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#55347 JC's mod resource collaboration thread

Posted by JCarter426 on 06 April 2017 - 08:49 PM

Well, it's been a month, so here's an update:



The above is all in the game. No film trickery like I've relied on in the past. I figured out the procedure of translating my animation methods into data the game can read. So what you see above I'm aiming to do for every ship available to us.

#55089 (Recruit Atris Mod)I feel I've hit rock bottom....(SPOILERS)

Posted by JCarter426 on 21 March 2017 - 04:30 AM

I think JCarter has said that he knew some of the reasons why it can crash, maybe he remembers something?


My party script is six hundred lines long and I spent about a week debugging it almost five years ago. But let's see if I can recall some things.


One thing I do remember, because this was the last thing I had to fix and it took a while to figure out what was wrong. I had to run NoClicksFor() for the duration of the switch, because any sort of player interaction with anything seemed to crash the game. After I had finished all the other debugging, I still got crashes that were seemingly random, and went away once that function was added in.


The character you're switching to must also be physically present and available as a party member, or else the game will crash. But that shouldn't cause an issue if you're trying to switch back to the PC. For switching back to the PC, however, it looks like in my script I make sure the temporary PC is set as the party leader before the switch occurs.


Additionally, I have two separate cases for the switch. Case 4 sets up the switch, and then case 8 executes the script. I can't remember why I did this... I think it might've been so I could retain the temporary PC as a party member after the switch occurs, so you might not need that. I'm going to assume we can scrap all that, and I'm also ignoring a ton of safeties I built into my script. But with that in mind, I'd say it would look something like this:

void SwitchPC(int iNPC) {
AssignCommand(GetFirstPC(), ClearAllActions());



void main() {
int iNPC0 = 0; // Put in Atris' NPC integer here


SetGlobalFadeIn(2.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
DelayCommand(0.2, SwitchPC(-1));

#55056 MDLOps

Posted by JCarter426 on 20 March 2017 - 04:51 AM

That may be the case, but that's not what I want to do with the model. I'd like to fix the smoothing to use it as shorts or pants and so on. And as I pointed out, that's not a matter of a simple retexture.

#55054 MDLOps

Posted by JCarter426 on 20 March 2017 - 03:25 AM

I have two more MDLOps issues to report.


We talked before about how MDLOps does not currently allow for smoothing between different meshes. Well, I just discovered that this also applies to different elements within a single mesh.




So, you can see here I have the model PFBAM, which is made up of a few elements. They are all set to use smoothing group 1. The individual elements smooth just fine, as do the arms, however...



There's a rather nasty seam around her shorts, and it's not really visible but the same issue occurs in the shoulder region.


And here's the same model again with the textures removed, so you can see this is a smoothing issue and not a texture issue:




I tried welding vertices but that led to more trouble. It was actually a bit serendipitous because it helped confirm the source of another problem I've been having.


The second issue is... this is hard to explain, but basically MDLOps does not allow for faces that are connected on a mesh to be unconnected in the UVW map. 3ds has a break function that lets you do this - you can map faces to wherever you want, so even though if they share vertices on the mesh, those vertices don't have to be in the same place on the UVW map. I was using this function to un-mirror Bastila's underwear model, so the left and right sides of her body could be textured differently.




It looks fine in 3ds, it exports fine, and I can even import the new ASCII file and it still looks fine. Once it's run through MDLOps, however, it looks like this:




Not what I was going for. MDLOps stretched the UVW map, as you can see below:




A similar thing happened after I welded vertices on PFBAM. The faces on the map there were already separate because they were originally on separate elements. And then after I welded the vertices, I got the same problem, stretched mapping at the edge of the faces.


In both cases, I have faces that are supposed to be separate on the UVW map even though they're adjacent on the mesh, and it seems like MDLOps thinks it has to connect them.


So to summarize, if adjacent faces are to be mapped to different parts of the texture, then they must be separate elements or meshes, and in either case MDLOps doesn't allow smoothing. I can have something with smoothing, or I can have it with UVW mapping the way I want - or in some cases, the way the game already is - but not both.

