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Quanons Tutorial Thread.

09 April 2017 - 07:08 PM

Hello, fellow modders!


I've started this thread to release my new tutorials. The main focus will be on creating new models for both Kotor games.

Doing my best to create instructive videos, to show what is what, where to click and so on. Each time I'll create a few videos parts and also a written version.


As sometimes it's easier to have text and pictures to guide you, while at other times a video might work better. 

I'm open to feedback to improve my tutorials, as I don't plan things out to much up front. You'll notice I start mumbling a bit as I think and figure things out on the spot.

And, yeah, english isn't my main language, so there's an accent, pronunciation butchering... Grammar Nazis be prepared! ;-)


I don't have any pro-skills or software for editing my recordings, so it's all very basic. Though I hope with doing more of these to at least get better results.

So on wards to my first tutorial for this thread.


Creating a sword model:

Part I



Part II



Part III


Download:Quanons & Djh269 Armor Pack

31 March 2017 - 01:29 PM

Posted Image


File Name: Quanons & Djh269 Armor Pack

File Submitter: Quanon

File Submitted: 31 Mar 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes


Quanons & Djh269 Armor Pack


This mod will install a unique set of armours for your Jedi Character. Nothing gets replaced, the armors work as a disguise.
Like the Sith armor or the Tusken Raider clothes you find in the game.


Because the armor works as a disguise you'll notice that the head of your character also changes.
It will look like a black head; a very dark leather texture has been applied.


Next pick, any of the helmets included with this mod. And your armor is now complete!
To get the goodies, read on below :-)


This mod will also change the encounters with the Sith you have on Tatooine and Kashyyk.
Now each battle is unique, instead of being clones, all npcs have been made a little harder to beat.


As a reward, beat the evil guys on Tatooine and somewhere in Anchorhead a container will be appear
with all the nice new armors.


To install:


Use the TSLpatcher and it will apply all the needed changes to your game. Done!




This mod should not create any conflicts with most other mods out there. I still advice, to install it after bigger mods, such as the K1 restoration mod.
Since that mod alters lots of files. Use the TSLpatcher to avoid bugs and problems ;-)




Djh269: Setting up the TSLpatcher, altering the Sith parties, creating the scripts.
Quanon: Models and skins; UTI files.





Click here to download this file

Download:Quanons Twilek Outfits

01 March 2017 - 02:32 PM



File Name: Quanons Twilek Outfits

File Submitter: Quanon

File Submitted: 28 Feb 2017

File Category: Skins

K1R Compatible: Yes


Quanons Twilek Outfits.


A new pack to replace the old Twilek skins with a new look.
These are new and are differant then the old skins. So it's not really a reskin. Since I went for another style on all of them.


Look at the screenshots to pick and choose. I did NOT redo the heads though.
I suggest using Caches mod for that. She did a really great job and you can seem them in the screenshots!


So you know it just fits ;)


The green twilek has 2 options. A Black/ Red out fit or you can go for just the red look overall.
Each skin as a TXI file so you should get some shiney effect. It's set to CM_Spec as I like the look of that effect more then CM_Baremetal.


Feel free to adjust the TXI to your own liking.




Copy the files from my mod folder to your Override.


Click here to download this file

Download:Quanons Gammorean Reskin Pack

17 February 2017 - 05:18 PM



File Name: Quanons Gammorean Reskin Pack

File Submitter: Quanon

File Submitted: 17 Feb 2017

File Category: Skins

K1R Compatible: Yes


Quanons Gammoreans Reskin Pack:


This little mod will update all the Gammorean skins. All of them had their size increased to 1024x1024.
I've been able to put in some extra details, on the faces; better looking eyes. Leather look to their armors.


Tweaked the contrast/ brightness; etc... A good overall polish to make them their best, even though they are pigs :laughing:




Copy and paste all 5 files from my pack.
That's it!


Click here to download this file

Download:Quanons T3M4 Reskin

26 January 2017 - 03:46 PM



File Name: Quanons T3M4 Reskin

File Submitter: Quanon

File Submitted: 26 Jan 2017

File Category: Skins

K1R Compatible: Yes


Another update to a party member, this time the little astro-droid T3M4.
Like all my other releases, the texture has a larger size, added details, more crispy looking good stuff!
And it stays faithfull to his Bioware look. So, yes, baby blue paint job still ;)


Really easy to install: copy all the files to your override! And done!
Just check out the renders and screenshots to know if it is to your liking.




Click here to download this file