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In Topic: 702kor.mod is missing?

17 November 2017 - 03:21 AM

Without knowing what you're trying to do and what files you edited, that could be anything from your edits generally not working over my instructions being wrong (I don't see any mistakes here, but that doesn't mean there are none) or you having misunderstood/incorrectly followed my instructions up to you not having loaded a savegame where you had not visited the module yet or any other number of issues.

I tried three times, without editing any files, using a save game from before entering the academy. And I believe I followed your instructions step by step without missing anything.

In Topic: 702kor.mod is missing?

15 November 2017 - 09:57 PM

You'll have to be more specific if you want me to help you with this.

I did exactly as you told, but when I entered the academy, Sion's scene didnt play and he stood in the hall doing nothing.

In Topic: 702kor.mod is missing?

13 November 2017 - 08:35 PM

.mod files (as the name somewhat implies, although that may be by chance) are files that come from mods, i.e. you won't have a .mod file for every module even when installing a big mod like TSLRCM. In fact, if you have no mods installed, you'll have no .mod at all. But it's really easy to create and edit .mod files.


To do so, extract all files from the two .rim files of the module you want to edit (in your case 720KOR.rim and 720KOR_s.rim) both to the same folder. To do so, just click on them in KotOR Tool and click the "Extract entire rim file" button. Next, you'll need ERFEdit to create the .mod file. Open ERFEdit and select File > New. Navigate to a folder of your choosing, type in the filename WITH extension (in your case 720KOR.mod) and set the file type to .mod. Then hit save. Now you need to add the previously extracted files to your .mod file as the game will crash or at least show unwanted behavior unless the .mod contains all files from the two corresponding .rim files. To do so, click the "Add resources to ERF file" button in ERFEdit while you still have your newly created .mod file open. It's the second button from the top at the right. That will open a file selection where you select all the files you previously extracted and then hit Open. Now you can go to File > Save and your newly created .mod file is done and can be placed in the Modules folder.


You can also use ERFEdit to put your edited files into the .mod files by just opening the .mod with ERFEdit (File > Open) and then using the "Add resources to ERF file" and selecting your edited files. The tool will ask you whether you want to replace the files already inside the .mod. Confirm that and save the file and your changes are done.

Didn't work.

In Topic: TSL - Lightsabers to the new jedi

10 November 2017 - 07:35 PM

A couple questions- 

1- Would you want the sabers to be color coded to match their Jedi class- blue for Guardians, green for Consulars, etc?

2-Why a short saber? To make it seem like it's a training saber for the new Jedi, perhaps?

1 - I like to use all the colors when I play, and i give to each one the color I think fits then the best. To Atton I give orange since he worked for the Sith(red + yellow = orange), to Visas I give Yellow and use a mod that gives her the Visas lightsaber, so its red and yellow, to Mira I give the restored bronze since the Kotor comics showed the mandalorian knights with bronze lightsabers, Bao dur I give blue, Handmaiden I give silver since everthing about her is white color, disciple gets green, Kreia gets viridian since its close to green, the exile uses violet if male, cyan if female and red if dark side.

2 - Yes, since they are starting, they need to train first. But before the end of the game they all get normal lightsabers or double. I do this because if not, I would never use the short ones. I also wanted to do this in the first kotor but never found the right mod.

In Topic: TSL - Merchant sell created item

08 November 2017 - 02:52 AM

Just to start you have the modded/added item inside the override folder right?


You'll want to find whatever .utm file in Telos by going into the KT and extracting it. You've probably already done so. So I'll skip how to do that.


Now you'll want to use the K-GFF editor (found here in modding tools) to open the .utm file and scroll down to ItemList.

Copy and paste an existing struct into the ItemList, then modify that by putting in your custom item's ResRef into Inventory ResRef.

Make sure you rename the _PosX to whatever it should be, I.e. if the item is the 54th on the list, it should be labeled as such. You don't want two _PosX as 54th. 


As always click on something else before saving, when using the K-GFF editor. 


You might find this tutorial by RealRece to be helpful >  > starting at 15 minutes explains exactly what you want to do.

Thanks. I managed to do what I wanted.