#54782 Taris Dueling Ring

Posted by JCarter426 on 09 March 2017 - 04:32 PM


I have a bit of a game for those of you familiar with KOTORadio. For those of you wondering what KOTORadio is, well, it's a podcast about KOTOR and you can watch it by following the link above. I help out a bit with the editing of the podcast and coming up with content, and I'm putting together a segment for next time (episode 3). I call it the Taris Dueling Ring. I'll be pitting lesser known characters against each other, and you'll get to vote on who you think should win. Then the hosts of KOTORadio will do a play by play, explaining their choices, and we'll compare their answers to yours. With that in mind, here's the poll for the first group of contenders:


Taris Dueling Ring: First Night Poll


And if you have any suggestions for future contenders, let me know. Coming up with these is kind of hard. I have a few in mind already, but I'd like to hear what the audience thinks as well. The Taris Dueling Ring welcomes anyone from a galaxy far far away, but we'd like to give everyone time in the spotlight. The more obscure the better, really. And I try to go for a theme with each pairing - characters who have a similar role, or already have beef with each other. But let me know what you think.

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#54654 JC's mod resource collaboration thread

Posted by JCarter426 on 02 March 2017 - 08:57 AM

Here's my first render of the flats and paneling pattern for the Lethisk shuttle.


I'm currently going with a lot of greys and darker blues to match what I imagine a Mandalorian stealth shuttle would look like.


Also, NDIX was awesome as always and sent me a copy compatible with bumpmaps. :D



UPDATE: I whipped up a metal architecture for the front to give a better idea of what I'm planning for the final look to be.


That's it for now...


Looks nice so far. I like the idea of having a custom skin for Mandalore's version, although I'd also like to see it in the original colors. But I'm sure I or someone else could figure that out from your texture once you're done, if you don't feel like it.

Also, good to hear about the bump maps. I talked with ndix UR about that a while back but I've never seen it in action. I'm hoping someday we can get them as commonplace as they are in The Witcher.


What about the Gwing PLACEABLE in K1? It's labelled as GWingEscapeShip:



That's already available as a placeable in both games, so I guess I could animate it. I just never had any interest it (hence the talk about replacing it in K2). But sure, I can add it to the list. Actually I'm hoping to set up my animations to be more or less universal, capable of being applied to any ship. Each model would probably need custom work on the landing gear wings where applicable, but the general movement I'm hoping can be done through a dummy object to cut down on the amount of work.


The main hurdle is getting the animation itself in the game, though. In the past I have used different methods for animating something for the game and animating something that only has to be done in 3ds. I'm working on a way to make the systems compatible, or get as much functionality as I can out of each. I believe NWMax has a way to transfer the data, but I'm still investigating it.

#54520 Modify an existing Force Power

Posted by JCarter426 on 26 February 2017 - 05:17 PM

You don't need to use k_sp1_generic for Force powers, though. You could copy the appropriate code to a new script, provided that you edit the 2DA properly. It shouldn't affect any other Force powers, and will be better for compatibility.

#54236 Response to Claims that Peragus' Purpose is Confusing

Posted by JCarter426 on 21 February 2017 - 09:42 PM

Clearly none of you have played the 1999 classic Star Wars Episode I: The Gungan Frontier.


But regarding the merging of planets, there actually is some merit here as the demo of the game had everything set on Telos, even though it utilized assets that would later end up on Peragus and Dxun. Although I'm not sure how much remains that would be usable in any way.  Not many of the voice lines remain in the game files, and the demo Mira had a different actress anyway.

#54220 Fair Strides' Script Shack

Posted by JCarter426 on 21 February 2017 - 03:34 PM

I would point out that stoffe's tutorial was for K2, and is not entirely accurate for K1. K1 has far fewer booleans, and the notes about which are available in NWScript are incorrect, and I remember having trouble with local numerics as well.

