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In Topic: The Times They Are a-Changin'

16 May 2018 - 03:01 PM

I am very appreciative of the upcoming heightened transparency on banning!

I particularly look forward to the forum renovation, modders accounts, downloading changes, and the community engagement updates. 


Overall, it's nice to see Deadlystream updated. 

In Topic: Writing a script to spawn multiple NPCS

16 May 2018 - 02:51 PM

I'm not the best suited to answer your question, but since it hasn't been directly addressed, I thought I would give what advice I have. 


Yes, I would make a copy of the module and edit it from there, depending upon how much you wanted to change that scene. If you wanted to trigger different scripts and have the scene play out with different movements at different times with newly added extra NPCs, then I would make a copy, but if you are just changing/adding a few units and keeping the overrall scene in tact, then it wouldn't be beneficial to create a copy. 


Either way, I would extract the all of the 506OND_s.rim files and all of the 506OND.rim. 


You can go into the 506.GIT file and use the KGFF editor to change the CREATURES list within the module.

You can open the appearance.2da file within kotor tool, then change appearance number within the Creatues list to match that new appearance. Knowing the 2da appearance numbers for the NPCs is very helpful!


Now you've reskinned old NPCs, then you can use the extracted .UTC files from the _s.rim folder to change the weapons they have equipped. 


Remember you have to use the Kotor TOol ERF function to put all of the edited files and whatever unedited files you need/want back inside, then output that as a .MOD file and throw it in the Modules Folder of K2, and warp to that location to test. 




You can also add creatures to the CREATURES list of the GIT file, to add those extra NPCs.


Here's what I do to find those coordinates in game. I take screenshots. 

I'll go to that area, use the whereami armband (you can find that in the downloads section), then take a screenshot of those coordinates. This trick can be helpful for scripting units into place as well. Additionally, you could just write it out by hand.

In Topic: Ajunta Pall WIP

04 May 2018 - 03:42 AM

I like the ghost eyes!

In Topic: Just Talk

30 April 2018 - 05:12 PM

Yeah, there are a few mods that diversify the NPC reuse.

TSL NPC overhaul comes to mind. 

Nexusmods has a k1 NPC HQ texture mod by Curtis1989.


There's a few mods that help handle this problem, but personally, this never bothered me. I found it humorous when I first encountered it and quickly came to feel nostalgic about it. 

In Topic: Mandalorian Lehon Expansion

26 April 2018 - 04:12 AM




About time I updated everyone on the condition of this mod: 


Still working on acquiring and keeping voice actors, it's been diffcult of late, with real life commitments causing more people than I can count to have to drop out of their VO roles. 

To them, I wish them nothing but the best!


Yes: Work is still being done on this mod. 


There are still bugs I need to fix. 

To quickly list them here: The main quest has pesky dlg loop that can allow the PC to change an established decision, I've patched this dlg loop about 4 times and it continues to change in form. 


A battle scene is repeatable. 


Grammatical errors here and there, typos and such. 


Camera angle in Juhani added scene and voice over is incorrect.


Finish an encounter with a Rakatan prisoner by adding VO, some scripts, and finalizing the dialogue itself. 


And fix other bugs that arise after further testing has been done. I'm fairly certain there are other bugs out there, I just haven't run into, and there's always feedback from testers that result in various tweaks.


Update tslpatcher to accomodate new files.



Overall, Lehon Mandalorian Expansion is steadily approaching release, though the time of release is still unknown.


I know its been about a year since I published this WIP, with the ignorant premise that I was close to finishing, but I'm here to say that I have not given up, nor will I.

My hope is that one day, LME will be available for people to experience and enjoy!



Thanks for reading!