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New Videos for Brotherhood of Shadow?

Yesterday, 11:39 AM

I was wondering if someone might be interested redoing the BIKs files included with Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge? As most folks now used widescreen - whether through Steam or UniWS/Flawless Widescreen - the new resolutions don't do any favors to the original pre-rendered movies.


Here are a few ideas you might keep in mind:

1) Record in widescreen using a recorder that doesn't add a watermark.

2) Use the original music. It's an unused piece of music IIRC. You can find it in the StreamMusic folder under the name "mus_area_slehey.wav"

3) Use the original fonts. They are Army of Darkness and Futura Book.

4) Use the original areas in the game. (I guess that is sort of obvious, huh?)

5) Optional: Use this Hammerhead re-skin for the appropriate movie? As it would be used in a pre-rendered movie and the model texture wouldn't be placed in the game, this isn't porting. I'm sure there are other re-skins for this model out there that I haven't seen.

6) Optional: You might want to see if Dark Hope's skin for "Shadow" might be of interest in your attempt.

New Videos for Brotherhood of Shadow?

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

I was wondering if anyone might be interested in doing new versions of the BIKs in Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge?  It seems that many people are now playing the game in widescreen, which seems to put the original videos not in the best of light. 




If needed, I can point out where you can get original fonts.  They are Army of Darkness and Futura Book.


In addition, the music used in the scenes was the unused Sleheyron music from the game so that should be easy to find.  (It's "mus_area_slehey.wav" to be exact.)


I suppose you could even use this mod to beautify "Shadow"

Salk's "SW:KotOR Upgrade 2.0"

16 March 2018 - 07:47 AM

So . . sometime ago I received a PM requesting my permission to include some of my work in some sort of huge collection. PM follows:

I have for a few years been working on creating the ultimate modification to enjoy the original SW:KotOR game at its fullest.
I have produced my own fixes/tweaks and have collected and put together many modifications that the most talented community members have released.
Among them, there are a few that you yourself kindly shared with us and I am looking for permission to include two of them, as part of the final package in case it will be made public.
The modifications that you authored and that I have included are:
Animated Cantina Signs
KotOR2 Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors
Full credit (including the original modifications' read me, when available) is given to each author and the list of the contributors that have already agreed to be part of this project is important (not including authors that gave implicit permission and/or can no longer be reached):
Darth InSidious
Kainzorus Prime
Cinder Skye
Red Hessian
and zbyl2
Please do not hesitate in case you need additional information or a more detailed view on the project (Read Me file is available).
Even if the ReadMe in your mod gives an implicit permission to include your production in other mods under courtesy conditions, I still wanted to make sure and therefore I messaged you.
Hoping to add your name to the list above, may I have explicit permission to integrate it as part of this community project?

I wanted to know a few things, including . . .
1) Where was he planning on hosting this package? (When you see the list of all the mods he plans on including, you'll see why size would probably be an issue from?
2) Who did get permissions from?

After more finagling, I finally got a list of the most. It's listed below but I first wanted to provide you with a key.

Admin notes:
Green = permission granted 
Yellow = permission under consideration
Red = permission denied

Of course I was hoping to host it here although I realize that the final size of the modification will exceed 1GB. I have space in my Google Drive account, however.
The list of modifications included is pretty long. Here it is:

- Various major and minor fixes by Salk
- Dialogue and VOs corrections by Salk
- Pazaak Fixes&Tweaks by Salk
- Improvements for Get the Other Kray Dragon Pearl v1.1 by Salk
- Improvements for Bendak's LS Demise by Salk
- Dialog fixes for Gonto Yas, Toll APkar and Iridorian Mercenary by Salk

- Blue eyes for PMHC04 by Aryukell 
- Bastila's Extra Dialog on Tatooine by SpaceAlex
- K1 Carth Romance by cjt0202
- Music Enhancement For K1 by Star Admiral
- New BIK movie by zbyl2
- Garrum and Tar'eelok Restoration by Sekan and Seamhainn
- Sharina Fizark Restoration by Sekan
- Bastila Romance Enhancement by Swfan28
- Czerka Clothing Fix by Time_Lord
- Hijata Fix by Time_Lord
- Movie Style Replacement Lightsaber Hilts by oldflash
- Movement Animation Fix by ZimmMaster
- Bastila's Mother Changes by Shem
- Jedi Robe Reskins Council Style by Darth Jaden
- KotOR HK-47 Appearance by sELFiNDUCEDcOMA
- KotOR Darth Malak Appearance by sELFiNDUCEDcOMA (Jedi Head by cache71/Dark Hope)
- KotOR Darth Bandon and Sith Apprentice Appearance by sELFiNDUCEDcOMA
- KotOR Sith Trooper Appearance 1.0 by sELFiNDUCEDcOMA
- New skin for T3-M4 by Darth Sapiens
- Zaalbar HD by corpsecotillion
- Vurt's K1 Ebon Hawk Retexture v1.0 by Vurt
- Ebon Hawk Texture Enhancement by Fallen Guardian
- Lots of Little Things by SykoRevan
- High Resolution Lightning by Triggergod
- Korriban Academy Workbench v2.0 by Darth InSidious
- Duncan on Manaan by Seamhainn
- Ajunta Pall Unique Appearance by Silveredge9
- Bendak's LS Demise by Ulic
- Movie_Style_Retextures_v7 by DarthJacen
- Hi Res Muzzle Flash by Jesse1066
- LordDeathRay's KOTOR Improvement Mod (LKIM) by LordDeathRay
- Xor plot fix by Darth333
- Sunry Murder Recording Enhancement by Fallen Guardian
- Get the other kray dragon pearl v1.1 by Sekan
- Weapon Model Overhaul for KoTOR by Toasty Fresh
- Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework 1.0 by Fallen Guardian
- HQ Blasters by Sithspecter
- Gaffi Stick Improvement by Fallen Guardian
- Holocron Icon Replacement by Darth InSidious
- Hi-Res Beam Effects 2.0 by Darth InSidious
- Movie Style Dark Side Transitions by Shem
- Robes for Korriban Students by Shem
- Alternate Female DS Romance Ending by JdNoa
- Desert Wraid & Shyrack Texture Fix by Red Hessian
- Korriban/Manaan Music Fix by Kainzorus Prime
- Fixed Proficiency/Focus Feat Icons by Kainzorus Prime
- KOTOR Bug Fix Attempt 1.0 by danil-ch
- KOTOR Complete Overhaul by Jorak Uln
- High Quality Stars and Nebulas by Kexikus
- Green Pazaak Base Cards for K1 by Kexikus

