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#63006 Malachor V

Posted by JCarter426 on 18 February 2018 - 04:33 PM

Eh, some of those ideas sound good, some not so much. One part stands out, however:


#62991 Black doorways in KOTOR 2

Posted by JCarter426 on 17 February 2018 - 03:08 PM

The yacht is definitely the VIS file. I've noticed it before. Wouldn't surprise me if that was the case with the Refugee Quad as well.


Having a look at the level and the VIS, it seems like it should be working properly. Both of the access corridors, 302NARaf and 302NARap, are listed as visible from 302NARr, which is the Serroco side shown in your pics. So it seems like that shouldb't be the problem.


Looks to me like the problem is the corridors aren't visible from each other. I don't see 302narp visible from 302naraf or 302naraf visible from 302narp in the file.


Yeah, that was it. I'll add 302 to my fixes, but I've attached it for immediate use if you want. You'll have to rename it to .vis since Deadly Stream doesn't allow attachments of weird KOTOR file formats.


I still haven't looked at the yacht for the same reason I didn't look at it before - the ship has lots of rooms and it's annoying. But I'll get to it, possibly.

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#62953 Sleheyron

Posted by JCarter426 on 15 February 2018 - 02:11 PM

I remember years ago running through either the first or second one in the beta release. I actually liked your original design because there was no proper hangar - the ship was just there on the street and anybody could see it as they walked by. It was like the planet is so polluted and overdeveloped they don't really have the space for that or even care to anymore. Like Nar Shaddaa. Some of that wonkiness might've been due to your skill level at the time, but I actually liked that. I really like the new one too, though. It's by far the most polished and looks exactly how you'd expect one of the game's hangars to look.

#62819 NPC Head's with visible Mask's [K1/TSL]

Posted by JCarter426 on 09 February 2018 - 03:03 PM

The commoners can't wear masks in either game. I've already edited all the commoner heads for the second game so they can wear masks as part of an update to my heads mod resource, but it's for the second game. So they'd be useless for the first game. But I will make them available for the second game when they're ready.

#61867 Should Bao-Dur have also been in the droid factory? (minor endgame spoilers)

Posted by JCarter426 on 03 January 2018 - 12:07 PM

"Bao-Dur . . . we just didn't have time to finish his thread, but if I recall (it's been a while), he was supposed to die on the attack on Telos to help HK-47 get to the HK-50 factory and shut it down to save the planet."

-Chris Avellone

#61747 Fair Strides' Script Shack

Posted by JCarter426 on 29 December 2017 - 04:46 AM

I checked what BioWare did for the dueling Sith, and it looks like they had one of the character scripts heal them up between combat. The scripts I tried to look at wouldn't decompile, so copying what they did directly probably isn't an option, but repeating the effect certainly is. The 1 HP hack sounds a lot easier if it would work though.

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#61588 Project C8-42 Comics: 10th Anniversary

Posted by JCarter426 on 26 December 2017 - 02:01 AM

Happy Life Day, everyone. During recent discussions I became aware that some of you remember and even have a peculiar desire to see the comics I made many moons using screenshots from the KOTOR games. I then also realized that ten years have passed since then. I started working on them in 2006 and allowed the first batch to escape onto the internets in August 2007. It's now December 2017, so I compiled everything I released all those years ago, plus some extra, and I'm calling it the 10th anniversary edition. I also added some commentary ten years later about how I think they're terrible.


So, for those interested, here is the 244 page PDF.


Before anyone asks, there are no plans at this time to continue or reboot the series in any manner. I'm not unilaterally opposed to the idea, though, but I have too many projects right now. Still, I'd welcome any feedback and suggestions and whatever in the event that I ever change my mind.

#61465 Iridorian? Iridonian? Zabrak?

Posted by JCarter426 on 22 December 2017 - 05:28 AM

It's not clear. In the game the character is very obviously called an Iridorian, but he was later retconned as being Iridonian even though his species' background doesn't match the Iridonians at all, Iridonians being a relatively inoffensive race of people with horns and tattoos who sometimes become Jedi and not bloodthirsty savages who always wear spacesuits.


My rationalization is Iridoria is a colony of Iridonia, and the Iridorians are a Zabrak subspecies much like the Dathomirians.

#61254 Revan: Rogue Jedi Fan Film Trailer

Posted by JCarter426 on 13 December 2017 - 12:21 PM

I do know of an old style Basilisk model... I'm not saying I want to use it, but it is possible. Possibly. :)

#61153 [WIP] High quality skyboxes

Posted by JCarter426 on 08 December 2017 - 05:32 PM

I'd be up for pitching in with that sort of thing. The animation, anyway. But the game's Ebon Hawk model is of lower quality than the cinematic ones, so I'd say that would be needed before anything.

#61146 Making Comics with KotOR models

Posted by JCarter426 on 08 December 2017 - 07:48 AM

Speaking of which, I think I still have some of JC's old comic strips lying somewhere around my old files, I could try digging them up and sharing, with JC's blessing.


I'll get them online. I just have to sort through them. I have a bunch of unfinished and early drafts, some of which may never have been released, so I'm thinking of doing a compilation book. But they aren't labeled, so I have to figure out which is which first. I think I have everything except the very original draft of my K1 adaptation, which was terrible, but it may also be on an old hard drive. Right now I have two later versions of K1, as well as several K2 issues, in various stages of completion. I also know I have draft pages of another version of K1 and the Mandalorian Wars story I mentioned before. I'll put together everything I can find when I find it.

#59474 Making Comics with KotOR models

Posted by JCarter426 on 27 September 2017 - 07:09 AM

People remember my comics?!!!!


