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In Topic: List of K1R Compatible Mods.

13 August 2017 - 12:13 AM

You ought to remove the Proper Manaan Quest Endings and Energy Shield Fixes from the list as they've been included in the latest version of K1R.


Or, even better, add them into their own list along with the other mods K1R uses so as other users don't make the mistake of installing them twice.


Also I have personally tested out the Bendak Bounty Rework and Emblem Armor Compability along with the two mods required to use it. K1R runs just fine with all of them. They'll only effect the default dialouge files involving the Bendak duel and the Bendak Starkiller Model.

In Topic: K1R 1.2 Impressions and Bug-Reports [READ ME FIRST]

12 August 2017 - 07:35 AM

That's a good point. I will go ahead and do that.

In Topic: K1R 1.2 Impressions and Bug-Reports [READ ME FIRST]

11 August 2017 - 09:51 PM

Hi. Just wanted to say thank you so much for making such a terrific mod. Really enlivens an already great game experience.


I've encountered some noticeable bugs that should be addressed.



  • For some reason, the game often minimizes after the Lucasart logo plays when you start up the game. Furthermore it can be impossible to bring the game back up once this happens.
  • The auto-pause option that activates when you spot an enemy doesn't work some times.


  • Whenever I fight in the arena, the position my character first appears in is slanted and not directly facing my opponent. This slant actually gets worse and worse with each fight as they twist more and more to the left.
  • After giving Largo the money he needs to pay off his bounty, the camera doesn't focus on Carth when he's giving his response to your generosity.
  • When you discover Rukil's dead apprentice and go back to talk to him about it and go through the conversation you need to go through to really get started on the Promise Land quest, everything is fine. However you'll have to go through the entire conversation all over again which obviously shouldn't happen as it'll usually jump straight past it to a dialogue state that reflects your post-dead apprentice reporting to him.
  • When you go back to the Hidden Bek base after winning the swoop race and go talk to Zaerdra with Mission in your party, the camera won't focus on Mission when she pipes in with her unique dialogue. It'll instead focus on Zaerdra for the line.
  • When you first arrive in the Taris Undercity and have your first meeting with Canderous, one of the black Vulkar thugs is speaking Twilek even despite not being a Twiliek. I'm actually using the Black Vulkar Sound Fix to correct this but, considering the K1R mod also corrects bugs in the game in addition to restoring content, you really ought to consider correcting this bug.
  • For some reason, when I'm in the undercity apartment complex where Selven is, the Vulkar Thugs for some odd reason run to and gather right outside the apartment door she resides.
  • Whenever I reenter the Taris City Sewers, Rakghouls that I've previously eliminated at the juncture with four exits respawn when they shouldn't.
  • When I am in the Vulkar base sub-level and after talking to the elderly Vulkar Mechanic about getting an authorization card, the journal entry for "Inside the Vulkar Base" for some reason reads "Taris: You've lost the tournament and have no credits to show for it..." You'll get the "Taris: You've lost the tournament but managed to win a sizable amount of credits" if you directly take his items straight out of his locker. This continues if you decided to do the spice for mechanic card quest. Obviously these shouldn't be the correct journal entries and definitely need to be fixed.
  • Again, when in the Vulkar Base sub-level and access the main terminal, the camera view "Cam-408: Control Room" in the South Section options is not focused on anything and is WAY outside of the game area and gives an almost full view of the game module.
  • When you use the workbench in the Vulkar Garage even despite using the workbench in your Taris hideout first, you'll still get the message you normally get when using a workbench for the first time.
  • In Davik's Base, if you choose to gas the barracks near the spice lab using the security terminal, you will kill the Tarisian Noble who gives you 5 credits if you pass a persuasion check. Apparently some of the gas you leak into one of the rooms gets into his somehow and kills him.
  • There is still the classic bug that prevents you acquiring the ability to rewatch the Ebon Hawk escaping Taris. I know that this is caused by that FMV being preceded by another without any in-game break at all so the trigger needed to unlock it got pushed properly. This should be a fairly easy fix as you could probably put in a brief in-game scene such as a brief black screen BEFORE that cutscene plays so as the trigger to unlock it in the main menu gets flipped properly.


  • On Dantooine the positions of Master Vandar and Shuma the Hutt are very slanted. Vandar is especially bad as when you first encounter him he's looking all the way to the left.
  • Master Vrook and Master Zandar are not wearing their correct outfits. Again this is an oversight that I used the Vrook and Zhar Fix mod to correct.
  • When talking to Elise for the first time about your missing droid, if Carth is in your party and gives his unique dialogue, he for some reason turns the other way while he delivers it.

When I come across any more bugs, I'll just edit this post and add them.


Oh, and here is a current list of mods I am using alongside my game, besides the restoration mod of course. Some of these mods, more specifically the ones who solely fix bugs and restore content, I'd highly recommend you implement into the next version of K1R and will mark those with a *.

  • Animated Cantina Sign
  • Animated Manaan Cantina Sign
  • Bastila on Korriban*
  • Bek Control Room Restoration*
  • Bendak Bounty Rework
  • Black Vulkar Sound Fix*
  • Dantooine Training Lightsabers
  • Dark Side Reimagined
  • Davik's Upgradable Armor*
  • Dodonna's Transmission
  • Ebon Hawk K1 Fixes*
  • Feat Progression for K1
  • First Lightsaber Crystal Fix*
  • Force Dustil
  • Force Powers Feat Gain for KOTOR
  • Galaxy Map Fix Pack*
  • Gamorrean Battleaxe Fix*
  • Gamorrean Battleaxe Icon Fix*
  • Gate Guard to Trewin
  • Genoharadan (Light Side)
  • Green Pazaak Base Cards
  • HK-47 Polished Reskin
  • Health Regeneration
  • Helena - Bastila's Mother Changes
  • Hi-Res Beam Effects Mod
  • High Quality Skyboxes
  • High Quality Starfields and Nebulas
  • Juhani Real Cathar Head
  • Kill Belaya
  • Kill Star Forge Jedi
  • Korriban Academy Workbench
  • Leviathan Party*
  • Longer Hair for PFHC01 Female Head Model
  • Mandalorian Assault Armor Restoration*
  • Movement Animation Fix*
  • New Dustil Onasi Head
  • PC Response Moderation (Installed BEFORE K1R)
  • Proper Sith Assassins
  • Quanon's Bastila Shan Reskin
  • Quanon's Canderous Ordo Reskin
  • Quanon's Carth Onasi Reskin
  • Quanon's Gammorean Reskin
  • Quanon's HK-47 Reskin
  • Quanon's Jolee Reskin
  • Quanon's Mission Vao Reskin
  • Quanon's T3M4 Reskin
  • Quanon's Twilek Outfits
  • Quanon's Zaalbar Reskin
  • Red Lightsaber Crystal Fix*
  • Sandpeople Disguise Drop Fix*
  • Sapith Fix*
  • Sherruk Attacks With Lightsabers
  • Simple Weapons Feat Restoration*
  • Sith Lightsaber Replacement
  • Sneak Attack 10 Restoration*
  • Stealthy Droids
  • Trandoshans Rescaled
  • Unique Sith Master Robes
  • Vibrating Saber Colors
  • Vrook and Zhar Fix*
  • Yuthura Sith Eyes with Light Side Transition