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Download:Kill Marlena

24 March 2017 - 04:32 PM

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File Name: Kill Marlena

File Submitter: jc2

File Submitted: 24 Mar 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes


On Tatooine, Marlena decides it is O.K. to murder her husband.
While the PC is either oblivious to this, or acknowledges it, yet still does nothing about it.


This is wrong. Being ignorant or merely not understanding a psychotic woman is understandable, but for those who chose the dialogue option "it sounds like you are going to kill him!"
Then, it becomes apparently obvious that a mod is needed to fix this lame interaction into a character developing moment.


You can either bring justice to the outer rim by killing her, as a Jedi.


Or you can cut her down, because she assumed you to be a low life thug. Or even, simply because she reminds you of your ex-girlfriend who broke your heart and you need compensation from a video game to express the full extent of your "feelings." You poor thing.


Nevertheless, there are 5 total dialogue options that result in her death.
2 options that result in explicitly showing mercy and letting her go.


Therefore, if you are not sure if you'll go darkside or lightside, you will still benefit from downloading this mod!


Also, you can inform Tanis (her husband) of his wife's condition. Either alive, dead, or gone, etc...


See readme for full disclosure on the mod, including how to get the most out of it.


I hope you enjoy!
Please give any feedback, even negative! I need it to improve.


Credits: Fred Tetra for KT.
Deadlystream.com for hosting this mod.
Request made by ToddHellid.


Click here to download this file

What do you like about the K1 Mandalorians?

14 March 2017 - 10:32 PM

I've always adored the Neo-Crusader's Mandalorian armor. But from DeadMan's mod, I know some people didn't quite like them.



Was it the colors? Was it the lack of Mando'a emblems? Was it the lack of variety in armor pieces, as several "legends" star wars books wrote of? Were the helmets lame? 




14 March 2017 - 02:02 AM

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File Name: Shanilia

File Submitter: jc2

File Submitted: 13 Mar 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes


SHANILIA - THE Grey Jedi Merchant


Includes TSLPATCHER installer!


The mod includes new items, a new character, new dialogues options on Manaan including arrest and trial.
Shanilia is designed to be immersive and keep pace with the canon of that you create in kotor!
She reacts to your decisions, she reacts to your alignment, she reacts to your gender.
Shanilia isn’t a flat character with one emotion! She was written by two different writers to keep the flavor of realism!


Content includes: New Robes, datapads with background information on Shanilia and the self-proclaimed Mandalore you kill in k1, a Jedi Holocron, and a few weapons!
K1R compatible!


INSTALL: Unzip, and run tslpatcher.
Manual install, see readme.


Please See Readme for information on how to get the most out of Shanilia!


Short Credits list: FairStrides, Bead-v, nato, RealRece, Bioware!


Click here to download this file

How to use Alien Voice Overs in kotor 1

06 March 2017 - 03:41 AM

How to use Alien Voice Overs in kotor 1

If you are familiar with the DLG EDITOR skip to STEP 4, otherwise continue reading.


Step 1: download kotor tool > http://deadlystream....280-kotor-tool/

Step 2: Download dlg editor > http://deadlystream....750-dlg-editor/

Step 3: Watch and read other tutorials about dlg (short for dialogue editing) > http://deadlystream....dialog-editing/

And https://web.archive....ad.php?t=180845

Don’t worry about trying to understand everything written on the Lucasforums. You only want to know the basics, until you need to learn more.


Let me briefly explain the three things you need to know before implementing Alien Vos.

First: extract the dialogue file using the kotor tool. You will find this file (presumably you have already chosen it) in the RIMS > Modules > then the specific modules, for example manm26ab_s.rim.


Do not attempt to edit the dlg file with the kotor tool, it is bugged.

Do not attempt to edit anything or even open it in the kotor tool for dlg files only. If you extract the file after opening it with the kotor tool dlg editor it will be bugged.


Second: Understanding basic add reply and entry: Reply is the PC dialogue option, entry is the NPC dialogue option. When left untouched after being created it will read (continue), if left this way, the dialogue will be skipped allowing you to put together two or more NPC or PC replies.


