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Finally reading the classics and I need a list of em

13 July 2017 - 07:03 AM

Tonight I just finished the first book in the original Thrawn trilogy. I loved it. I'm moving right along to the next one.
Since I'm a bit behind on these formerly-canon stories I know many other books have probably contributed to this storyline.

I've been long since spoiled to the eventual outcome of Mara Jade and Luke's interactions, but I'm very intrigued by their story and want to read it fully. There is so much content out there and that makes it quite difficult to sift through without coming across future stories.
Can anyone help me out with a list of relevant books, and the order in which to read them? I know the story begins where I'm at, and I'm assuming continues directly through the thrawn trilogy. I know that Zahn has a second series, a duology, on thrawn as well which I assume continues the story, but I am unsure if that continues directly after the trilogy or if there is other relevant content between them.
Following that duology, I'd like to continue on with following the story of Mara and Luke through all the subsequent books related two them.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.