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jc2's Journal > Sidetracked from Shanilia.. again!

Posted 23 February 2017

So i'm partially sidetracked...
But really this is just an additional peice of the Shanilia mod. I will start filming tomorrow, I'm going to see what I can mod in regards to a cutscene.  I have a custom soundtrack, I'm going to take some very unique screenshots, and i'll be inserting classical concept art from kotor. If it all goes well, I...

jc2's Journal > Save Mission/Enslave Zaalbar Mod

Posted 20 February 2017

 I'm so hyped about modding!
I've been learning, and smashing my head against the keyboard for three days straight. Hardly even eating... wow...
Stayed up to five a.m. two of those days... Anyways, just wanted to let the community know how thankful I am.  Deadlystream is an amazing place, most people are kind/helpful. The rest I haven't s...

jc2's Journal > #MakePeragusGreatAgain

Posted 20 October 2016

Make Peragus Fun Again!
That sounds a little less like it's crossing the line to politics.. but I bet the other line caught your eye ;) I'm a hardcore enthusiast, so this will increase the difficulty of the Peragus (but that can be reduced by in-game difficulty setting) to a new and fun experience.
But for those of us like myself, who live to challen...

jc2's Journal > Not Another Ad....

Posted 30 September 2016

REVANATOR'S Improved Korriban Tomb Loot Mod Ever wonder why the Sith on Korriban were spoken of as near mythical in their prowess of combat and control over the dark side of the force? Well now you will know. No. . Now you will experience some of their Hate. Some of their Power!
And the force shall set you free.
Also each item has lost it's dark...

jc2's Journal > Most Popular Screenshots On Deadlystream, #ColorConfusion

Posted 02 September 2016

Exiles and Revans!
I present you - THE TOP 25 Screenshots/photos of Deadlystream.com (only 1 photo per person, so that one person doesn't dominate and so that more of the community can be seen)  The first one! With over 4,000 views, Look to the left of me, is well. Um basic space gear.
Useful when you need it. Shiny when you wash it. Moving...