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#53824 Yavin Station/Dune Sea, Leviathan/Taris Sewers - Same Music

Posted by superSzym on 13 February 2017 - 10:40 AM

Oh, and I found a good track for Yavin Station.


#53620 TSLRCM Animation and Immersion Modification

Posted by superSzym on 08 February 2017 - 02:47 PM

Harbringer cutscenes don't make very much sense as a video with overlay. From what I remember, Carth was never present on the Harbringer and he contacted with the Harbringer via holo.

EDIT: Checked, these are called Briefing Logs. As a foreigner, I'm not sure how to interprete it, but it I'm more keen on the vanilla way. There is also the aesthetic part, so a video could be helpful.

For Peragus, changing from usual holo to camera log could work well in most opportunities, for example Coorta argument scene. This sounded pretty much like something which wasn't intentionally recorded, so as a camera log like one one of these we see in rest of the game. Not sure about the maintenance officer speaking about the voiceprints.

Puzzles? I didn't know they existed on Peragus, I always destroyed terminals. This could be fun! It will also make the second game harder and more interesting, as I always missed the obligatory brain task K1 has when I played TSL. I remember that I needed to use an internet guide to pass through light side kolto puzzle when I played K1 for the first time in my native language. Actually, if I don't use a guide, I spend two hours at doing this puzzle. Spending so much time on TSL in a language that is not my native has to be fun!

#53531 Yavin Station/Dune Sea, Leviathan/Taris Sewers - Same Music

Posted by superSzym on 07 February 2017 - 12:44 AM

Thanks Kexikus. This is a really important mod. A high-quality story like KotOR should have as diverse a soundtrack as possible. Reused tracks just don't cut it.

Then TSL needs 80% of its soundtrack to be replaced.
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#53509 [WIP] Recruit Dark Side Juhani

Posted by superSzym on 06 February 2017 - 09:39 PM

Bastila suggests you to leave Juhani on Dantooine, this could lead to an argue, when her and Juhani start fighting with weapons. In defense of Bastila you could kill Juhani or it would be Bastila who accidentally slays her. Belaya the Cryptolesbian comes with tears in the eyes. Sounds good.

Maybe also add another DS option: "Bastila, you're right. Dark Jedi are dangerous. But keeping one alive could result in danger for the Jedi Enclave. I must execute her". This will make Juhani (and Belaya) really sad.

For the two middle options that sound unconvincing, there could be:
  • Bastila, leaving Juhani on Dantooine could prove dangerous for fauna of the Grove. We must take her away from here.
  • I already trust her more than I trust you, Princess. That's because your endless delations could quickly sabotage our mission.
And yeah, having Belaya on your side could be a wonderful idea. Also, having the conversation on Dantooine would bring other nice opportunities, like Belaya running to Bastila with a lightsaber, Deesra shouting something like "What happened?", one of the party members could say "Just a little argument". You could also make Deesra matter more than just standing and speaking boring things. You could give an option to explain everything, call an argument an accident and make him not go to the Council to preserve the honor of the dead or saying that Juhani came to the Enclave to kill you if you decided to execute her himself, call it self-defense. He could then go to the Council and tell them the fate of Juhani and they will just sum it up that it is sad that she couldn't be saved. Belaya could show her hatred to you before or after that.
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#53502 [WIP] Recruit Dark Side Juhani

Posted by superSzym on 06 February 2017 - 09:06 PM

  • (Persuade/Lie) She needs redemption - and the Council doesn't have the strength to. They cannot bring her back to the light - but I can, and I have to.
  • (possibly Persuade) To defeat Malak, we need help from everyone who can provide it, no matter whether it's a Jedi, a Mandalorian or a Sith. That's why i brought her here, and you must accept that.
  • (Lie) You're right, Bastila. I will make her leave us as soon as we will have no more use of her.
  • I trust her more than I do trust you, Princess. (Add Canderous to the cutscene and make him show his approval :) )
  • It's none of your business - I bring who I want to.
  • You're right, Bastila. (kill Juhani)

This could happen on Dantooine Enclave landing pad when you leave Dantooine.

#53479 Videos from VP

Posted by superSzym on 06 February 2017 - 06:36 PM

Easter egg?

#53382 [REQUEST] A mod that adds in turbolaser bolts to the Davik fight

Posted by superSzym on 05 February 2017 - 01:01 AM

Modules are divided into separate smaller models that probably could be swapped on script. Like in the Enclave Courtyard in TSL, the Enclave changes to a Rebuilt one and it's still the same module.

#53312 [Request] Serious looking Republic troopers

Posted by superSzym on 03 February 2017 - 09:45 PM

I think this spike near the chicks should be shortened and adhere to the face a little more, this helmet also lack a mysterious hołd rectangle with round ending under the goggles and helmet joint, there's also a dent on the helmet near the ears and the goggles should end where the joint is, not go higher, also the part covering the tip of the head should start directly above the goggles joint, without that narrow red part. Also, for my personal tastes, the goggles could be narrower in terms of height. Those are just details though, otherwise a good concept indeed.

#53234 What is your favorite Star Wars Ship from all eras?

Posted by superSzym on 02 February 2017 - 07:37 PM

I like Hammerheads. I think none of us would need an image.

