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#57947 TSL | Missing animations in head models...

Posted by JCarter426 on Yesterday, 02:06 PM

Well, you see, when you search for "Head Fixer" instead of "HeadFixer" that doesn't come up and that's why you always listen to DarthParametric instead of me.

#57940 Why Don't Sith Assassins use Force Powers in KOTOR 2?

Posted by JCarter426 on Yesterday, 01:21 PM

The Sith assassins can't use the Force. They've had the same training Atton did to shield their minds from Jedi, and the technique also blinds them to the Force. They throw up walls of emotion that mess with a Jedi's senses because Jedi have to block that out to use the Force. Consequentially this makes it difficult for the assassins to use the Force themselves. They do use the Force in the sense that they use it to become invisible, sense their prey, weaken them, etc but they are not typical Force users. Essentially they specialize in negating the Force, and it would also negate their own Force.

#57528 Fumble! Grenades

Posted by JCarter426 on 02 July 2017 - 05:51 PM

It might be possible to fix the visual so you can actually see it fumble. I'd have to do some testing to be sure, but it seems like it should be possible to remove the grenade projectile from the spell, then have the script cast a new spell with the projectile added on a success roll. If it goes quick enough it should look no different from the original visual. Then for the failure, you'd need a new visual effect of the grenade dropping to the ground since there's no projectile for that, but that's definitely doable.


Probably would be a lot of 2DA work, though... I'm guessing you'd need a duplicate spell for every grenade type, one with projectile and one with fumble.

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#57041 Kotor 2 story questions

Posted by JCarter426 on 07 June 2017 - 11:37 PM

What was GO-TO's plan for the Exile? He didn't want to release him because of the Exile's tendency to cause destructive incidents like Peragus. And yet he wanted the Exile to save the galaxy. Like, how, in GO-TO's model of reality, was that going to work?


"One Jedi attracts others." That's my guess, anyway - he wanted to keep the Exile prisoner as bait for other Jedi. He also might have hoped the Exile knew more about the problem than he/she actually did.



What was Mira's plan when she went to meet Visquis? What was she hoping to accomplish?


Now that I think of it, it might be as simple as that she wanted to sell the Exile to the Exchange for the bounty. If the Exile just met with Visquis, no bounty for Mira, so she was just inserting herself as an intermediary, thinking that if she captured the Exile and only she knew where she'd hidden him, she could dictate terms?


Still feels dumb as hell when you watch Visquis turn the lightning trap on her. But that may be hindsight bias, since we know Visquis had betrayed Goto, and Mira hadn't known that before that scene.


Aaand I just got to the part after Goto's ship, where Mira admits Zez-Kai hired her to watch over the Exile. Which doesn't mesh at all. Sigh.


Well, let's go in chronological order. Zez-Kai Ell hired Mira to watch over the Exile. The Exile shows up looking for Zez-Kai Ell, wanders around, and attracts the attention of the Exchange. The Exile goes to meet Visquis in what is obviously a trap. Furthermore, such a meeting is in violation of Goto's orders. Goto told the bounty hunters not to go after the Exile until he/she makes contact with another Jedi; Visquis had no business meeting with the Exile behind Goto's back. Mira goes in the Exile's place, so the Exile won't get captured, but she screws up and gets herself captured instead.


In conclusion:


Going in like that regardless just seems stupid. It's just badly written



And I agree that the original version made more sense, with the two of them going together, so Mira gets paid and the Exile gets to talk to Goto. But I'm not sure how the whole capture thing was supposed to play out in that scenario.


Who was paying Azkul to attack Khoonda, and what was their motivation?


Azkul was likely working for the Sith. If you side with him rather than Khoonda (or at least pretend to)
you can ask him why he wants to attack Khoonda, and he says "people much more powerful than you or I are paying a great deal of credits to have the job done." And he knows he's talking to a Jedi.


He used to be a Sith trooper himself, so it would make sense that he still had connections with them. Although which faction isn't really clear. I would guess Nihilus', given that Dantooine is a part of his overall plan already.



Why was the Exile on the way to Telos before the game began? Y'know, as a passenger on the Harbinger, what was he trying to do, what were his goals and plans? And what was the Republic hoping for when they gave him diplomatic priority?


The Republic wanted to talk to the Exile to find out about Revan. Some content suggests that Atris was keeping tabs on the situation, so she may have been manipulating them into doing her work for her, bringing the Exile to Telos. Though personally I don't think Carth would fall for it; more likely their interests merely overlapped, I'd say.


As for why the Exile goes along with the whole thing, well, that's probably up to you, the player. But it's clear the Exile had heard about the Jedi Civil War, and then the Republic wants to make contact, so there are reasons to be curious.