Third: How to access the 2da files. Open kotor tool > BIFs > 2da.bif >  2d Array > AlienSounds. Double click aliensounds and it will show you a master list of Alien Vos.


STEP 4: Discern what alien VOs you want to use, i.e. don’t make a Wookiee speak Ithorian.

Take your hands off the keyboard and think. Where did you hear the Alien VO used in the game?

Which modules (maps or locations in the game) did you hear it?


I’ll use my example, I wanted to get every female Twilek VO (28 total) but I had to find each module that had these lines in them. Because, not every module has every VO listed in it. I ended up going to four different modules > Tar_m02aa/ Tar_m03ae/ Tar_10ac /tar_m11aa.


Determining which modules have you VOs is painful, ask around, or go look into the dlg files of each module you think might have that VO. This is what I did. Yeah, I mean the painful choice, thanks for asking…



These modules I listed previously all have a .lips folder that accompanies them. This is what you want to toy with. Once you have the modules names, do not extract these modules! Just write down the list.

Instead go to where your kotor is installed, click on a folder called “lips” and take out each of the files named after the modules on your list. Mine were  > Tar_m02aa/ Tar_m03ae/ Tar_10ac /tar_m11aa.



Step 6: Now copy and paste these files into your MODULES folder found next to the LIPS folder somewhere. Exit out of kotor tool, and restart it. It has to reload itself, it does not refresh automatically.


Step 7: ERFS > Modules>  there should be your module (example Tar_m02aa.lips) with a .lips attached to it. Double click on that> click on “N” then extract whatever VO you want. Some modules may not have any of that alien’s VOs.


Step 8: Rinse and repeat step 7 until you have all of your VOs you want or all of them in general. Double check how many total VOs for that alien exist by going back to your 2da AlienSound file.


Step 9: Create a folder to extract and keep track of the alien VO’s.

Step 10: Understand basic shortcuts listed by the AlienSounds such as angs, seds, hpys. The first three letters dictate the emotion, the fourth dictates the length. Ang=angry, Sed=Seductive, Hpy=happy, they are easy, ask around if you don’t understand one. A hard one might be comm1 =common medium 1, there are two of them.   Some have numbers, just means some variation.

Back to the length S=Short, M=Medium, L=large.


Step 11: Open the dlg file you wish to edit, put alien VO into the SOUND, not the VO_ResRef.

It will only work if you check “Sound EXISTS”


Now you will hear the VO when you talk to the NPC, but wait. The lips don’t move?


Step 12: You’ve collected all of the VOs that you want from the lips in step 9, copy and paste those into the override folder. Now when you speak to the NPC their lips will move.


Capitalization is not important you can write N_GFTWILEK_ANGS or n_gftwilek_angs.


HACKS FOR NOOBS: simply do step 11 and ignore the lips never moving, be content with your poor work, and be hated by everyone.


Hope this tutorial helps you understand everything you will need to know for adding alien VOs. 


Credits: Bead-v, RealRece, and SithSpectre basically taught me all of the above. I merely transcribed their teaching onto a tutorial.

Download:Juhani's Makeover

24 February 2017 - 05:28 PM



File Name: Juhani's Makeover

File Submitter: jc2

File Submitted: 17 Feb 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes




Content of Mod: Gives Juhani a Makeover.
Adds a new robe > Juhani’s Meditation Robe
Changes the head appearance of Juhani
Changes the portrait of Juhani to match new head
Juhani’s Meditation Robe has custom appearance


See Screenshots!


Stats of robe +3 Wisdom
+5 Defense (total of 5 defense)
+2 Force Point Regeneration
And of course classical maximum +8 Dexterity


Get Juhani's robe in game by speaking to Belaya after redeeming Juhani.


Reason for making this mod:
I’ve always enjoyed Juhani (first of my three siblings to not slaughter her without a second thought and redeem her, over a decade ago).
So I created this mod to soothe a personal desire for a better Juhani.
Though, I’m hyped for the Dark Side Juhani Mod coming out by Kexikus! JC2 PRESENTS


Click here to download this file