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About Me

Name: Borel

Race: Human/Mandalorian

Appearance: In Yellow Mandalorian Armor

Armaments: Borel's blaster rifle, double bladed vibrosword 

Age: 40

Job: Mercenary, Mandalorian Warrior and Bounty Hunter

Era: Knights Of The Old Republic


"You've led me on quite a chase, but now, it's time for me to collect the bounty on your head."


"Seems like trouble has been chasing you all around citadel station, and there's a bounty on you that I am not about to collect, I'm Borel, and I fought during the mandalorian wars at Malachor V, surely you are familiar with that, do you not jedi? allow me to join you to ensure your safety, because I'm not about to yet part ways with these exchange thugs that have been on your hide."    




Borel was a cunning  Mandalorian soldier that fought bravely during the Mandalorian wars at Malachor V, after the defeat of the Mandalorians by Revan, Borel wandered off alone into the galaxy and managed to seek shelter on Telos working as a bounty hunter and mercenary for the exchange making him a feared figure throughout Telos, when his name is mentioned, people would tremble in their boots. When confronted by Mandalore about the Mandalorian restoration, he left the exchange and returned to Dxun and joined up with his brethren.




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