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Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade - A Star Wars Fan Film

17 January 2017 - 06:11 AM

So have you guys seen this Star Wars Fan Film yet?

Download:Refurbished Astromech Droids

25 December 2016 - 04:44 AM

Posted Image


File Name: Refurbished Astromech Droids

File Submitter: Sith Holocron

File Submitted: 24 Dec 2016

File Category: Skins

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes


Happy Holidays!


Here's a small mod that sprung from someone else's hard work!


Refurbished Astromech Droids


MOD AUTHOR: Sith Holocron


GAMES: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords


I asked Darth_Sapiens some time ago if he planned to redo the astromech droids for the KOTOR games - as he did such a wonderful job in his T3M4 HD 2k (http://deadlystream....nts-t3m4-hd-2k/) mod. He didn't wind up doing it so I wound up recoloring his texture to retexture the other astromech droids myself.


As 3C-FD - the droid that assists T3-M4 in the prologue - uses one of these textures, I've also included an avatar picture for 3C-FD in this package as well.




For Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - Extract all files into the Star Wars Knights of the Old RepublicII/Override folder. It is highly recommended to also install Darth Sapiens' T3M4 HD 2k as this mod doesn't touch T3-M4. This is not required however. If you already have Darth_Sapiens' T3M4 HD 2k mod, please note the "CM_Tseriesdroid.txi" file and the "CM_Tseriesdroid.tga" file are included in both his and this derivative mod. (As the files are identical, you can allow the newer files to override the old ones.)




Take it out again. ;) If you are using still using Darth_Sapiens' T3M4 HD 2k mod and wish to continue to do so, please leave the "CM_Tseriesdroid.txi" file and the "CM_Tseriesdroid.tga" file in the Override folder.


Known Bugs:


None known at this time.


This mod would not have been possible with Darth_Sapiens' mod. If you like it, credit goes to him. If you hate it, I'll shoulder that blame.


Additional Thanks:


Thanks to Revanator and Malkior for taking a look at this. Much appreciated.


Legal Disclaimer:


All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed
as-is without alteration, unless by permission of the mod author AND Sarth Sapiens. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. Use it how you like, but if you're going to post it up somewhere, or make a derivative mod, or use it in another mod, please put a line in the readme, mentioning Darth Sapiens.


Click here to download this file

Question for about the TSLRCM exclusive credit video

20 November 2016 - 01:10 AM

Might anyone know what the dimensions of that video are? I'm having a new version of it created so I'd like to have the new one be the same size as the old one.

Idea for a new armband icon?

08 September 2016 - 04:13 AM

There's lots of armbands in the game and plenty of armband mods. I was thinking that a real world Star Wars product might be an interesting lternative for an icon for some of the armbands. It's called a Sphero Force Band. (I guess it helps you control those Sphero BB-8's?) Thought it's designed to be worn like a wrist watch, I think you might also imagine this sized as an armband.



Too wacky an idea? I'm just throwing it out there.

Droid Texture Request

06 July 2016 - 11:20 AM

Any chance I could get a texture for this droid model?


(The model name is "C_ForDrd".)

Bonus points for using Darth Sapiens' cubemaps research . . .