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In Topic: The Missing Heads in TSL

Today, 01:41 PM

Interesting. . .   I won't ask which ones as that would be a pain in the neck to put together to show.

In Topic: The Missing Heads in TSL

Today, 01:28 PM

Then I request textures for the untextured heads above. :)

In Topic: HD Reskin for PMHC05

Today, 01:04 PM

Therefore, what I am requesting is a higher quality PMHC05 texture for everyone to enjoy! To be honest, I don't even think it needs to be some ridiculously-sized HD texture (although that would admittedly be awesome!) but something a cut above the default is all.

I'd be curious to see this as well. Would such a texture be able to be used to both the K1 and the buried TSL head? (Unsure of there are any head dimension changes between the two games.)

In Topic: M4-78EP 1.3 released (on Steam Workshop)

Yesterday, 09:45 AM

1.2 is MODDB. 1.3 is ONLY on Steam.

In Topic: TSLRCM XP Hssiss Glitch Bug Restored

24 June 2017 - 08:18 AM

If anyone wants to debate HH about the merits of this, take it to PMs.