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jc2's Journal > From Now On....

Posted 14 March 2018

Every mod I've created has had one bug or flaw. From its design and finding out how to make things work, all the way to the finished product.  It seems that I will always update my mods at least 2 times before I'm satisfied and haven't cause some1's game to crash. ========> On that note, thank you for downloading my mods and experiencing thi...

jc2's Journal > April Fools Modding

Posted 08 January 2018

It's a new year.... And April Fools is coming around, so why not start working on an April Fools mod? Here goes: A Republic scout walks up to the bartender on Taris after escaping the Sith, and orders a juma juice (that should be a mod, get drunk at the pub, drink the galaxy away!). He turns to the nearest NPC and clicks away, only to...

jc2's Journal > Flawed K1 Atton Rand Mod Idea

Posted 28 September 2017

What if Atton Rand appeared in K1 as a Sith Special Forces operative? What if Revan, ran into one of the deathsquads he was apart of.
Were the Jedi responding to their disappearances or was it believed to be merely casualties of war without anyone noticing a pattern? The idea has already begun to form, can I add a sidequest that allows Revan to inves...

jc2's Journal > Meet the Clan Leader!

Posted 09 May 2017

Journal Entry 51
Burk'yc Prudii
Two years and five months after Mandalore the Ultimate's demise at the hands of Revan. This planet has become almost nostalgic. It reminds me of Dxun before the War, back when we trained Mando's in swamps, caves, and rivers.
On Dxun some beasts were intelligent, others brainless. Here looks like a Republic recruiting h...

jc2's Journal > Future Plans for Shanilia?

Posted 14 March 2017

List any bugs here, if you want. Give any feedback here, if you want. Insert any random comments here, if you want. You get where this is going..... So let's switch over to something new.
Shanilia updates may happen after I patch whatever bugs arise. I didn't want to rush production and release more content to Shanila, without first ma...