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How Do *you* Play Kotor and TSL

31 January 2017 - 03:58 AM

First of all let me start by saying I'm a carbonite encrusted fossil from the now defunct KOTOR Fan Media site where we had: Modding, Fanfic, FanArt, and even some clubs dedicated to Carth, Bastia etc. One of the most popular topics on the forums was finding out how many different ways people tailored both games to make their own unique KOTOR experience. So, I thought it might be done here too. It's pretty simple...


1. Describe your PC. Classes, Alignment, Romance (or not), Appearance, Backstory, and what they are best and worst at.


2. How do you use your NPC'S?


3. Planet Order.


And so on...


I'll start with my Revan just to get things going...



Revan LSF: Programmed Name, Gia-Sade Solaris.


Programmed age, 28.


Starting Class: Scout. Jedi Class: Consular. 


Weapons: Melee and Hand-to-Hand Expert.


Vital Stats:


Height: 6'0''


Weight: 135 pounds.


Hair: Long and Black.


Eyes: Bright Aquamarine


Skin: Pale.


Lightsaber preferences and Styles of Combat.


Paired Sabers MoF with Solari Crystals and Kryat Dragon Pearls. Also an expert with Single blade, and Saberstaff.


Level of all forms: Expert.


Primary Form: Niman.


Fallback styles: Soresu and Shien against ranged enemies. Makashi, Ataru, Djem-So against Melee enemies. Juyo used against Sith Masters and Lords.


Fighting style: A slipstream where she all her knowledge of combat styles, Echani, Deralian, Mandalorian, and Jedi, with dance steps, twirls, spins, and acrobatics to take control of and move with a fight.


Awful with: Blasters and explosives.


Romance: Carth Onasi.


Backstory: Both Revan and Gia-Sade Solaris come from Deraila, a planet with a culture juxtaposed with an enlightened cultural and educational environment (Like Classical Athens) with an ancient Celtic martial tradition. They are Empathic humans, who have complex social rules on physical contact, and an obsession with following the proper etiquette of wherever they may be in the galaxy. In other words, they value "the proper way" of doing things so as to not offend others, and they expect others to treat them the same way. Highly advanced, they never strive for "perfection" just continually striving to become the best selves they can be. Very adaptable, pragmatic, and above all disciplined! Still, their Empathy leads them to form strong attachments to others, which they cannot break. As such they tend to be loners. 




Bastila: I take her out when I know there will be a lot of Lightsabers, and on Tatooine.


Canderous: My Ranged Weapon Tank! Take him when there's lots of shooting, and whenever there's another Mandalorian out there.


Carth: My Pistol Jockey turned Captain Cuisinart, by the time I get to the Livathan.


HK: Duh, My other Ranged Tank. Take him when I need to Laugh or Infiltrate.


Jolee: He's my healer, my teacher, and the Grandfather I always wanted. He gets out everywhere I can!


Juhani: Give her a Lightsaber, let her go kill bad guys. I take her everywhere but Tatooine.


Mission: Any place that needs sneaking around with locked doors.


T3-M4: My cutie is great in Sith Military Bases!


Zaalbar: The Prince of Kashyyyk is a melee tank. He's not great against Force Users, but good on Maanan against crazed Selkath!


Planet Order: Used to be- Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Korriban, Manaan. However, now that I have the K1R I'll use Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Maanan, Korriban.


Well, there's my Revan! I tried to upload her picture but I couldn't... it's here at www.jodhaaakbarfan.deviantart.com/gallery56642963/My-Jedi-and-Sith

Mysterious Stranger Mask

26 January 2017 - 05:29 AM

Am I the only one who thinks it might be a little odd that your face is plastered all over Taris's screens for both the Dueling Ring and the Swoop Race and Calo Nord tells Malak "Hey you know those peeps Bastila is hanging with, you DO know one of them is your former Boss right?"


First, how does Calo figure that out? Second why is he out of all the Sithy's on Taris the only person aware of this fact? I've always thought, (and it's been in fanfic from day 1) that PC should wear a mask for dueling and swooping! Also why are you giving out auto-prints? You're supposed to be on a secret mission! 

{Request} Kathounds and Iriaz Stop Attaking

18 January 2017 - 12:59 AM

It has always bugged me that after you redeem Juhani the Kathounds and now the Iriaz keep on attacking. I wish there was a MOD that made them stop after you bring Juhani back into the light. However, I understand that there are people who play DS and for them the Kathounds and Iriaz could become even more vicious. Is a MOD like that possible?

Pure Pazaak!

12 January 2017 - 04:38 PM

I think there needs to be a place to talk Pazaak tips, tricks, and how many times you have to play various characters to clean them out! I'm on Korriban and the Rodian Pazaak player is getting on my last nerve. How do I beat him, or is he another Gelrood? 

The Best of The Best Graphics MODS Planets and Ships

07 January 2017 - 05:22 PM

Hi there after a sad crash that has forced me to clean out my MODS and start all over again (for the millionth time) I want to ask what are the most outstanding Graphic overhauls for our planets, and Ships? I really want my game to look as pretty as possible. I admit it, I like pretty. Please chime in with suggestions and links! May the Force Be With You, Always!