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In Topic: [Request] A ripped Mandalorian model

Today, 11:11 AM

Whoaaahh that sure looks very well done.  :smiling: Looks like we no longer need to contact Dak... We have the replacement here  :thumbup:

I was just going to suggest that there are plenty of other talented skinners around but you've come to that conclusion on your own. All is well. )

In Topic: [Request] A ripped Mandalorian model

Today, 08:07 AM

I don't know any other way.  However: If someone here is in contact with him and would like to pass along a message, he or she should PM you or djh269 any relevant details.

In Topic: [Request] A ripped Mandalorian model

Today, 06:48 AM

So, is anybody willing to rip the Mandalorian Armor model to not have the helmet? I think it could pave the way for some interesting Mandalorian reskins.

Unless you get permission from Dak, you're not going to be able to publish any works that are derivative of his work. That will limit the folks willing to help you. So focus your efforts on getting in touch with Dak.

In Topic: [Request] A ripped Mandalorian model

Today, 06:10 AM

Did you try to PM him through our site? http://deadlystream....9101-dak-drexl/

In Topic: TSL -- Force cage lag issue

Yesterday, 12:12 PM

Do you still want me to fill in the format?

Yes. Note the section marked "FOR ANY MODS OTHER THAN TSLRCM/M4-78EP!" and answer those questions.