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13 December 2017 - 09:30 AM

I know what you mean. It took me a long time to fully erase my hard drive, re-install the operating system, and get the updates back in place. Therefore I lost most of my weekend as well so I know how you feel. Good luck in getting everything back on track.

I tried the mod again and here is what I got. When I installed it the first time with the files you set it worked just fine. But then when I modified the script in order to change which items my character gets, then reinstalled the mod, the new items would only appear in my inventory. When I tried to use a workbench to upgrade my lightsabers, the new item is not available. I am wondering if you somehow hardwired the script.

The item I created, g1_w_sbrcrstl22, is the Heart Of The Guardian 2. It is an item not normally available in the game. I used the .uti for the Heart Of The Guardian item and then edited it with KOTOR Tool to give me the benefits I want. It is basically a simply mod in itself that I made. I hope this is not what is disrupting the script.

Please be aware I will be editing the g1_w_sbrcrstl22 file later as I want to play around with it a little and make sure that I have everything just right. I ask you to please check the script files so I can edit which items my character receives as well as providing un-compiled scripts for all 3 Jedi Class for me. That way I can change them as I want and then compile them for the game. We can worry about Zaalbar once Weston is working right. I have attached the files to this post so you know what to work with. Thank you in advance.

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10 December 2017 - 07:39 AM

I have the 4 CD PC version. I am sorry but I do not know what you mean by "SecuRom shenaniganry". Good luck on the project you are doing for your old friend. I will trying the full reinstall today. Thank you for the good luck wishes. Once I have that done I will try testing the mod for Weston. I just hope I can change the scripts to alter the items I want to receive as desired. The part for Zaalbar will have to wait awhile. I will have to play the game through to that point. I do not want to take any shortcuts in order to make sure the mod is working correctly. I will let you know how things go. Thank you in advance.

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04 December 2017 - 04:35 PM

I have some things going on for me as well. I completely uninstalled and then reinstalled the game. I altered the script files to account for the new items and placed them in the override folder. However the new items would not appear in my inventory. The item I am trying to add is an unique I creating through KOTOR Tool but I have created the .uti file in the mod files and override so I do not see any problem.


I believe there a glitch in my PC as it has been acting up. As I said I am busy right now to but I plan to run a full wipe and reinstall the operating system from scratch within the next few days. I am hoping then I can put my files back on and see if that will clear-up the problem. I will let you know how things go In the meantime I have attached the updated files here. The unique item Is at the very bottom of the list in the script and you can the properties with KOTOR Tool. It is entitled g1_w_sbrcrstl22. Can you see where the problem is. Thank you in advance.

In Topic: Create A Jedi Trainer

25 November 2017 - 10:37 PM

Thank you for providing me with the correct dialogue file. I did test the mod and the spawning works great. All I need now is the classes scripts to make the character the desired Jedi class. I look forward to getting that from you.
I have done what alot of what you asked for. I have made it so the conversations can be skipped and added some animations to both Weston and Zaalbar. Furthermore I have adjusted the scripts for the items so they are exactly right. However I noticed when I tested the mod that even thought I did not set the script for it I was given Heart Of The Dragon crystal to use in my lightsaber. Do you know why the game did that if the script does not tell it to?
I am guessing that by VO you meant voiceover. Is that correct? If so I am not going to make one. First of all I do not see the need for it as the mod works just fine without. Second the mods I have to make Carth, Canderous, and Mission Jedi do not have voiceovers and I want to keep everything similar. And third I would have make recordings of my own voice to use as the voiceover and I do not want to do that, especially if I do decide to let the mod go public as I do not want my voice going out over the world like that.

I have attached the new mod files here. How do they look to you? I look forward to getting the remaining scripts from you. However please be advised I have deleted my saved games for it so I will have to play back to Dantoonie in order to test the one for Zaalbar and that will probably take me a few days.
I have seen the new scripts you gave me. However they will not work as they are compiled. I need a source script of each one in case I wish to change them in the future. I can add them into the correct line in the dialogue files. Please make a source script for all 3 classes from the files I have attached to the post as I have made some changes to the scripts. I can then compile them myself. That way I can make changes to the script such as if I ever want to alter what items me and Zaalber receive.


The new scripts from you bring me to a point that I have been having trouble with and I am asking for help on. I have tried to play around with the scripts in order to give and Zaalbar different items for heck of it just to try it out. However after I change and compile the new scripts the new items do not appear in the game. How do I change this please?


One thing: please make sure the numbers for each item that I want me and Zaalbar to be given is left alone. I want that to equip each party member. Also could please do the same for the Zaalbar trainer? This way I can test them as well when I get to that point in the game. Thank you in advance.

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25 November 2017 - 03:48 PM

Thank you. Yes, I originally used an existing dialogue file and edited it. However the new ones that I tried the mod with yesterday were created completely from scratch. To let you know to you may not need to create 3 separate of the script. The reason I know there is a line on the dialogue which you can use to tell the script. The attached screenshots show it. I just used the same line multiple times so the script would fire on any choice I made. I plan to do the same thing for Zaalbar once we get Weston to work. Does that help you out? Thank you in advance.