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In Topic: Can't Trigger HK Torture Scene

20 December 2017 - 06:38 PM

Sorry I believe I was wrong after you meet the quest requirements it should trigger next time you enter eh. The problem may be if any mods you added either change 003ebo onenter script or any of the 003ebo module files. Also I assume you started a new game after installing all mods.

In Topic: Can't Trigger HK Torture Scene

19 December 2017 - 04:05 PM

It's been awhile since I played but how far have you gotten? If I remember correctly it doesn't play until after finishing all planets and just before returning to telos.

In Topic: Vash ghost of the force

05 November 2017 - 02:03 AM

In my original m478 mod I actually added vash to the final enclave if you didn't kill her. As pointed out the biggest issue was VO's just not enough for her to use.

In Topic: TSLRP: Not Quite A Post-Mortem

16 October 2017 - 02:47 PM

Yes savvy was a female and she actually came to me asking if we wanted the animation. Of course I said yes.😀

In Topic: Alternative Landing and Take-Off Videos for M4-78 EP?

29 September 2017 - 04:46 PM

Wouldn't be any extra work really once everything set up just hit render and walk away for several hours. :thumbup: