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Download:Enslave Zaalbar

20 February 2017 - 06:00 AM

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File Name: Enslave Zaalbar

File Submitter: jc2

File Submitted: 20 Feb 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes


JC2 Presents:


Spoilers ahead!


After you command Zaalbar to kill mission using the Force to manipulate him, he betrays you on the Star Forge.
This mod gives you the choose of killing him or enslaving him to your Dark will. He just doesn’t know how far he’s fallen. Afterall, Darth Sidious’s greatest strength was deception/manipulatoin
If you kill Mission and fail to Force Persuade Zaalbar to do it, then my mod will not present this option. Keep in mind, my mod allows you to enslave Zaalbar on the Star Forge, not on the Unknown World.
For clarity, if you have “Save Mission” installed and choose to kill Mission, and you have this mod installed, then you can keep Zaalbar (Mission will still die).
Keep in mind you have to have force persuasion to convince Zaalbar to kill Mission. If he does not kill mission, this mod will not work as it will have nothing to do.
If do not have “Save Mission” installed, then do not worry.


CREDITS: (Credits my brother, CREDITS!)
Thanks Fred Tetra for the Kotor tool!
Thanks FS for the DLG editor
FS/Kexikus for the script help
Thanks Deadlystream for hosting my mod
Thank you for downloading it!
Thanks Zeitresu for being the first to try this out!
Thank you Canderis for your words of wisdom, I woke up to the thought of "You don't want to upload a broken mod, trust me!"


How to install: Unzip, then copy and paste files into Override file.
Uninstall by removing the files.


UPDATE 1.5 Notes
Please re-install the mod.
The 1.00 version works, however, it may break immersion as I assumed the PC had done a darkside playthrough for Kashyyyk. Now the dialogue choices will reflect your actions on Kashyyyk.


Please give me feedback
Postive/Negative is welcomed and encouraged!


Click here to download this file

Saved Game Wanted!

18 February 2017 - 07:58 PM

Does anyone happen to have a save game that includes the following information:


PC just finished 3rd planet, and moving on to the fourth planet.

Has not gone to the planet of Manaan, even the landing zone on the planet surface! 

I need Manaan to be the fourth planet.


I'm working on Shanilia Grey Jedi Merchant Mod, and I'm testing out my dlg file. Inside the dlg file are different scripts to check for "availability of node," I want to find out which ones work.


Before you ask, I have checked the files in SavedGames forums. It's the third planet for djh269, which has been very helpful, but I require it to be the fourth. 



How Can I add/use Appearance.2da?

16 February 2017 - 05:07 AM

Could someone help me out? I'm attempting to add another line in the appearance.2da file. I'll attach it as a zip file so you can see what I've attempted. 

I've spent the last 5 hours reading tutorials and threads on deadlystream and Holowan labs (using the internet archive).

However, I cannot be sure I've successfully added a new line to the appearance.2da. I believe I have though.


I want to use the newly added 2da line to change the look of a custom uti file allowing a PC or party member to wear the new uti with the new appearance.


The issue arises is that, I am adding N_Mandalorian09 and my attempts to edit the XML file to a disguise have failed.. My changes to the appearance.2da do not show up. Therefore, I cannot make a uti recognize the disguise N_Mandalorian09. (I have learned how to test out the N_Mandalorian09 by giving it to a UTC, and I found out it does not work.) 

I've tried exporting the XML file editing it manually to show the disguise as N_Manadalorian09 instead of the default N_Mandalorian01, and then loading it back. This did not work. 




N_Mandalorian09 is the Appearance.2da line.

Also, I have a N_Mandalorian09.tga test image. 

The goal is to add more wearable Mandalorian armor to k1. 


I've downloaded ShemL's mod and tried to learn what I could from there. > http://deadlystream....-ultimate-mod/ 


I'm completely stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


I have read the following: http://deadlystream....on-of-2da-files



Download:Save Mission

03 February 2017 - 06:49 AM

Posted Image


File Name: Save Mission

File Submitter: jc2

File Submitted: 02 Feb 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes


By request from a steam user under the current name of Death a Barbar, I have edited the DLG file to allow a Darkside PC to keep Mission as a companion. Or rather, not cruelly kill her merely because you are a Dark Sider.


There are two options > Leave Mission on the Unknown Planet




Convince Mission to stay with your crew and serve you.


However, this mod doesn't remove the option to kill Mission, that is stilll present in the game if you choose the third dialogue.
For clarity, saving Mission begins with "You're all alone.. " (This should be the first option)


Leaving Mission behind on the Planet begins with "Go on Mission - Get out of here ... " (second option)


Two additional dialogue options have been added that appeal more to the themes of kotor and to the Sith (as suggested by SH).
They are the last two options of the six total options and result in keeping Mission.


Most lines are voiced by Mission so there's an element of realism to the mod.
This is K1R compatible.


Installation: Unzip file, place into override,
Uninstall: Delete from override.


There should be no incompatiblity issues since it is only a single file.
Hope you enjoy!


As always feel free to leave Negative/Postive feedback! This includes sending me a better screenshot, since my computer can't handle graphics of any kind, ever...


P.S. I apologize for the influx of updates, I didn't release it polished and that was a mistake on my end.
The current problem with the mod, is that if you talk to Mission again after this conversation, she will result to conversations opened up only after you crash on the Lehon (unknown planet) and will not seem to recognize your recent actions as SIth Lord and whatever option you chose. This presents a bit of issue with a lack of immersion, to avoid this. Don't talk to Mission again! This is what may be updated later.


Re-download to latest version, is not required at all, but it is encouraged.


Contact me for bugs, issues, or feeback by PM or writing a review here.


FYI: Red Mission is a seperate mod by another modder.


Thanks Deadlystream for hosting my mod.
Thanks SH and Death'a'Barbar for suggestions
Thanks FS for the DLG editor tool
Thank you ! For downloading the mod.


Click here to download this file

Grey Jedi Merchant Mod

23 January 2017 - 04:51 PM

Hey Deadlystream!

I'm working on a merchant replacement for yortal Ixis on Manaan. He's the Ithorian right outside the Sith base who gets mocked by the Sith about his shop being "trash." Anyways, I always thought he was worthless, never having any good items, just some lame droid ones, and after playing TSL I got really tired of hearing Ithorians speak. I am replacing him with Shanilia.


Three things I want to achieve:


Overwrite Yortal to Shanilia (A Grey Jedi Merchant) 


Add excessive new dialogue to Shanilia, which will become available based on plot advances in kotor,

(i.e. Selkath Youth Corr Quest, Sith Embassy infiltration, Swoop racing champion, Revan Revelation, darkside/lightside completion of Manaan, Korriban, and mabye Kashyyyk.) 


Add a few custom items to Shanilia's Shop including a Dxun Robe, a Mandalorian sword, Bothan Baton, and the robes from my previous mod. 


Some facts about Shanilia:

Follows the Grey Jedi Code

Was a Revanchist

Trades on Manaan

Knew Jolee Bindo

Trained on the Jedi Temple on Dorin (as shown to have a Jedi Temple by the Mandalorian Wars chart)

Twi'lek, speaks Ryl





Currently, I have myself and another writer working on the dialogue/backstory of Shanilia with a rough draft consisting of 5,000 words. 




Issues: Haven't gotten the Mando'a blade, and Bothan Baton to accept reskin changes, they look vanilla with only the stats changed.

Have not tested out a few scripts to be sure they do what I think they do. 

Have not tested out all of the female Ryl voice overs, so I am still working on what sound file has what emotion attached to it.


Anyways, I thought a WIP would keep me motivated to finish the mod.  

As always, feedback, regardless of its nature, is welcome!