Name: JC's Loadscreen Template for K2

File Submitter: JCarter426

File Submitted: 25 Mar 2018

File Category: Modder's Resources

This is a template for the K2 style loadscreens. Included are a PNG overlay which you can place directly over your loadscreen background, as well as the PSD source. Note that the aspect ratio is 1:1, so the image will be stretched depending the display resolution. That's how the game's original loadscreens are.

Click here to download this file