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06 December 2017 - 06:52 PM

Interesting. I will look into it. I am assuming that these are all 4K textures? DXT1 or 5 (and does this change the behavior)?


EDIT: Reproduced the issue, I think I've got it sorted. Next release will be fixed. Turns out that it is good to free malloc'ed heap memory copied into (and out of) emscripten compiled libraries (if only someone had told the dxt-js author :)).

In Topic: Mandalorian Beskad

06 December 2017 - 06:08 AM

I could probably do that, it was seeming a *bit* small to me, but I made it "exactly" 45cm as specified in the article. I found a screenshot of the SWTOR object you're talking about (I think), although I didn't find a shot of it with a human for scale. I was thinking I'd eventually add some clan-specific fancy versions, so maybe I'll do models closer to the SWTOR thing for those. I can see some other things I might adjust in the image also, so thanks for pointing it out. Not sure when I'll get around to an updated version, but when I do I'll make sure some of this stuff makes it in.

In Topic: Mandalorian Beskad

05 December 2017 - 04:46 AM

Here's my attempt (in case anyone reaches here by searching). Enjoy.


K1: http://deadlystream....alorian-blades/

TSL: http://deadlystream....alorian-blades/

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01 November 2017 - 12:37 AM

@Lucy, thanks for posting the screenshots. That second shot shows exactly what you get with an unpatched EXE. This is useful info for anyone else experiencing any problems. Either the patch is not happening when you run the hires_patcher.bat and put in your information (this would be indicated in the patcher's output text), or you're not running the patched EXE that it is producing.


Another way to tell if the patcher worked is if it produces a swkotor.bak.exe backup of your executable. If there's no backup, it didn't make any changes and was not successful.


I found scaling up beyond a certain point (I think maybe it was a width of 1024?) caused the game to crash. But even going to the maximum stable size (768x96 seems fine), repainting the alpha channel, and trying various TXI semantics like clamp and downsamplemax I still get the line.

And for those wanting to play along at home, lbl_c_topm is the texture in question for the party screen. I'm not sure what the character creation screen texture/s is/are.


That is interesting. All I did when I was testing is extract the TPCs, convert to TGA, scale up by 4x, and place in Override/.


I just did some math and my resolution does happen to be 4x the default (in the horizontal direction). Not sure if that's a factor--it wasn't intentional. It is interesting though because my lbl_c_topm texture is 1024 in width, so maybe it gets cranky about down-scaling? That would be unfortunate. That particular GUI element for lbl_c_topm is 259 width base (texture is 256 width base), your res of 1920 is 3x, so the element itself is 777px at your res (1036px at mine). I would expect your 768 version to work flawlessly though...


Here's what I'm looking at:


Attached File  no-lines.jpg   111.97KB   1 downloads


Attached File  no-lines2.jpg   103.35KB   2 downloads


The other textures in play there are lbl_cg_mcgtopl, lbl_cg_mcgtopm, and lbl_cg_mcgtopr.

In Topic: Download:KotOR High Resolution Menus

31 October 2017 - 01:29 AM

@Lucy, it is likely that the patch did not apply properly, or that you're not running the EXE you think you are. The way you describe your issue is consistent with what happens without the patch. Screenshots would help me tell for sure.


And yeah, the package screenshots are horrible by design. I downsized them by 50% and JPEG'ed the heck out of them. This way when you run it on your own machine you're extra happy.