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TSL Darksaber

13 March 2018 - 07:08 PM

So... while I do take the Clone Wars/Rebels canon with a grain of salt, I did enjoy the idea of the darksaber. However, since I acknowledge the EU as the true canon, it seems that Mira was the first Mandalorian Jedi on record. So I thought it might be interesting to have the Darksaber implemented in TSL for Mira's use. No idea if making such a lightsaber is actually possible on the TSL engine, but if anyone thinks it's a possibility....

Download:Valorous Knight Lightsaber

13 November 2017 - 11:12 AM



File Name: Valorous Knight Lightsaber

File Submitter: JDub96

File Submitted: 12 Nov 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes


Some time ago, modder Qui-Don Jorn created this mod that added a number of new crystals to the first Knights of the Old Republic. When these crystals were placed in a lightsaber, they caused the hilt to match the one used by Revan in Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, the mod was taken down some time ago and presumably lost. I have attached the compressed folder containing the mod files and patcher since I saved the Override folder I had from when the mod first came out. I have uploaded it here for any who wish to get the mod once more.


Disclaimer: I am NOT the author of the mod. This was created by Qui-Don Jorn, who I believe goes by Kaidon Jorn now. All credits go to him.


Click here to download this file

Mandalorian Beskad

13 November 2017 - 06:41 AM

I was wondering if anyone with custom weapon models and meshes would be willing to create a mod for both KotOR 1 and TSL that adds Mandalorian Beskads as a weapon. In Mandalorian culture, they had sabers made of mandalorian iron that they used as melee weapons. I would enjoy seeing such a weapon added to the games.


Below is the Wookiepedia article that gives an image of what a Beskad is: