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In Topic: k1 black robes

Yesterday, 08:36 AM

Then the OP is out of luck.

In Topic: k1 black robes

Yesterday, 08:28 AM

He's apparently on Nexus though according to his site.

In Topic: k1 black robes

Yesterday, 07:48 AM

If someone wants to chat with Prime about it, that might be the way forward.

In Topic: Hi-Resolution Peragus Space Suit retexture

Yesterday, 03:35 AM

You might want to give a better description of what you want.

In Topic: k1 black robes

Yesterday, 03:34 AM

Yeah, as funny as it might sound, there is NOTHING in the way of notifications for comments on the download page, whether to the mod author, to anyone being quoted, or to anyone following the piece...

Looking at one of my own mods, I can see that is (still) untrue.


The issue is that the mod author - if he uploaded it himself - didn't "follow" his file. Following the file let's folks know if there's a notification. In addition to the actual download page, this also applies to the Mod Release announcement page that's auto-created as well.