- Scoundrel Trousers 1.0 by darkbirdie
- High Quality Skyboxes 1.1 by Kexikus [granted with the requirement that the mod must be updated when skyboxes are ready]
- Higher Quality Bastila by by Circa
- Energy Shield Damage Fix by R2-X2
- Fire and Ice by Cinder Skye
- KotOR2 Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors by Sith Holocron & Xarwarz
- Bodies Stay by jonathan7
- Droid Feat Gain Fix by Thrak Farelle
- Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue by Revanator
- First Lightsaber Crystal fix 1.0 by N-DReW25
- PC Response Moderation by Kainzorus Prime
- Juhani Romance Enhancement by Kexikus
- Sapith Fix by N-DReW25
- Day Kashyyyk HD by Cache71 [Dark Hope]
- Four Masks by Darth Vhail
- Dark Bodysuit by Quanon & Revanator
- Bastila Romance Scriptfix 1.0 by Markus Ramikin
- Ebon Hawk Geometry Fixes by ndix UR
- Animated Cantina Sign by Sith Holocron
- Republic Solider Fix for K1 by JCarter426
- Diversified Wounded Republic Soldiers on Taris 1.0 by DarthParametric
- High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes by Sithspecter
- KotOR - Ultimate 2.0 - Taris Upper City by Thunder3
- HD Hutts by Emperor Turnip
- HD Rakghouls by Emperor Turnip
- HD Dewback by Emperor Turnip
- HD Gizka by Emperor Turnip
- HD Calo Nord by Emperor Turnip
- SF Door Fix by jc2
- Diversified Jedi Captives on Star Forge by DarthParametric
- HD KT-400 military droid carrier and Lethisk-class armed freighter 1.0 by Cache71/Dark Hope
- HD Female Twilek 1 by Cache71/Dark Hope

- Male Sith Archeologist Restoration 1.0 by N-DReW25
- Helena Shan Improvement by VarsityPuppet
Of the included modifications above I have either obtained explicit or implicit permission from the original author except for a limited number I could not get in touch with because they retired and did not provide me with means to contact them or, alternatively, never answered my queries. Also I am still to contact three of them because I am not yet sure their modification will be included in the end.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

I sent out a PM that had 30 people in it. I can't expand it due to the PM system so you all get to see this play out publicly. Some of the folks on the list have been VERY adamant that others should never use their work. Still others had mentioned to be the couldn't either recall speaking with Salk or what the specifics were in their conversation regarding the permissions.  If you already responded in the PM, you'll note that there's already some of the mods marked appropriately (i.e. you won't have to reply if you've already replied in the PM.)

In addition, quite a few of the people in that list couldn't be reached by Salk and can't be reached by myself.

If you're on the list, reply to the thread whether permissions are granted or denied. (You don't have to give a reason why.) If you have more than one mod on the list, you can grant permissions to some and deny others or place restrictions on your permissions. I will update the list above with the appropriate colors as the replies come in.

If you have questions about this mega collection and you're not on the list, I'd suggest sending a PM to Salk directly.

Looking for a mod by Sikon

08 March 2018 - 04:49 PM

I'm looking for the mod by Sikon from 2005 that enables you to watch the Nihilus vs Sion cut-scene on the bridge of the ravager. The specific version I'm looking for isn't the BIK version. I want the MOD version as I want to be able to adjust textures and models in the cut-scene, as well as having the scene rendered in the engine. (I've recorded all of the other versions of this cut-scene in widescreen format so the loss in resolution and screen size would be very noticeable.)

Before anyone asks, I do have the Lonna Vash mod by Sikon already. I might be recording that one again once I am done with this current project.

I will include you in the YouTube description as part of the credits, if you so desire.


I did send a PM to Sikon over at Obsidian's Forums but it seems very unlikely that I'll get a response. (It was worth a try though!)

Assistance in getting an old mod to work

07 March 2018 - 09:56 PM

I've hit a road block and have come to you fine people for assistance.  I'm trying to get a mod - DarkWarrior's Sion vs Nihilus mod - to work on modern systems.  (I use Windows 7 using the 4 CD set up of KOTOR2, if that's a help.)


I must've got it to work once upon a time because I believe I used this version to record in my video collection of Nihilus vs Sion cutscenes.  I have a better system now that I did in 2012.  It would also be better to record the scene using widescreen.  Might anyone be able to figure what I'm doing wrong?  Walk me through it, if you would be so kind.  Here's a link to the mod: Darkwarrior's Mod.


Thank you.