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In Topic: Easy Turret Minigame?

13 February 2018 - 12:51 PM

Just so there is a permanent record to allow people to compile themselves if needs be, here is the source for the scripts required to remove the forced turret sequences:

Taris Escape

void main() {
	StartNewModule("ebo_m12aa", "K_TARIS_DESTROYED", "11b", "", "", "", "", "");
Leviathan Escape
void main() {
	StartNewModule("ebo_m40ad", "", "11b", "", "", "", "", "");
Unknown World
void main() {
	StartNewModule("STUNT_35", "", "07_2", "", "", "", "", "");
You can remove the random turret sequences that pop up when travelling between planets with Kitty Kitty's No Fighters mod.


Thanks a lot for the answer.  

I have just found another mod which makes the minigames easier.  





I chose this one because the Kitty Kitty's mod didn't work for me. 

In Topic: Easy Turret Minigame?

13 February 2018 - 10:46 AM

Hello all,


And Fairstrides in particular.


Sorry but it seems we can't download anymore the last file you provided to skip the turret minigame. 

Could you re-upload it?  Thanks