Yeah, it was a thing. I did some, and I recall one or two other people did a bit, but I don't think any of us got a lot done. I know my stuff isn't currently accessible because of hosting problems, either. I think I have most of it but I know I did lose a lot of my older images. There's some stuff I never released, too, so I might see about making it all public.


I didn't really know what I was doing at first, and my methods changed over time, and even then I still didn't really know what I was doing. So there's a lot I would do differently. I initially started making comics because I had failed at making films, and I only quit making comics because I basically learned everything I needed to learn in order to make films while I was making the comics. There was another factor, though: coming up with the visuals was so much more time consuming than writing the scripts. Back in the day, when I was doing a comic adaptation of KOTOR, at the same time I was also doing a novelization with the help of Jenks and some other guys. I remember getting halfway through Dantooine in the novel before we ever got close to rescuing Bastila in the comic... mainly because I was the only one working on the visuals, but it really took that much longer. The format does have its merits and I'd certainly like to see other comics done with the game, but the game engine isn't a substitute artist; you still have to do all the work.


I repeated that process a few times on my own with some other projects, some got scrapped and others turned into just prose. For one of them, I was doing a story set in the Mandalorian Wars and the existing assets were just too limiting for the story I wanted to tell. So that's another issue. If you're drawing a comic and you want to visit a new planet, you only need to draw it. With the game, it's not that simple. If I were to give that another go, I'd probably seek out an artist instead. If you have a story that can be told through the game alone, though, it's worth a shot.

#59199 Need help to modify game mechanics in Kotor2

Posted by JCarter426 on 07 September 2017 - 03:28 PM

I was refering to the fact that (as far as i know) rifles cannot benefit from any "one weapon" or "2 weapon" bonus. So adding a special skills

like "2 hands heavy weapon" would balance the game.


I believe they already do, but in any case it's not possible to add new feats like that.


Actually if you go the laboratory with a character that has low "cure" you can't see all the craftable implants, same with low demolition for grenade ecc...


That's because it displays what whoever accesses it can do. I was under the impression that it displayed everything with some options greyed out, though. Anyway, I don't think that can be changed.


12) By stances i meant lightsaber forms (https://strategywiki...ith_Lords/Forms)


Yes, but what did you want to do with them? Animations? Or just mechanical effects?

#59180 Need help to modify game mechanics in Kotor2

Posted by JCarter426 on 07 September 2017 - 11:19 AM

1) Demolition act as a damage&hit multiplier for grenades


This is possible by editing k_sup_grenade. I remember this idea has been discussed before, but I'm not sure if anyone went and did anything with it.


2) Awareness increase critical hit chance & protect from critical hits


This is not possible. The combat system is hard coded.


3) Charisma can lower the price of the items you buy


This is theoretically possible, but not very practical. Stores and their prices are defined in UTM files. The only way have the prices change would be to make a different store and then script which one opens depending on your charisma. But it still wouldn't really work, because the game would consider it an entirely different store and one would not keep track of what was added to or removed from another.


4) Blaster Rifles have a feat like blaster gun


Not sure what you mean here.


5) Wrist launcher has a 50% chance of using rockets&darts without consuming them. Or, even better, make it so that rockets&dart are 

no more consumable but like skill force related (unlimited, but after a certain use they finish and refill only after battle)


This is not possible. Rockets and grenades are destroyed upon use and there's no way to change that. Theoretically, you could edit the impact script to give you back another item, but it would be a little wonky.


6) You can see in-game the influence point (es: 65/100)


The only way to do this is to edit or create a dialogue file that will display it for you when you ask. There are mods that do this. There's no way to add it to the GUI, though.


7) You see at the workbench all the items you could craft 

8) You can access, equip&unequip all the PCs inventory in the ship


The game already does these.


9) Your inventory shows you all the items, even those equipped by members that aren't currently in your team


This is not possible. Items are stored in a character's inventory or the party inventory, not both.


10) You can go invisible during fights (with the invisibility going off when you attack) consuming items or force points


This is not possible. You can only use the stealth mechanic outside combat. There may be a way to fake it with a new spell, but I think it would require editing the AI to make them stop noticing you and that's a mess I try to avoid, so I can't say much more. I really doubt it would work.


11) You can use a FF12 gambit system (http://finalfantasy....om/wiki/Gambits)

ex: condition hp-80%: medpack / condition non droid: action stasis, / condition stunned enemy: flurry


This is not possible. The engine and GUI would have to be built for that sort of thing, and they're not.


12) You can  add different stances


What do you mean by stances?


13) You can see the dice rolls in the bottom of screen


This isn't possible. Again, the GUI can't be edited in that manner. If you want to see the results of die rolls you'll have to check the feedback screen.


14) Always meet lvl 1 new companion so that you can build them differently, and in general

modify their starting feats&skills


This can easily be done by editing their UTC files.


15) Make all the starting base armors upgradable


Any armor can be made upgradeable, but the systems differ slightly in each game. They both require editing of the UTI files.


#59037 JC's Supermodel Fix for K2

Posted by JCarter426 on 03 September 2017 - 06:34 AM

Oh, I'm not sure. The walk and run animations are completely different in K2, so it's not a minor thing that can be fixed.


Hmm, I took a look at them and if it's just the right arm I could probably do it. I don't really consider it a mistake that needs to be fixed, though. I'm fairly certain they changed the walk and run animations in order to accommodate the robes with capes, so it probably looks the way they intended it to look. Changing it back could possibly cause some clipping problems, but probably nothing worse than the game is guilty of already. Eh, I'll think about it.


Update! Well, I can't sleep, so I did that. As I suspected, it does clip a bit. I put it in a separate, optional folder, so if you don't want it you don't have to use it.