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[Request] Serious looking Republic troopers

21 January 2017 - 07:04 PM

It's usual for Star Wars to make the leading faction's army look dumb. Before debut of the clones in Episode II and their development in Episode III, armies of Star Wars were always objects of jokes when their pyjama-like armors were brutally ripped by, depending on the government, heroes or villains, making audience die from boredom unless a Jedi knight appears on screen. The same is in case of the Old Republic in Knights of the Old Republic. While their level of combat skills is enough high to satisfy me, KotORs brings us a moral that an army of the greatest galactic government of its times, which under command of Revan won the Mandalorian Wars went so silly in four latest years that they started going on the battlefield in pyjamas and rebel helmets whereas a part of this army which decided to obey Revan after the war got armors that are maybe a bit too shiny, but with mods look really cool. What I'd like to see is a fix to this dishonor for the Republic suggested by Timeline 9 inserted into both KotORs.

Happy birthday to Xuul!

05 January 2017 - 04:14 PM

Xuul has got birthday to day, so let's wish him happy birthday!
I wish you to have a nice year, happy family life, and of course many great mods to review! None of us all was as helpful for newbies and geeks as you. Thanks to you, I found many great mods that I happily use now! None of us all was as helpful to modders as you - in fact, everything needs a kind of advertisement and that's where KotOR modders and generally whole Deadly Stream community needs you.

Maybe Sith Holocron M4-78 is going to sing Xuul "Happy Birthday" in 1.3?