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RLG's Modding Madness

15 November 2017 - 07:43 PM

Greetings, I am the Rampaging Lawn Gnome, and tabulated here is the modding madness that I will attempt to develop (real life and funky working hours sadly intrude on KOTOR).
 X'Los the Crystal Smuggler (K1 and TSL)
Background:  I was always annoyed that certain crystals in K1 were dependent on story choices (TSL's random number generator was equally annoying).  I also thought Korriban (both in K1 and TSL, but especially in TSL) lacked content.
Phase One will add X'Los as a alien merchant of crystals on Korriban (LS, neutral, DS and cheeky DS dialogue options).  Phase Two will add a new area or two (basically, tomb raiding).
Progress: I've written the dialogue, and have a good balance of items to sell.  I just need the time to slog through the character creation process.
Possible Bells and Whistles: [TSL]  Add option to kill X'Los with appropriate influence gain or loss.
Things I Would Like To Do, But Are In The Future With More Time and Experience (aka the Visionary Stage).
The Courier [K1]
-Basically you run between different planets and give item X to person Y for credits / items.
Easter Egg Hunt [K1]
-Based somewhat on the Fable sidequest, you are given a clue to find a person who gives you the next clue and so forth until you get a really cool item and/or credits or your head explodes.  Lots of potential for dark side points here (forcibly persuading or killing the people who give you the clues).
Telos Expansion [TSL]
Adding a new area to Telos (I felt it was too linear for a game that emphasized choice).  I really haven't thought this one out.
The Mysterious Box [K1]
I thought this particular quest was somewhat random and felt was cut short.  I would like to try (warning: SPOILER ALERT)