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[Wip] Traya <3

11 April 2018 - 02:51 PM

Hey everyone my name is Maciej, i'm new around here. in my projects i will be recreating new models or even add an  unique Armor/Robes as you may see in tiltle its a wip project :D  so first model will be an unique <3 Kreia aka Traya in her very unique robes and  animation , mod can use own textures .in my plan i have to recreate all Dark Kreia'robes into :D example is here :D


https://www.fotosik....50536bcb5f7f311 there has to be always a one Darth Traya <3 https://www.fotosik....b5fd94bc91f5886 version animated hood when you talk with her mod also will add special dialogues to her to hood off in important places :D :D



for now a finished version already is a  full model with her head and animations is  aka Party_Npc_Kreia_Evil  my mod will also add her  animations to her new robe for each of her ''Evil'' models except Original party_npc_Kreia becouse i don't have a plan to make something in her original KreiaBB model

Kotor and kotor 2 mods from pcgame mods

01 April 2018 - 10:32 AM

https://web.archive....0-0-3200-2.html It seems that I found a link to pcgame mods which is working you can even view mods but how do you download them?  Has this ever been figured out?

Traya Robes

30 March 2018 - 12:01 PM

Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a robe for exile which is unique because it is the Vestments of Darth Traya for a female companion and the Exile. However while making mod, I've found there's a problem with the neck. How i can fix it ? Could someone help please?  :D mod will replace a Revan robes for women.


This is how it looks on pic https://www.fotosik....da3355499854ec4


link to model with mdl and mdx, can someone help with neck fix