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In Topic: EA is in trouble.

15 November 2017 - 01:59 PM

They're fine. EA has already made a ton of revenue from this game, and so long as they're publishing big titles and milking FIFA, they're completely ok. There's always going to be enough people with enough cash to blow to keep making microtransactions profitable.

In Topic: Looking for book recommendations (Non star wars)

27 October 2017 - 12:26 AM

There are many good ones. Not sure if you want a specific genre but I'll give you a list of my favorites.

1984 - George Orwell
At the Mountains of Madness - H.P. Lovecraft
A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway
Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt Vonnegut
Catch-22 - Joseph Heller
The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien
The Art of Zombie Warfare - Scott Kenemore
The Lessons of History - Will and Ariel Durant
Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions - Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths
The C Programming Language - Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie

In Topic: EA shuts down Visceral. Their Star Wars game to be revamped.

22 October 2017 - 04:44 PM

That's too bad. I will never truly understand why EA operates the way it does. Sigh...

I do. Generate profit with dedicated consumers, and as much of it as possible. Just look at all the people buying the new Battlefront 2.

In Topic: EA shuts down Visceral. Their Star Wars game to be revamped.

18 October 2017 - 01:02 AM

Damn it, no DS4 then.

Dead Space 3 wasn't really anything to cry home about honestly. Still it's a shame.

In Topic: KOTORmax

09 October 2017 - 12:33 AM

I am salivating. Unbelievable work.