#54173 Changing your PC to a party member?

Posted by JCarter426 on 21 February 2017 - 12:40 AM

Thanks for the quick reply! So if I wanted to switch to the original PC, the script would look like this?


// 11: Switches the main character to a specified NPC
//     -1 specifies to switch back to the original PC
int SwitchPlayerCharacter(int n-1);


Sorry, it's been so long since I've even TOUCHED KotOR.


No, it would be more like:


void main() {
int nNPC = 1;



Seeing you link to the mediafire made me wonder and double-check something: was there a particular reason this never got uploaded to DS? I forget if you might have mentioned something in the LF thread or not.

I didn't want to upload an old version from years ago and I've been too lazy to update it to version 1.3. I meant to update it... almost exactly a year ago now. Before LF was down and I didn't have to link directly to MediaFire. I'm going to get to it in the near future, though!

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#54164 TSLRCM's take on Bao-Dur's endgame fate?

Posted by JCarter426 on 20 February 2017 - 10:35 PM

Nah, I think we've answered the question. TSLRCM's take on Bao-Dur's fate is that it's Varsity Puppet's problem. :)

#54137 TSLRCM's take on Bao-Dur's endgame fate?

Posted by JCarter426 on 20 February 2017 - 08:03 PM

I'm with bead-v. I think a proper Malachor ending can be accomplished, but it requires some liberal thinking that isn't befitting the ethos of a pure restoration mod like TSLRCM or TSLRP before it - the "restore only what can be restored" philosophy. We need more restored than can be restored, and even in some cases I think a bit of cutting or moving might be in order. Essentially, one would have to be willing to look at the game and admit what is there does not work, and change it, without caring about how things could have been or should have been, what this bit of content implies, or what a developer said in an interview - without caring about anything except what will make the game work according to their personal vision. Frankly, we will never know how the game should have ended, and the best we're going to get is someone's personal vision.


And then inevitably a lot of people will disagree with that vision. But I for one would respect the effort regardless.

#54133 TSLRCM's take on Bao-Dur's endgame fate?

Posted by JCarter426 on 20 February 2017 - 07:20 PM

I'm pretty sure Avellone was refering to pcdead2


I'm not sure he was... what he describes sounds like that dialogue in part, but it also sounded like the context was different.


Also considering how broken and inconsistent the content is after the enclave, I don't think they had time to think about revealing malachor consistently in several different ways. But that's just my thinking :D


Well, sure, they didn't have time to do it consistently. As you say there are contradictions all over the place. However, what makes me suspect there was at least some sort of plan amidst this madness is that there are several lines towards the end of the game with alternate takes - a pair with one line mentioning Malachor, and then the alternate that does not. For example, I remember one of Zez-Kai Ell's - "For you, the Mandalorian Wars was that crucible." / "For you, Malachor was that crucible." And Atris also has two scenes with the Sith holocrons, one with her saying she didn't tell the Exile about Malachor and then another with those lines cut, if she did. Stuff like that. Add to that I know there was another way to learn about Malachor that was cut - T3 unlocking the navicomputer - so it seems like a pattern to me. But we'll likely never know.


Mr. A. had a great theme, sound characterization, and great conflict, but he didn't WRITE the story properly. I'm a writer, it's what I do, so my issues have nothing to do with the "game" part. (I also wasn't putting down m4-78) a good writer usally knows two things, from the start... 1. What they want to say 2. How the story will end. In this case, Mr. MCA had something to say, and amazing characters to say it, however, he utterly and completely failed to make it matter to the player. In the end nothing happens! Kreia wants to cause the death of the Force without killing the Galaxy, he never explained how that may be possible. You are supposed to be a Zombie untouched by the Force, yet you weild it. Again not possible in the SW's mythos. You can be blocked, but never without it. He didn't make that clear. Characters like Bao-Dur, who do nothing after training them to be Jedi, when they should be moving along with the character. These are mistakes by an author, not "game" mistakes. 

