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In Topic: Quanons many projects.

26 June 2017 - 11:54 AM

You should release those in a pack. They look fantastic.

No worries, I will release them. I just want to do a few extra colors :D
Meanwhile, I've been testing KotorMax and MDLedit. An updated version of NWmax and MDLops, which was the tool I used for about everything 3D related.
I now have used the tool for a first serious attempt at getting a new area in the game. The experience has been great.
Things work pretty good from the go. I only had to correct a few bothersome meshes; still have a few left. Looks like the rescaling I did on some of my machines got lost on the exporting or compiling.
Walk-mesh creating has been a blast as well. I don't think I ever got a good result from the very first test.
Camera gets blocked of as well; which used to be an annoying affair to get corrected. Often meaning things got broken beyond repair sometimes.
I do still have some issues, with my Light maps. It looks like UVs got destroyed. I might have done to many 3D meshes in one go for the tools to handle.
So I cheated a bit. I just turned all of my light maps in a neutral grey. Which at least made my area visible for inspection.
This is an updated model for my Scrapyard mod. It's the landing bay. So far only the Ebon Hawk and Barracuda, use their proper Light maps; all the other stuff has the "cheating" lightmap applied :laughing:
MIND, this is sort of an alpha or beta build. I'm very aware of the faults!

In Topic: Nar Shaddaa Expansion

05 June 2017 - 04:52 PM

So, I finally have something to show for this mod. Besides my areas I made years ago.

I planned on creating some extra placeables to decorate and pimp older modules and the new ones.


Though, it took me some time to get it all going. Thanks to Bead-V for checking my work, as I wouldn't be able to show this tiny victory!


A new display, it smaller then I thought, but it's animated. I'm messing about with Genetica 4.0. It helps me to create animated things. Though it's node based, so I need further dig myself in. I'm very visual, so I really like doing things in Photoshop.


But I guess combining these two might give me really nice results. The shot below is just a place holder texture. It was a very experiment in Genetica.



Had some more texturing fun. I have now a wobbly dancing Juma Juice :P



In Topic: Best way to go about re-sizing and enhancing quality of textures?

01 June 2017 - 08:41 PM

Well, for my own reskins I made for the K1 party: I only used the old game texture for the color. (Just gave it a minor blurr; mostly use a black/ white copy to boost shadows and highlights, with a layer set on Overlay or Soft Light. Tweak Opacity or adjust it via Adjustment layers. Working none-destructive ;-) )
And as a guide for the layout or where certain folds; belt buckles.. etc, details are.

I then used various other photos of "textures" from fabrics, like burlap, cotton, leather...etc and a few Photoshop filters combinations, plus playing around with layer options, to get some effects.

Then endlessly tweaking contrasts/ brightness... vibrance... or Levels to get a result YOU like.


For the human skin, well, the internet is full of bare human skin, I don't think I need to point out where to look :laughing:

The thing you need to look for when you are searching for your materials is the size of the pictures. Preferable 2000pix and up.


Like that you can just use a part of the texture or re-scale it to your own liking. The bigger it is the more you can play around with it.


A good scource:



Free to use, no need to pay, but you can only download about 15 textures a day and not always the premium quality.

But they have a huge selection some really great stuff to be found. Sadly Mayang textures is gone; was another good site.


Still just using google sometimes gives you what you need.

But as DP pointed out, the UVs for most models have really bad parts; so these can be really annoying as they can wreck details.

In Topic: Quanons many projects.

31 May 2017 - 06:10 PM

Taking a minor break from the portrait rendering today. As I didn't have much time to do some modding; I decided to do some color tests for Mission.

As I mentioned those when I started this whole reskin the party business :laughing:


Just a very basic test for how strong the color should be for her skin. Eyes and eyebrows need extra work, plus each color might need some tweaks on contrast/ highlights. Clothing will remain the same for now.

So far I've got a green, red and white/ ivory version in the cooker. Mind this is just for pure fun.


I've got lots of things in the running, this is just something for whenever I feel like it :P



In Topic: Quanons many projects.

26 May 2017 - 07:41 AM

Well, I'm testing  Mdl-edit tool by Bead-V. Also some improved 3Ds Max scripts for NWmax. Which has given me a lot of insight into the swoopbike model.

I've did another test, I started to add in a list of the animations and all the "keys" it needs.


5 anims for switching gears up

5 to switch gears down

About 10 anims for turning left and 10 for turning right

1 for boosting

1 for taking damage

1 for Gear 0, idle... etc...


It's more then I thought :P


Tried to stay as close as possible to the orginal setup, so the aurorabase is set to effect. I can add the list of animations, but they don't get exported.

Somehow it only exports out one animation, labeled "on". :laughing:


It might be the type of aurorabase, the effect one, doesn't list a box of animations in its options. So I might change it to other or something.

I've no idea if the game is just being picky or not. But I'll see how it goes.


So far the result remained the same. The swoop track loads, but, nothing happens; no movement.