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#64443 K1 Unofficial Patch

Posted by A Future Pilot on 16 April 2018 - 04:35 PM

I have given permission for A Future Pilot to use my mods in this mod. Should A Future Pilot want to include more of my mods that aren't currently listed he will need to ask me again for the new mods and I shall confirm each time he does.


For clarity, I have currently received permission for:

  • Sapith Fix
  • First Lightsaber Crystal Fix
  • Vrook and Zhar Fix
  • Red Lightsaber Crystal Fix

I have not yet asked for (or received) permission for the Kandon Ark Fix, as I would like more feedback on whether or not it should be included, before pursuing it.

#64442 How to check if NPC has already spawned

Posted by A Future Pilot on 16 April 2018 - 04:29 PM

How would I do that? Can't seem to open it with KOTOR TOOL.

For most modules there are two rim files, one with a "_s" on the end, and one without. In Kotor Tool, expand the one without the _s and then expand "Dynamic Area Info". You should see the .git file there. Click on it, and then click "Extract File" over on the right hand side.


To actually edit it, you'll need a gff editor. My favorite is kgff which I got from a link posted by Fair Strides here: http://deadlystream....editor/?p=36625

#64399 K1 Unofficial Patch

Posted by A Future Pilot on 15 April 2018 - 04:49 PM

Now that this is "a thing", I've decided to rewrite this OP a little bit.


The goal of the K1 Unofficial Patch is to fix all of the bugs that remain in the last official patch. It is a community project and people are welcome (and encouraged) to contribute to it! Whether that's through reporting bugs, giving opinions on what fixes should be included, or submitting fixes, any involvement is greatly appreciated!


Currently the patch consists primarily of other authors' work, with a couple of fixes of my own. Going forward I will be continuing to add my own fixes as they are developed, as well as anyone else's who wishes. NOTE: This patch will never use any author's work without their knowledge and consent. If another mod contains a bugfix, but I can't get permission to use it, I will suggest it as a recommended mod to be installed in addition to this patch until I am able to recreate the fix on my own.


I've started compiling a list of bugs, with fixes when available below. If any of you know of any bugs I missed, please comment them! I've also been contacting mod authors to get permission to include their bug fixes. If any aren't OK with it, I'll create my own fixes for those bugs. Almost all of the authors I contacted gave permission, and their mods are now included.


To the mod authors who have given me permission to use your mod:

First and foremost, thank you very much!! This project wouldn't be possible without y'all's hard work and support! I will include both in the readme, on the mod page, and in the TSLPatcher info.rtf file a list of all mods used with a link to the mod, the name of the author, and what bug it fixes.


P.S. Here's my general criteria for determining whether or not something is a bug:


If there's reasonable evidence that the developers intended for it to be different


If it breaks the game in some way (making dialog inaccessible, or a quest uncompletable)


As a general rule, content restoration will only be included if it was only inaccessible due to a bug, not if it was purposefully cut out by the developers.