#53221 TSLRCM Animation and Immersion Modification

Posted by superSzym on 02 February 2017 - 02:47 PM

Hmmm... what I'd personally like for it to be split into some separate smaller mods:
  • one for dialogues, as I heard they add much more immersion to Peragus
  • one for default clothing always on the Ebon Hawk for party members, which I wouldn't be really interested at, as it makes armor feel like an unnecessary game mechanic which matters nothing when we're in safe, warm Ebon Hawk. Also, some mods like Force Fashion II add special robes for party members and it would be a shame for me not to see them on such an important place like the Ebon Hawk. Also, it's a shame that personalized, specially designed clothing for party members has to be swapped for six types of armors so quickly, but I'd rather go with a solution which Force Fashion II suggested - give party members default clothing with personalized stats and icon when they join your party, so you could make them use it at least until they become Jedi.
  • one for restricted mode on the Ebon Hawk, including headgear only (TSLRCM uses weapons in some cutscenes, but headgear is quite a good idea if it's reequipping properly and works for full party except Visas, which is very important for Visas Unmasked mod users).one for "tired state" of Kreia resetting only after travelling to a different planet or re-entering the Ebon Hawk (for some more skilled modders, it would be pretty funny if she was laying like she's dead in a bed on her quarters and when we try to speak to her, she could get up like on Peragus, say that she's tired and return to bed.
  • one for Bao-Dur using his "Shield Breaker" animation when he's breaking a Force Field - a little neat mod that I'd definitely use.
I found some other modifications and bug fixes in this mod, but they're mostly included in TSLRCM. Also, there's a body armor slot lock for Visas there, but although I understand that Visas looks awfully in these heavy armors, but Jedi robes look like default clothing on her and they give far better stats than default clothing, I don't know the reason to make Visas weaker or to stick default clothing to her. Visas Unmasked merged with Force Fashion II gives Visas a stronger default clothing, but also not only guves us a possibility to change this clothing, makes Jedi robes visible on Visas and not appearing as default clothing and gives us a possibility to remove Visas' veil from her, transforming it into disguise headgear.

#53138 DarthYcey's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Episode VI - Knights...

Posted by superSzym on 31 January 2017 - 02:58 PM

Kreia with single-handed fighting animations should have been made into a mod. Seeing Kreia without an invisible hand was incredible, man!

#52946 Mod Conflicts With TSLRCM

Posted by superSzym on 28 January 2017 - 08:00 AM

SLM has to be installed as soon as possible, as it overwrites full game modules. You should install it in order: TSLRCM - SLM - M4-78EP - SLM - M4-78EP Compatibility Patch, as author claims. I installed it in order TSLRCM - M4-78EP - SLM with a Compatibility Patch and it worked, too. Then you should install any other mods, including the Extended Enclave and Extended Ending. Yet, I should rather expect that it would be just that SLM reverts some changes from other mods (excluding TSLRCM and M4-78EP, their changes are included in SLM modules) rather than these fairly random issues. Yet all I can recommend you is to install SLM just after TSLRCM and M4-78EP.

#52872 Will Deadlystream ever go down?

Posted by superSzym on 27 January 2017 - 09:24 AM

As long as there's a possibility to host it, it won't be down, I guess. We could use some more popularity and a wider circle of games we host mods for, like more Jedi Knight and Battlefronts.

#52830 Worst Star Wars Conspiracy Theories

Posted by superSzym on 26 January 2017 - 08:14 PM

Those all teories suck. The only truth in the galaxy is that Kreia is a Yuuzhan Vong.

  • Kreia hates technology, just as Yuuzhan Vong do.
  • Kreia is extremely ugly, just as Yuuzhan Vong are.
  • Kreia could be possibly absent in the Force, so no one could feel her unless she decided to reveal herself, as the Exile thought that Kreia is dead, even though she whispered to the Exile through the Force during her bath in the kolor tank. Darth Sion was quite surprised when he found her on the Harbringer and for the second time on Malachor, and three Jedi Masters found out that Kreia is alive and in another room when she decided to go out of this another room and reveal herself.
  • Kreia could possibly worldshaped Malachor V and that's the reason of its unusual enviroment. We have no evidence that it was Mass Shadow Generator that destroyed the surface of the planet. In fact, it destroyed Malachor V when used for a second time, so possibly Bao-Dur was actually an awful mechanic and what he created only destroyed the fleet, and as a result of Vongforming it started working as intended, thus destroying the planet.
She could also be Snoke, with evidence that they both undeniably exist.

#52592 Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Posted by superSzym on 23 January 2017 - 06:54 PM

IT LACKS CREATIVITY much like The force awakens. Dont be surprised if 'The Last Jedi' probably rips off another big movie in Star Wars or maybe a game ;) this time

TFA was ripped because A New Hope shaped a generation and we already saw that The Phantom Menace wasn't a generation shaper and it was a completely new script. The Force Awakens was intended to fascinate a new generation with Star Wars, so they've gone the safe way, disappointing the true fans. Rogue One was a movie for true fans. Considering the fact that The Force Awakens wasn't really long ago, The Last Jedi is a film for those already attracted, it's quite unlikely that they'll go the safe way again, because they'll disappoint both new and old fans.

But the title disappointed me anyway.