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Creating A New NPC

13 October 2017 - 05:17 AM

First of all I would like to apologize for anyone who responded to this thread in the past. I did not receive anything that would help and after going so long without receiving a good reply I decided to start this thread over and see if a fresh approach would be useful.

I am looking to make two Jedi Trainers. I know there are mods that allow you to make other members of your party such as Carth, Canderous, and Mission, Into Jedi. You can find them yourself at the 1st link below. I have attached those mods to this thread so you can see them for yourself. However there is no such option for Zaalbar. I have decided to ask for help in making one. I want the Wookie to be placed in the far corner of the Dantoonie Courtyard as the trainers for Carth and Mission are.

Also for myself I want to be trained as a Jedi on the Endar Spire. When we meet him he senses that I am force sensitive and offers to use the Force to instantly train me in the way of the Jedi, whichever class I choose. I know there is a mod that allows you to start the game as a Jedi but I would rather start and as a soldier and be trained as a Jedi.

I ask to be shown how to create these 2 characters in aspects like how to choose their faces. Where do I want them to be standing and their stances? How do I input their dialog? How do I get them to give me and Zaalbar items including our lightsabers? And how do I set them so they make me and Zaalbar Jedi.

I ask anyone to please help me finish creating the rest of these mods. I have created the dialogue files that I want to use for both characters. Now I just need to finish the rest. One more thing. I know Zaalbar and I will be given items when we are trained as Jedi like Carth, Canderous, and Mission are in their mods. I ask to be shown how to set it so we both receive 2 regular lightsabers, 2 short blade lightsabers, 1 double-bladed lightsaber, 5 blue crystals, 5 Upari Crystals, and 5 Jenruax Crystals.

I have seen instructions on how to make an NPC at the 2nd link below but I cannot understand them fully and they are not enough anyway. Furthermore I know there is a mod that allows each party member to be a Jedi as they join your party. I do not wish to use that. With mods that can turn each other party member into Jedi incorporated into the story of the game I would like one for Zaalbar as well. I can for all the help anyone can provide. Thank you in advance.



Help Making Mods Compatible

03 October 2017 - 08:49 AM

I am having a serious problem making some of the my Force Power mods compatible so I am going to ask for help. I have tried everything: installing them in different order, merging the .2da files, using the TSLPatcher, everything without any success at all.

The problem comes from several of the mods share the same lines in the spells.2da. Merging the spells.2da files from the same mod mixes them up as does trying to installing them in different order. Therefore I have created a single spells.2da file of my own that is attached below. I added lines so all the Force Powers are included. However I understand I need to change the line in the corresponding script to match the correct line of my spells.2da file.

I am assuming the aforementioned script files are the .ncs and .nss files included with each mod. I ask to please be shown which program to use to edit the script so I can change to match the correct lines and where I go in each script to do it. I also need to know which programs can compile and decompile the scripts. Furthermore I ask: if I replace the spells.2da file in each mod with mine will that make it easier for the mod to run as when it places in the Override folder there it will not have to change anything as each mod will already be correct.


For example, consider the Four Force Powers Mod. You can see in image 1 that it normally goes into rows 132-144 on the spells.2da file. However when you see my spells.2da file that I have made to include all my mods by adding rows in Image 2 you can see they are in rows 135-146. I need to be show how to edit the scripts to match the mods to the new rows. I can open the .ncs script files and .nss script files. But what I need to be shown is where to look in the files to find it and how to edit it to match the rows. Do I need to decompile the scripts? If so how do I do that?


I have placed the images and the Four Force Powers mod in the zip folder below. I have placed the .ncs script file and the .ncs script file for the Force Power Revitalize, Level 1. I ask to be shown how to change them so that it matches row 135 of my new spells.2da. I only need to be shown once. Once I get the experience by editing one force power or mod itself I can repeat the process for the rest myself.


The links I got the mods from are listed below as well so you can look at them yourself if you choose to. I give full credit for these mods to their respected authors I am just running into trouble that I would like to resolve so I can use all the mods. Please give me all help that you can. Thank you in advance.