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Why did HK-50 (presumably) order the Mining Droids to repair the Ebon hawk?

01 November 2017 - 02:15 PM

Hey all,


After quite some time i'm once again playing Kotor II, with TSLRCM of course. Currently playing through Peragus as T-3 close to the Hangar. I was watching the logs from the Docking Officer, and one of the logs is about the Mining Droids repairing the Ebon Hawk. The Dock Officer said 'I dont know what maintenance is up to', well we all know that HK-50 was able to mimick the Maintenance Officer. However that leaves a question, which i am still wondering about, why was the Ebon Hawk repaired? 


HK-50 was waiting for a ship to dock to ship the Exile of to wherever. So why order the mining droids to repair the ship? Is it just plot convenience? Anyone have any theories about this?