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TSL The GenoHaradan

20 May 2017 - 07:25 AM

I've seen some topics with the question about the GenoHaradans, and though it'd be nice to write this for people who don't exactly know about the 3 mods:
- Nar Shaddaa Expansion (Doesn't restore what Obisidian wanted to make)

This is a currently W.I.P mod, that me, N-DReW25 (we work on almost everything) and Quanon (he works on the modules) currently develop. It will be incompatible with the other GenoHaradan mods. TSL Needed!

- GenoHaradan Legacy Mod (Partially restores what Obsidian wanted to make)

This mod is also a currently W.I.P mod, that N-DReW25 currently develops. Compatible with TSL! (I'll possibly help him with the project when we finish the Nar Shaddaa Expansion)

- Exile007's GenoHaradan Mod (A mix of the previous two)

This mod was abandoned, and is not updated anymore. Incompatible with TSL.

The first two are kind of like TSLRCM and M4-78, one restores what Obsidian wanted and adds new content based on what Obsidian wanted. The other has new modules, new VOs, and much more, like M4-78. Though these mods are incompatible, unlike M4-78 and TSLRCM.

Nar Shaddaa Expansion

12 May 2017 - 03:22 PM

This mod is still in ALPHA! There won't be a public playable version until BETA. Currently, me,  N-DReW25 and Quanon. (reskinning, repropping, and making some new modules) 

Pre-Alpha - Concept
Alpha - W.I.P
Beta - Ready for testing
1.0 - Full release

Pre-Alpha to Alpha transition goals:
* Write an actual story for the new complex and for the changes. (and get feedback)  (began working on it, and it's partially done)
* Find good ideas and add them to the TO DO list. (Suggestions are still welcome, but when this mods hits BETA, suggestions won't be necessary, only testers!)
* Have Poll 1 completed. (Min 5 votes!)
* Get modules reskinned and ready to edit. (Quanon's going to start reskinning them soon... I think... I hope... I don't know.)
* Get tehnical help. (AT LEAST 1 EXPERIENCED MODDER!!) (Quanon agreed to help me with the modules, and N-DReW25 with the rest. )


Alpha to Beta transition goals:

- Finish the mod.

- Get some testers when it's ready.

Even if I'm not an experienced modder, I always wanted to try to make KotOR feel more immersive and expand it. Now, I can finally do that for Nar Shaddaa. You see, even if the game engine is rather limited, I always thought that Nar Shaddaa isn't as big as it should be. In SWTOR, it's rather big and immersive, in KotOR... Not so much. And I know, SWTOR is much, much newer, but even in the Jedi Knights series, Nar Shaddaa feels like it should be: A big city, like Coruscant, but it's lawless and darker. Anyways, back to KotOR - other areas, like Dxun, Telos, Korriban, are as big as they should be. Plus, they have that atmosphere, that all their other appearances also have. But Nar Shaddaa is dull... For now!

(Overview taken from GameBanshee, lots of thanks for having in-depth game walkthroughs!)

Now, looking at the overview of the Nar Shaddaa Refugee Sector, it's big, and leads to other parts of Nar Shaddaa: Refugee Docks, Cantina and Pazaak room, and the Refugee living quarters. Now, the 17th place on the map is an empty room, where some thugs attack a Twi'lek. And I don't think this area would've been better if the game would've been completed. I think, by putting the cutscene outside, this room could become a Merchant Quarter, filled with chests and vendors!
Then. we have the 16th place on the map, the cut TSLRCM cantina. I think the mod is going to have to depend on TSLRCM for A LOT of things, so remaking the cantina a bit is going to be ok. Possibly some new NPC's and a bartender.

Nar Shaddaa Refugee Sector Expansion areas:

- Old Promenade East. (082 Telos East re-skinned) (0% progress)
- Old Promenade South (Old Entertaiment Module) (Taki17's idea, thanks!) (I'll use its entrance for the new Nar Shaddaa part) (From Vanilla Game)
- Old Promenade West (O82 Telos West reskinned) (0% progress)

- Karath Cantina (Landing Pad Restored Cantina, name suggestions are appreciated!) (0% progress)

- Merchant Quarter (Landing Pad Empty Room) (0% progress)

- Dock Offices? (Fassa's office? Ship shop? Suggestions are appreciated! (0% progress)
This is all I have planned for now, help will be appreciated!
People that can gelp me with writing some new story elements and help me with the tehnical stuff are needed!

Poll 1 closed!


1.  Add an Old Promenade north? Most people say YES.

2. Total cantinas? 2

3. Total casinos? 1

4. GenoHaradan knowledge? Some people know the name, not all though.

5. Merchant quarters? 2 in total.


People want an Old Promenade north, but they don't want cantinas, casinos or merchant quarters. I can't make an empty area just for the sake of making a new area. You can come up with suggestions! And the GenoHaradans are just a name for some refugees, they don't know who they are, where they are, or anything of that nature.


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