Speaking of Goto's ship, this conversation, that I think was added by TSLRCM


Hmm, I don't know why it's there in TSLRCM. All the bounty hunters have lines like that, but the UTCs in 351NAR, where the rescue takes place, are not set up to use it. The ones in 352NAR, where the meeting cutscene takes place, are set up for it, however. I believe that at some point in development, you were able to wander around the yacht and interact with all the bounty hunters before all the rescuing and fighting starts. It might've been from a previous version of events, or maybe it was never even supposed to be in the final game, only put there for fun during testing of that module.

#56999 End Credit Music: An Plea to Those Hoping to Resolve the Recent Issue

Posted by JCarter426 on 06 June 2017 - 12:24 PM

Well, the final video hasn't been rendered yet because there might be textual changes. I don't want to release credits that aren't accurate. But it's not much different than the current video, since it was stylistically designed to be the same length for the music. The only major difference is I made it scroll from the voice actors on.

#56984 End Credit Music: An Plea to Those Hoping to Resolve the Recent Issue

Posted by JCarter426 on 06 June 2017 - 12:04 AM

And why were those turned down again?
I think the sound great


Because they're a bit on the long side. Also, and this is just my personal opinion, I don't think a mix of themes works very well here, because of how short the credits are. TSLRCM is under a minute and a half, and then M4-78 half that. No matter how well the music is edited, it's going to sound abrupt if it changes in the middle of the beta testers or translators or whatever. There's no transition in the credits to justify a change in music, in my opinion. It's just too short.


With that in mind, I aimed for one track for each credit. M4-78 is going to have KOTOR March, as previously discussed; for TSLRCM, in my proposal, I went with the Sith action theme, since I noticed that cropped up in a few mixes here, and it wasn't in the original credits. "Sith Action" is what I call it, anyway. If you string together the Korriban and Malachor battle tracks, it amounts to a single three and a half minute theme, and parts of this were used in other areas in the game. I edited that down for the TSLRCM credits. Just waiting to hear from the guys in charge now.


Also, now is as good a time as any to talk about my original plan for the credits, which was rejected due to technical reasons. Currently, the mod credits are played in a separate video, after the original game credits run, and that's not going to change with the updates. However, at first I wanted to replace the credits entirely, and have it all in one video. Hassat Hunter and Zbyl were worried about the added file size, though - it could be as much as a gigabyte - so we're not doing that.


But I already did the game credits, so I'm thinking of going through with it anyway as a separate mod. And that might require a new mix as well. I'll have to put it all together to be sure, but I think it would be shorter than the original credits (because the original credits are painfully slow) and therefore I'll have to decide what music to drop and what to keep, or maybe just do an entirely new thing. I don't know yet.

#56946 End Credit Music: An Plea to Those Hoping to Resolve the Recent Issue

Posted by JCarter426 on 04 June 2017 - 10:44 AM

And if you're adamant on keeping KOTOR March for M4-78, then it's actually already just about the right length, so all that's left is something to replace the Old Republic theme for TSLRCM.

#56940 End Credit Music: An Plea to Those Hoping to Resolve the Recent Issue

Posted by JCarter426 on 04 June 2017 - 08:49 AM

Well, there's another slight complication. A lot of the themes mentioned here are already in the game credits. The original game credit music is as follows:


Star Wars credit music, mus_a_main ("The Sith Lords"), mus_a_800core, mus_nihilus ("Nihilus' Theme"), mus_jedi ("The Jedi"), and the unused "KOTOR March" - the credits are where M4-78 got that in the first place. Remember all those themes would be playing before these credits when you finish the game.

#56841 DP's Droid Foundry v2.0

Posted by JCarter426 on 01 June 2017 - 08:07 AM



I really wonder how that happened, though. He has different body models, but they're the same size as everybody else's. It's like they did his head wrong, then fixed every body to match the head instead of just fixing the head.

#56814 Cannot view or download TSLRCM 1.8.5 (and ONLY TSLRCM)

Posted by JCarter426 on 31 May 2017 - 11:49 AM

Well, I'm privy to what exactly is going on and could explain if I had permission to, but then those who could authorize such permission could just explain what's going on. So I'll just say the issue will be resolved with version 1.8.6 of TSLRCM and 1.3 of M4-78, one way or the other, if it isn't resolved before then.

#55347 JC's mod resource collaboration thread

Posted by JCarter426 on 06 April 2017 - 08:49 PM

Well, it's been a month, so here's an update:



The above is all in the game. No film trickery like I've relied on in the past. I figured out the procedure of translating my animation methods into data the game can read. So what you see above I'm aiming to do for every ship available to us.

