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In Topic: KOTOR 2 Box Art

Today, 05:50 PM

You could scan it in your printer :D

It is too large for my printer.

In Topic: JC's mod resource collaboration thread

Today, 06:54 AM

I do have a very interesting ship somewhere on my hard drive but I think it's in Lightwave format. It's too bad because it's beautiful.

In case you were curious, it's the actual ship model used in the Star Wars fan film called "Duality".
Update: Pictures probably would speak louder than words. I think of it as an art deco TIE Interceptor


In Topic: KOTOR 2 Box Art

Today, 06:50 AM

Archive it, I have the K1, one I suppose. Also hoping to commission it as a poster at some point.

I am sorry to disappoint but I guess I remembered it incorrectly.

Then again, I already have a poster of it on my wall signed by the original artist so . . .


Unfortunately, it is no longer for sale.

In Topic: KOTOR 2 Box Art

Yesterday, 09:57 PM

I may have a larger sized version.  I will check when I get home from work.  Might I ask what you plan to do with it?

In Topic: Anyone know how to contact NiuHaka?

Yesterday, 02:38 PM

Information passed to LucyTheAlien. Thread is closed.