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Download:Official 1.03 Patch

05 December 2017 - 06:37 AM



File Name: Official 1.03 Patch

File Submitter: Mellowtron11

File Submitted: 16 Nov 2017

File Category: Media


This is the Official 1.03 Patch for Knights of the Old Republic. I downloaded this from the Lucasarts website a long time ago before the original website went down back in the late 2000's. I didn't find it here on Deadly Stream, so I thought that I'd upload it.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by BioWare - retail v1.03 patch


Installation: After downloading the update, double click on SWKotOR1_03.exe to
install. The installer will automatically search for the folder where you
originally installed Knights of the Old Republic and install all of the
updates. If the update does not locate Knights of the Old Republic on your
system, you may need to reinstall the game and then run the SWKotOR1_03.exe.


This update for the game has been modified to correct the following:


* Fixed a bug where the Walk key was not bindable.




* Added in detection for Soft Shadows support for ATI video cards based on the
supported driver version.


v1.02 changes:


* Added the ability to map the Arrow keys for main game movement.


* Added a Walk option button; by default it is the B key. While holding down
the Walk button, your character will walk.


* Added support for 1280x1024 resolution.


* Added the ability to see all available party members character, ability, and
equip screens while on the Ebon Hawk or in the apartment.


* Added the ability to hide the game GUI when taking screenshots. Use the
following settings in your swkotor.ini in the "Game Options" section:


[Game Options]


* The container GUI screen will no longer close everytime you click Give Item.


* Holding Shift when clicking Give Item or double-clicking the item to give
will transfer the entire stack, without shift it moves the items one at a time.


* Added in some extra error checking and logging for loading and saving save
games. If there is any problem, a file called "fileerror.log" is created.


* Made a fix to the Force Point Regeneration item property so it actually
regenerates Force points.


* Fixed an issue where in some rare cases, the player would be killed while on
the Leviathan.


* Fixed an issue with Dantooine Pazaak occasionally breaking Suvam Tan on


* The Sand Person disguise will no longer be reset when entering Anchorhead and
the Dockingbay.


* Dead party members will no longer show up later in the game. What with them
being dead and all.


* Fixed the Hidden Bek Door (Security Station) to no longer display the
'Impossible' message.


* Fixed a visual issue with Power Blast and using Dual Blasters where the
off-hand blaster wasn't firing.


* Fixed a problem which would cause dialogue to skip through without playing
any VO.


* Fixed a problem where you would get stuck at a black screen after a game load
or an area transition.


* Fixed a problem where the screensaver could activate during the playback of a


* Put in a symptomatic fix for your character's attributes being reset to all


* Put in a symptomatic fix for party members getting stuck and not fighting.


* Put in a symptomatic fix for losing force points when going through area
transitions with Force Valor active.


* Removed the +2 bonus to the offhand attack when wielding a balanced weapon in
the offhand or when wielding a double bladed weapon.


* Removed the ability to bind controls to the "Alt" key. The "Alt" key was
never inteded to be a usable key in the first place.


* Fixed a rare crash bug when leaving the Ebon Hawk or the Apartments with
party members.


* Made some stability improvements.




* Added a check for the minimum graphics card driver version for ATI and NVIDIA
based video cards as stated in the Troubleshooting Guide. If you scan your
hardware and do not meet the minimum requirements for the game, you will be
prompted to launch your web browser to download the latest drivers.


* Fixed a minor bug in RAM detection where it was sometimes off by 1 or 2 MB.


v1.01 changes:


* Added two new "swkotor.ini" sound options:


[Sound Options]
Environment Effects Nonstreaming=1
Environment Effects Streaming=1


NOTE: The Environment Effects Streaming=0 option was added to fix a problem
with sound pauses while playing the game with an Intel i845 or i850 chipset
motherboard and a 100 MHz Front Side Bus.


* Removed the awareness penalty when running
* Made a fix to the "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects" option in "swkotor.ini":


[Graphics Options]
Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1


* Made a fix to the Enable Hardware Mouse option when it is disabled. This
fixes a crash with certain ATI Radeon 9600 video cards.
* Made a fix to a display issue with Small Fonts.
* Made a fix to a gamma issue after movies finish playing.
* Removed the display of Force Points on portrait tool-tips for non-Jedi
* Fixed bug where some objects in the game would give a sticky mouse indicator
like they had an inventory when they did not.
* Fixed an issue where if you changed appearance while Force Speed was active
your movement rate would return to normal.
* Fixed an issue with droid animation when the item they were using ran out or
their target died.
* The turret mini-game should no longer have the blur visual effect if you
enter it with that visual effect turned on.
* The Security option no longer displays for doors which a key is required.
* Fixed a rare bug where the game could get stuck if an auto-pause was
triggered at the exact same time as an area transition.
* Fixed a rare crash that could happen when a Dark Jedi dies at the exact same
time as he deflected a blaster bolt.
* Fixed a rare crash on startup under Windows 98.
* Fixed a few memory leaks.


