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[KOTOR I] Anyway to un-screw myself with the Bastila romance?

17 July 2017 - 10:16 AM

So basically despite me having played this game multiple times over the years for the first time I managed to lock myself out of the Bastila romance by ending things negatively with her mother. I went along as usual not really paying attention to the fact she was completely silent towards me afterwards until I got done with my third star map. Realizing I was about to lose her and I hadn't completed her little dialog tree I ended up finding out I've totally boned myself because of a choice I made back on Tatooine. 

I've tried using the save game editor to change how the Bastila's mother quest ended, to remove and restart it and none of it worked but I could be doing something wrong I'm not very experieced with it outside of adjusting dark/lightside alignment.

I know theres like a one in a trillion chance I'm gonna find an answer that doesn't involve me going back to a 10 hour old (and two cleared out planets yaaay!) save but I gotta ask.