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In Topic: Adding multiple Sith Holocrons to Atris

Today, 05:06 AM

While we wait for the answer to come back see last post - I thought of another possible idea.

Make an account at Deviant Art and post both your new holocrons and that you're looking for more holocron designs. Might give you a wealth of new options from really creative folks!


PS: You should really follow your topic so you can see thread updates as they come in.  ;)

In Topic: Ajunta Pall WIP

Today, 04:49 AM

Will you be making a hologram version as well?

In Topic: Gamefront

Today, 03:49 AM

Direct link to KotOR1 games: Link


Direct link to KotOR2 games: Link


I tested a few of the links on the KotOR2 page and it doesn't look like everything is quite set up yet.

In Topic: Where are the DLG files for specific droids?

Yesterday, 03:24 PM

What do you want to change?

I am looking for the dialog entries for the Black Market Droid on M4-78.

HH: It's been awhile since I reached out to people to do new voice overs for 1.3 but didn't we recast that part? (I'd check my own files on my computer myself but I just got to work.)

In Topic: Adding multiple Sith Holocrons to Atris

Yesterday, 10:31 AM

Roth9: You never did answer my original question so I'll rephrase it instead.  Why don't you ask the Etsy seller for permission?  


If no permission was granted, an alternate thing you could do is to purchase a holocron prop and take a picture of it yourself.


Update 18MAR18: I have asked the seller for you for permissions.  (If and) when I hear back from the seller, I'll let you know what they say.  (Keep your fingers crossed!)