Click here to download this file

How to set available starting class feats?

25 November 2017 - 12:08 AM

Okay, I released this mod a few weeks ago. Basically I swapped out the computer use and repair skills for the Jedi Consular and their respective  prestige classes, Jedi Sentinel and their respective prestige classes, the scout and scoundrel. 




However, I noticed a slip up that I failed to take into account when I uploaded the mod. I didn't change out the class skill: feats that are available at the feats level up screen. For instance, even though I made Computer Use a skill for the Jedi Consular and made Repair a cross class skill, there still is a class skill computer use feat available, and no cross class repair skill for feat purchase.


I looked around at the feat.2da file with Kotor tool. You can put in feats to be acquired at certain levels, which I get. But the feats that aren't available immediately for a certain class all seem to be marked with a -1. Does anyone know how to adjust this? I would really like to have the cross class feats correspond to the newly allocated skills for this mod. 





Unarmed Handmaiden build viability?

09 November 2017 - 05:58 AM

Has anyone ever run Handmaiden with only unarmed attacks? Usually I let her use her staff and then give her a saberstaff once she becomes a Guardian. But while she has the first couple of two weapon fighting feats, she also has unarmed feats. I'm sure it can be done since TSL is a little easy, but does anyone have any thoughts or experiences?

Can Autobalance be edited?

08 November 2017 - 09:02 PM

I was wondering if it was possible to adjust the autobalance feature in TSL. Doesn't the autobalance.2da only go up to level 20 (I'm getting that's something from KOTOR1)? Can't it be changed to level 30? Or is this a hardcoded feature.

KOTOR2 Computer Use and Repair Skill Swap

02 November 2017 - 12:24 AM



File Name: KOTOR2 Computer Use and Repair Skill Swap

File Submitter: Mellowtron11

File Submitted: 01 Nov 2017

File Category: Mods

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes


Mod Title: KOTOR2 Computer Use and Repair Skill Swap 1.0


Author: Mellowtron11


Something that always bothered me from a lore perspective was the fact that the Consular got the repair skill and the Sentinel got computer use as part of their respective class skill sets. This is all fine from a balancing perspective, but I was always confused how a Jedi class (like the Consular) that dedicates itself to research, diplomacy, and Force usage has a more practical worldly skill.


On that note, I also thought that a Jedi career that includes researchers and historians within its ranks would probably be better handling computers than machinery. So, to keep everything balanced skill-wise for both classes, the Consular and its corresponding Prestige Classes now have Computer Use. The Sentinel and its Prestige classes now have Repair as a class skill.


I also made computer use a class skill for the Scoundrel and removed it from the scout’s skill list, similar to the Scoundrel and Scout classes from the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars RPG Core Rulebook.


All classes mentioned in the changelog below will be affected for both your player character and your respective NPCs. Kreia and Atton will have Computer use, Visas will have repair, etc.


Changelog V1.0:
· Jedi Consular, Jedi Master, and Sith Lord- Removed Repair Skill and replaced it with Computer Use as a class skill
· Jedi Sentinel, Jedi Watchman and Sith Assassin- Removed Computer Use skill and added Repair Skill as a class skill
· Scoundrel- Added Computer Use Skill as class skill
· Scout-Removed Computer Use as class skill


Copy and paste or drag and drop the skills.2da file into your override folder.


Delete the associated skills.2da file from your override folder.


Anything that also modifies the skills.2da files will probably not work.


Known Bugs-
None, but if you find any, please message me at Deadly Stream.


Please do not claim credit for this mod or redistribute it without the author’s explicit permission.


-Bioware, Obsidian and Lucasarts for an amazing pair of RPG games.
-Fred Tetra for the Kotor Tool.
-Darthbdamen for answering my many questions on the skills.2da file. His own mod Consular Sentinel Skill Swap for KOTOR1 was the main inspiration for my mod. You can find out more here: http://deadlystream....ass-skill-swap/
-Everyone who downloads and uses the mod.
-Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars Roleplaying Game Core Rule Book and Power of the Jedi Sourcebook for additional info and ideas




Click here to download this file