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31 July 2017 - 04:32 PM

After updating Bastilas hair, I decided Carth couldn't be left behind.

I've got mixed results... The UVmap on  Carth badly stretches parts of his skin.


And all the nice detail I had gets a bit lost. It all gets a very soft look; the details aren't as sharp.

It just looks odd. Certainly when I did a test in the game. On my preview renders it's a bit less.


But; perhaps the hair samples I used where to long. Though I alway thought Carth had a bit more flow to his hair;

say compared to Canderous. But it seems I can't get that look across.


Bioware certainly did a very poor job on the unwrapping of the UVmaps of the main characters.

I don't understand all the cuts they've made across the model. It just makes the whole skinning process difficult.


Anyhow, here's what I've got so far on this:





Forgot to add, the other 'sexy' stuff:




Kept on tweaking; to get flow of the hair to match up better on each part of his UVmap and figured out how to get a nice color on it. That at least comes a bit closer to his vanilla look.

I'll keep the blondy Carth as an extra option for the pack. I guess I might also include a black haired Carth.


What eye colors would match up best for those?

Onwards to a quick preview in the game.



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23 July 2017 - 11:10 AM

Kept working on Bastila some more. Minor tweaks to the face. Main focus was getting the hair to look good this time.

Spend more time to make sure the hair flows a bit a better. The test before the direction of the hair didn't work good on the model.


Also spend time to get the hair color ok looking. I'll release a pack. So far I've got a good 'dark' brown. 'Light' ( stronger contrast) brown and a blonde Bastila.

Which looks really weird; but that's just because I'm used to seeing her as a brunette :laughing:


Preview of 'light' brown and blondy (which just needs better fitting make up):



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20 July 2017 - 01:42 PM

GLOverride worked for me, you should try it too.


Thanks for that! I'll try it out :D


Bastila is now in full redux status. I redid most of the skin. It needs some fixes around the mouth. Things get more stretched then I thought. It looks a bit funny now :P

I haven't changed the hue/ color of the skin it self. It's how the photo model looked like, rendered in Kotor engine. So it's a bit more tanned then I think Bastila would be.


I only applied a soft layer of the old Bastila skin on top. I'll play around a bit more. Then get back to do the hair. It's moving along a lot quicker, since I've already did this once before.

Less searching on how or what I should do.




Tried your GLOverride, SuperSzym, but it didn't help. I keep having the same issue, bit of a shame. But; it doesn't bother me to much.

Kept tweaking Bastila. Getting closer to what I want. If I can, I'll release a multi color hair pack.


Should be fun, if anyone wanted to play with a blond or redhead Bastila :D



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20 July 2017 - 07:26 AM

Once you have it all worked out, I suppose I'll need a new render for the Portrait mod. In the mean time: in your pictures above, it seems the skin has a few issues. There's something strange going on in the outer corners of Bastila's eyes in the left half of your picture. On the right half of the picture, some of Bastila's hear is invisible so you can see Tatooine through it.


Yes, that's because of the alpha channel. My PC doesn't handle the graphics correctly. I have the same issue with the grass on Dantooine. It clips through the models.

It should just be transparent and work OK on other PCs. :)


Plus I can easly provide a skin without the alpha channel.

In Topic: Quanons many projects.

19 July 2017 - 08:26 PM

After seeing Dark Hope's excellent update on my Canderous skin; I felt that I just did a very sub-par job on the hair.
Dark Hope also has a nice looking contrast on the skin of the characters; while my versions have a softer look to that part.

I must admit that the higher contrast does 'pop' better in the game. I always get fooled by the looks of things in Photoshop.
And I haven't really nailed down how to get a same effect in Photoshop.

Ahum, but the skin thing is besides the point... I'm now experimenting on getting better looking hair on the characters.
First test was done on Bastila and I like it so far. Coloring might be worked on; contrast thingies; but it looks better.