#55089 (Recruit Atris Mod)I feel I've hit rock bottom....(SPOILERS)

Posted by JCarter426 on 21 March 2017 - 04:30 AM

I think JCarter has said that he knew some of the reasons why it can crash, maybe he remembers something?


My party script is six hundred lines long and I spent about a week debugging it almost five years ago. But let's see if I can recall some things.


One thing I do remember, because this was the last thing I had to fix and it took a while to figure out what was wrong. I had to run NoClicksFor() for the duration of the switch, because any sort of player interaction with anything seemed to crash the game. After I had finished all the other debugging, I still got crashes that were seemingly random, and went away once that function was added in.


The character you're switching to must also be physically present and available as a party member, or else the game will crash. But that shouldn't cause an issue if you're trying to switch back to the PC. For switching back to the PC, however, it looks like in my script I make sure the temporary PC is set as the party leader before the switch occurs.


Additionally, I have two separate cases for the switch. Case 4 sets up the switch, and then case 8 executes the script. I can't remember why I did this... I think it might've been so I could retain the temporary PC as a party member after the switch occurs, so you might not need that. I'm going to assume we can scrap all that, and I'm also ignoring a ton of safeties I built into my script. But with that in mind, I'd say it would look something like this:

void SwitchPC(int iNPC) {
AssignCommand(GetFirstPC(), ClearAllActions());



void main() {
int iNPC0 = 0; // Put in Atris' NPC integer here


SetGlobalFadeIn(2.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
DelayCommand(0.2, SwitchPC(-1));

#55056 MDLOps

Posted by JCarter426 on 20 March 2017 - 04:51 AM

That may be the case, but that's not what I want to do with the model. I'd like to fix the smoothing to use it as shorts or pants and so on. And as I pointed out, that's not a matter of a simple retexture.

#55054 MDLOps

Posted by JCarter426 on 20 March 2017 - 03:25 AM

I have two more MDLOps issues to report.


We talked before about how MDLOps does not currently allow for smoothing between different meshes. Well, I just discovered that this also applies to different elements within a single mesh.




So, you can see here I have the model PFBAM, which is made up of a few elements. They are all set to use smoothing group 1. The individual elements smooth just fine, as do the arms, however...



There's a rather nasty seam around her shorts, and it's not really visible but the same issue occurs in the shoulder region.


And here's the same model again with the textures removed, so you can see this is a smoothing issue and not a texture issue:




I tried welding vertices but that led to more trouble. It was actually a bit serendipitous because it helped confirm the source of another problem I've been having.


The second issue is... this is hard to explain, but basically MDLOps does not allow for faces that are connected on a mesh to be unconnected in the UVW map. 3ds has a break function that lets you do this - you can map faces to wherever you want, so even though if they share vertices on the mesh, those vertices don't have to be in the same place on the UVW map. I was using this function to un-mirror Bastila's underwear model, so the left and right sides of her body could be textured differently.




It looks fine in 3ds, it exports fine, and I can even import the new ASCII file and it still looks fine. Once it's run through MDLOps, however, it looks like this:




Not what I was going for. MDLOps stretched the UVW map, as you can see below:




A similar thing happened after I welded vertices on PFBAM. The faces on the map there were already separate because they were originally on separate elements. And then after I welded the vertices, I got the same problem, stretched mapping at the edge of the faces.


In both cases, I have faces that are supposed to be separate on the UVW map even though they're adjacent on the mesh, and it seems like MDLOps thinks it has to connect them.


So to summarize, if adjacent faces are to be mapped to different parts of the texture, then they must be separate elements or meshes, and in either case MDLOps doesn't allow smoothing. I can have something with smoothing, or I can have it with UVW mapping the way I want - or in some cases, the way the game already is - but not both.

#54782 Taris Dueling Ring

Posted by JCarter426 on 09 March 2017 - 04:32 PM


I have a bit of a game for those of you familiar with KOTORadio. For those of you wondering what KOTORadio is, well, it's a podcast about KOTOR and you can watch it by following the link above. I help out a bit with the editing of the podcast and coming up with content, and I'm putting together a segment for next time (episode 3). I call it the Taris Dueling Ring. I'll be pitting lesser known characters against each other, and you'll get to vote on who you think should win. Then the hosts of KOTORadio will do a play by play, explaining their choices, and we'll compare their answers to yours. With that in mind, here's the poll for the first group of contenders:


Taris Dueling Ring: First Night Poll


And if you have any suggestions for future contenders, let me know. Coming up with these is kind of hard. I have a few in mind already, but I'd like to hear what the audience thinks as well. The Taris Dueling Ring welcomes anyone from a galaxy far far away, but we'd like to give everyone time in the spotlight. The more obscure the better, really. And I try to go for a theme with each pairing - characters who have a similar role, or already have beef with each other. But let me know what you think.

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