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Yesterday, 08:04 AM

Hello, fellow modders!


I'm in need of some advice. Trying to get a script right for a container to appear on Tatooine anchor head.

This script only needs to work once! It basicly spawns a container with goodies, I'm in doubt on where to put the script? On a dialogue or someplace else?
So far this is what I got:


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27 March 2017 - 01:35 PM

Was that a helmet reward from a certain vendor from an older project?


No, it was found within one my J7 folders, it wasn't part of Scrapyard.


I don't mind the look of that. If you are using Max, I'd advise turning on backface culling in the object properties of each mesh for renders though. Those robe/skirt bits look pretty nasty without it.


Thanks for that little nugget. I always forget where that option is hiding :D



Here's a quick look at the latest helmet in action in the game:



In Topic: Quanons many projects.

23 March 2017 - 02:45 PM

Found another relic; I'm reworking the texture for it. But I might add more to the helmet.


In Topic: Quanons many projects.

19 March 2017 - 09:16 PM

So the armor thing is growing into a slightly bigger mod. I made some helmets and a Bandon skin for J7. But that's a long while ago. And instead of letting that stuff collect dust I decided to make an armor pack.
Every armor works as a disguise, but each armor has the same head. This is a head, Asian head 03 IIRC, with just a plain black leather skin. Like this the player can mix and match any of my helmets with any of my Bandon armors.

Of course you can still use the helmets on any other armor of the game. I think this is the best option. Yes, using, just a visor on any of my Bandon armors will look daft. For best looking results use full face masks from the game or any of the helmets I created.

The mod will include; so far:

3 armor
  • Praetorian
  • Darth Knight
  • Mass Effect/ Dragon Age armor
5 helmets
  • Sith Assasin mask
  • Alpha Romea looking helm
  • Praetorian helmet
  • Darth Knight "shark"
  • Mass Effect/ Dragon Age helm
Possible one more helmet. I just need make a skin for it :D
And I'll check another one of my external HDs. I might have a back up of other things on there.

Quick peek at the things in action:

In Topic: Quanons many projects.

18 March 2017 - 12:52 AM

So tonight I was tinkering away at my knight mod. I've been trying a different method to get my helmet fixed on to a head model. But without the need of attaching it to the real head "skin" mesh (real skin not the texture ) of said head. I just basicly linked my helmet model to the g_head part of the model. This is more or less the "bone" that controls like 85% of the head, the other 25% goes to the eyes, mouth and facial animations.

I didn't expect it to work, more like; a hard crash on exporting, crashing MDLops or crashing the game upon loading a test save. Did none of those. It went smoothly. Ofcourse in true Kotor style it was bugged like hell when I did a first test! The helmet was misplaced badly and after some long, going back and forth, MDLops and Modelviewer being constantly used, I got the helmet in the right spot. Did another test run, at first it looked perfect! But then I started to walk... And just had to laugh.

My model looked fine, but somehow the head got badly disconnected from the body model. Bobbing and flying off in all directions. Rather hilarious, great ending to a nice long modding session.
Did make a little video of it. As it already nicely shows how the end product might look like, minus the faulty animation business of course ;-)