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22 December 2017 - 11:46 PM



I think it's a pretty spot in analogy. KotOR is a big collection of Star Wars tropes assembled into video game format. The Revan twist is a great example of this. It is so good because it wouldn't be nearly as effective in a movie. It really benefits from the way video games, specifically RPGs, are setup, and actually ends up saying something about how hollow your normal Bioware RPG protagonist is. The Vader reveal wouldn't work in the same way in a game as it does on film. KotOR is the video game version of Star Wars.


KotOR 2 does exactly what TLJ does, and totally overwrites everything that happened in the first one. Your choices? Really didn't matter. Revan just came back and overwrote your players memory, and is their own character now. Their might be a couple of differences, but the end result is the same. The major difference is that KotOR 2 actually reinvents what happened in the previous installment in a more interesting way. I actually care about what KotOR 2 has to say. It isn't trying to be edgy and deceptive for shock value and cheap political points. It actually has something new and unique to say, that isn't a super disneyfied moral. It casts KotOR in a new light, but that just makes it more interesting. TLJ on the other hand makes TFA way less interesting, and doesn't add anything new to it. It honestly just makes it worse, when you know that the questions that are brought up don't have interesting answers.

In Topic: Why did HK-50 (presumably) order the Mining Droids to repair the Ebon hawk?

06 November 2017 - 10:04 AM

Guess he did then. Seems like a lot of work to move everyone into the dorms when he could have done that. More fun to screw with them I guess

In Topic: Why did HK-50 (presumably) order the Mining Droids to repair the Ebon hawk?

06 November 2017 - 09:19 AM

Only the med bay patients had toxins administered. The rest of the miners were driven into the dormitories by the mining droids and the lockdowns, and then the dormitories were flooded. No where else was. I doubt HK had the resources to concentrate the gas leak into the whole facility, hence the dormitory trap.

Atton's probably trained to resist poison too anyways though.

In Topic: Vash ghost of the force

05 November 2017 - 07:54 AM

I think the whisper fx idea is pretty good. Maybe make her subtitles be very basic concepts instead of full sentences. It would be difficult, but it could be interesting if she showed up immediately after the player gets up, and sort of spurs them on the go after her

In Topic: Download:Consular Sentinel Class Skill Swap

04 November 2017 - 01:16 AM

It's pretty easy to change yourself. Just look at the skills.2da