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In Topic: Download:Tsl Inspired Crystals And Robes

Today, 06:53 AM

Have you been able to get crystals in rows 79-85? I experimented through row 90 because with both of djh269's mods there are a total of 21 unique crystals, and I could only add 14 in addition to the vanilla ones. In order to use the new crystals from both mods I had to cut out vanilla crystals

No, I just thought that if there are 25 vanilla crystals, 7 rows free, 25 "filter" rows and then 7 free rows again, there could be another 25 "filter" rows and seven free rows.

In Topic: Full Jedi Council

Yesterday, 10:35 AM

Great! I can't wait to see it!

In Topic: Force Fashion Updates and Mod Permissions

Yesterday, 06:37 AM

Great! I love Force Fashion II! Actually, yesterday I've been merging .dlgs to fix it.

The only things I don't really like are the placing of the items at the beginning of the game, but I edited it a bit.

In Topic: High Quality Blades (an actual Work in Progress...no, seriously)

25 April 2017 - 01:15 PM

Will there be an option to just replace the vanilla melee weapons except light sabers, so it would be compatible with SLM 2.0?

SLM does not modify vanilla saber hilts, it just adds new ones.

In Topic: Download:Tsl Inspired Crystals And Robes

24 April 2017 - 06:43 PM

Well, maybe it would be a good idea to replace these vanilla crystals (except for Krayt Dragon Pearl, it has also some sub-plot importance), which aren't in TSL?

I hope that it would work as well as intended though and it's only corpsecotillion being out of luck, because I'm a mod addict and my bundle is more than seriously heavy. As N-Drew25 called it, I have a most incompatible bundle out there. Really, there are more than a couple of bugs and it would take ages to fix (probably not even) every single bug listed out there. That doesn't matter for me, I love mods - the more, the better. I tried to play K1 with only a couple of mods and it was really boring. And innovative and unusual ones - like crystal mods, which are rarely to be seen, are always welcome.

EDIT: There are 14 upgrade rows to fill and 14 crystals, so how many crystals you have to take out is only a matter whether personalized upgradable crystal takes one row or 7. Well, maybe it would be possible to take another 25 rows as a filter and fill rows 79-85, thus making every of your crystal mods compatible?