I don't understand - what makes you so sure that Chris Avellone didn't know how the game was going to end? Just because the content is missing in the game files does not there was never one written. The story was there. It just wasn't finished. I wouldn't criticize the writing of a novel for failing to explain or conclude things if I knew the last five chapters were missing.


You could argue that the ending had a higher priority and all that should've been completed before work was done on M4-78, the swoop racing, and so on. And Avellone has admitted to that as well. The game suffered due a combination of the rushed schedule and less than stellar planning. But I don't see how you would conclude that's a problem with the writing.


And of course complicating the matter is that nothing is really directly explained, instead left open to your interpretation. But that's a matter of preference so I don't see any point in debating that particular issue. So instead, I'll address some of your complaints with my own interpretation.


Kreia wants to cause the death of the Force without killing the Galaxy, he never explained how that may be possible.

The destruction of Malachor created an echo, a sort of scream in the Force that was too painful for the Exile to bear, so he/she severed his/her own connection to the Force. Kreia wants to force that choice upon the entire galaxy. She would do this by creating another, even greater echo. I believe the destruction of Telos would have done the job, given how it is supposedly connected to everything in the game. But of course the Exile saves Telos, so this is averted. I also believe Kreia never intended for her plan to succeed - or to be more precise, her true plan was for the Exile to defeat her and become stronger for it.


You are supposed to be a Zombie untouched by the Force, yet you weild it. Again not possible in the SW's mythos.

The Exile has lost his/her own personal connection to the Force, but is still able to use the Force of others through bonds. Kind of like a computer with a wireless receiver.


Again not possible in the SW's mythos. You can be blocked, but never without it. He didn't make that clear.

We'll just have to agree to disagree there. The very premise of the story is that you can be cut off from the Force, and it's an idea that does not originate with Knights of the Old Republic II. But the game also makes it clear that the Exile is a very unusual case, regardless.

#54083 TSLRCM's take on Bao-Dur's endgame fate?

Posted by JCarter426 on 20 February 2017 - 12:46 AM

An out of context demo line doesn't really help us.

Hey, one line is more than no lines, all I'm saying.


I don't think it meets the standard for restoration material, but I do think there is enough content for a mod to be made. The lack of dialogue could be covered up by some sort of playing as Bao-Dur sequence, as with several of the other party members' sequences towards the end of the game. It's theoretically doable, I say. That doesn't mean I'd want to do it, though.


To elaborate :P the idea was to put the PCDEAD2 sequence during the Battle of Telos. This was also because we wanted to merge the two revelations of Malachor as the final destination, this sequence and Atris' dialog after she's defeated / Kreia's dialog after you kill Atris. At this point, your party would already be all over the station helping against the sith attack. From the dialog below, we figured he would need to be doing something really significant, something that would turn the tide of the battle and save Telos, most likely doing something in the space battle.




Oh, that's interesting. You are the THIRD person I know of (including myself) to consider using those Bao-Dur lines in that specific manner. I still had it during Dantooine, but very similar.


On that subject, though, I suspect the repetitive Malachor revelations were just to ensure the player learned about it at some point. There's some evidence in the dialogue of checks for if the player already knew about Malachor, so I assume the idea was different stuff would fire off depending on how the player learned about it - from Atris, from Bao-Dur, possibly from T3, and I know there was another that I don't believe made it into the game files, but Avellone described it in an interview - a scene on the Ebon Hawk with the Exile meditating and remembering stuff from all over the game, that I assume was the final cover if the player missed all others.

#54026 KOTORadio Episode 1 now on iTunes!

Posted by JCarter426 on 19 February 2017 - 01:36 AM

And here is the specialer, YouTubier edition:



There's a lot that we did not get to with this episode, about half of what recorded total, so that will all be in the next episode. I'll say right now that the other Deadly Stream news item was about Varsity Puppet's Malachor VI post-mortem, but because it was related to another segment that was cut it's been pushed to the next episode. So stay tuned on the not-radio.


I got out of bed to post this so I may have just made up a few words.