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Today, 03:25 AM

70% done with Shanilia. 


I know I've bounced around between replacing Yortal to replacing Tyvark. Therefore, to clarify Shanilia will replace Yortal the Ithorian* 

I apologize for how unclear that has become, I was tinkering with things I didn't understand and ended up realizing I was going about it wrong.


Things to do:


- Get lips,sounds, and animations to work for Shanilia, dialogue tree nearly finished.


- Write/organize boolean scripts,


- Write a few more scripts for the ending, increase ending options,


- Insert custom dialogue into the Manaan Shanilia cutscene including making custom lip movements.


- Script Shanilia into the Cantina, and script her disappearance from Cantina,


- Finally, learn how to use the TSLPATCHER.


After I've done all those things, Shanilia will finally be finished! 

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Yesterday, 07:24 PM

Thank you FS,

Thank you Kexikus,


I woke up realizing I should have used the assigncommand function. Yes, thank you for clearing that up about the .utd; i knew it didn't work for .uti files, but I hadn't tried doors.

My script works! This is great!

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Yesterday, 06:57 PM

It looks awesome, I kinda get a mortal kombat vibe from it ^^                   *FINISH HIM*

In Topic: Fair Strides' Script Shack

Yesterday, 09:30 AM

Local buffoon here! How do you open a door?


So i'm trying to open a door on Manaan that closes itself. I don't know why it does this. It will open, then close. Not instantly but when you reload the module.


I wrote a script that would fire after a dialogue happened, which would open the door while you were in the module. It isn't working though. The door stays shut. I attempted to use the ActionOpenDoor function. 

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Yesterday, 09:09 AM

Thanks SH!