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Question/Advice about Skill Modding (and other stuff)

16 July 2017 - 04:22 PM

Hey everybody - I have an interest in modding KOTOR to more closely resemble the tabletop RPG upon which it is based (Star Wars SAGA Edition specifically). I've only just begun modding and am teaching myself.

Some things have come more easily - I know how to change class skills, I know how to change Saving Throw progression, Feat and Force Power progression. I know how to change recommended Attributes. I've also edited the stats of all the weapons to mirror the tabletop game, making blasters far more viable, which is actually a feature I think others would be interested in. (I know this is done with the excellent Super Enhanced Mod, but the way I do it is not as crazy powerful, and it just changes the weapons that aren't in line with SAGA Edition).


There's a few things on my agenda that are kind of bigger, and I'm not asking someone to unrealistically teach me everything. I just want to know, basically, what kind of work I would have to put in to make it happen. Some of it I think is a lot.

1) Starting Attribute Points. I want to change this from 30 to 25. The only work around I've been able to do so far is change the recommended Attributes to values that represent 25 points spent (this is done using the standard array from the tabletop game of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10 and 8). I discovered when I did this, the player can hit the Recommended button and then (if they wish) subtract all the points spent to get it back to a value of 8, and then there are only 25 points available to spend, rather than 30. But I'd like to have 25 points available from the start.

2) Different Skill set-up. In the tabletop game, there are many more skills. I'm not going to try to replicate them. However, also in the tabletop game, Security, Demolitions and Repair are all represented by 1 skill: Mechanics. I was able to go with Kotor Tool and search for all instances of SKILL_REPAIR, SKILL_DEMOLITIONS, and SKILL_SECURITY and replace them with SKILL_MECHANICS. I also put "SKILL_MECHANICS"  into the nwscript.nss file, edited the skills.2da file and changed the maximum number of Skills to 6 (Use Computer, Mechanics, Stealth, Awareness, Persuade and Treat Injury). But of course, I don't really fully grasp how to edit the actual menus so the only effect this had was preventing me from completing the tutorial, because the first Security Door was not openable by my character or Trask, who lacked the Security skill.

3) Is it possible to allow choice of Class to determine Attribute bonuses? This isn't really in line with the tabletop game, I'm just curious. In the game only Species gives you different attributes, and Humans just have an extra Feat and an extra Skill at 1st level.

4) I want each class to have different amounts of starting Credits. I'm GUESSING the easiest way to do this is to put the starting credits in the container in the very beginning of the game. I think that even makes the most sense. But again I can't really figure out how to edit specific modules. Maybe I don't have the right tools at my disposal.

5) In line with #2, I want to edit the Skill Feats. I want "Caution" to affect Stealth and Awareness, "Empathy" to affect Persuade and Treat Injury only, and "Gear Head" to affect Use Computer and Mechanics. ALTERNATIVELY, I'd like to use a system more in line with the tabletop game, where you choose a specific Skill Focus. I.e., Skill Focus: Use Computer is a Feat. I noticed, poking around in Kotor Tool, that on some level these Feats actually exist within the design, but were not used. Can they be implemented?

6) Change starting HP. KOTOR kept very true to the tabletop game with the characters HIT Dice, with how much they gain each level. But in the tabletop game, at Level 1 they actually start with more Hit Points. The Scoundrel gets 18 + con, Scout gets 24 + con, and the Soldier and Jedi get 30 + con. 

7) More Attribute improvements. In the tabletop game, every 4th level you get to improve 2 Attributes by 1 point each. In the video game adaptation, of course, you only improve 1 Attribute. Maybe this was because they gave the player more points at 1st level.


These next two are pie-in-the-sky crazy ...

8)A new starting class. In the tabletop game, there was a non-Jedi class that was left out of KOTOR: there was Scout, Soundrel, and Soldier and Noble. I realize this would require a lot of extra work, including new dialogue.

9)Just one Jedi class. In the tabletop game, there is one Class called "Jedi". There's a system in the game called Talents that makes each class really unique. KOTOR did not adapt this. But there are three different talent trees, each called "Consular", "Sentinel" and "Guardian". This is where Bioware got the idea for 3 Jedi classes. And instead of Talent trees, they took all the classes and made them develop Feats, Skills, and Powers at different rates. I'm NOT going to try to implement a Talent system (although maybe that's possible with the Force Power system). Instead, I just want to make the Jedi options into 1 class. Again, dialogue changes, interface editing, I feel like this is very advanced.

Thank you for reading and in advance for any thoughts/advice you might offer. I just need to know what kind of work is ahead of me, maybe which ones are the easiest to accomplish so I know where to start.

Critical Hit Floating Numbers

01 May 2017 - 05:57 PM

Hello everyone! Long time KOTOR/KOTOR II player here.


I don't know if anyone else cares about this, but is there a way to actually see when you have scored a Critical Hit when it happens, without going back and looking at the feedback menu? I'm especially interested in a KOTOR 1 version of this.

​Has anyone ever made a mod that does this (makes Crits visible)? I've done searches but haven't turned up anything so far.

​I realize you could mathematically figure it out ("I just did X damage and my weapon only has a max of Y"), but it would be nice if the game distinguished these moments with larger numbers or different colored numbers and I would think this wouldn't be too much extra work.