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In Topic: Cheating in Pazaak

Yesterday, 07:57 PM

I want to create a mod to always win in pazaak, but I need some directions first. Can someone tell me what scripts control this mini game?



Here are two k1 scripts. (not tested might fail fyi)


void main()
object oA = GetFirstPC();
GiveGoldToCreature(oA, INSERT NUMBER OF GOLD);
/// compile this script, then save it as JC2_plusgold, now add this to the dlg 
///  in the script fires section after a win or loss.
/// alternatively you could make the enemies deck very easy, and remove the wager
/// then add the give gold script.
/// there is no way (As far as, I know to force the game to let you win)
void main(){
PlayPazaak(10,"JC2_plusgold", 0);
/// if you go this route, make sure you compile the two scripts seperately,
/// and place them in the override folder
/// also place them in the dlg files, prior the pazaak match starting, 
/// you will have to delete the original play pazzak script from that dlg file

In Topic: Handmaiden: Conversation with teaching her the Lightsaber Forms

Yesterday, 05:56 PM

This... has been harder/longer than I thought it would be.  It turns out that I am still an amateur scripter.

Is anyone willing to test this mod out?  I should have a testable version finished soon.   

In Topic: Handmaiden: Conversation with teaching her the Lightsaber Forms

15 December 2017 - 07:37 AM

Did you have to do the same for your Genoharaden mod?


If you get permission, what does this entail? A bit of scripting and adding in spliced dialogue?

Yes, small amount of dlg editing (this would be incompatible with Party Swap unless I got his permission to modify his files), a little scripting, and adding the spliced line. So a very easy/small mod. 


15 December 2017 - 04:48 AM

Could I ask a favor for anyone commenting on this thread to quote the Non-spolier heading posted by zybl2; therefore, any person visiting the site would not accidentally run into spoilers merely by going to the homepage of Deadlystream, where the feed is updated by each new thread post.



In Topic: Handmaiden: Conversation with teaching her the Lightsaber Forms

14 December 2017 - 06:04 PM

You are correct about having to mod the TSLRCM edited Handmaiden dialogue, though you do not need permission for this. You are making your mod compatible with the most essential TSL mod to date which is completely allowed.

Until I have confirmation from a moderator or one of the TSLRCM authors, I will refrain from action.


I'd like to quote the Rules of Deadlystream.com under the Common Sense Clause, "Don't be stupid. Use common sense."