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Full Workaround for "DisableVertexBufferOptions" in TSL Steam Update

27 December 2016 - 06:20 AM

This issue has been plaguing me for quite some time, but until just now I never thought to ask about it here. I hope some of you knowledgeable folks may be able to help me.


For those unaware, in the Aspyr update to KOTOR 2, vanilla's "Disable Vertex Buffer Options=1" line in the .ini file was switched to "DisableVertexBufferOptions=1". For many users this doesn't cause any issues, but for some (myself included) it causes major problems with how some textures are displayed, most notably lightsabers; the entire texture is invisible from most angles, so the player is left staring at a bare model. This also happens in some other isolated situations, but lightsabers are the biggie.


What's worse, while it is possible to fix this rendering issue by reverting the DVBO option to include spaces as in the vanilla version, that change causes semi-random crashes in certain modules. You can fix this, of course, by reverting it back to the Aspyr-update no-space DBVO setting, but at the cost of having to stare at bare tin cans for the duration of that module, then reverting the change again and tiptoeing around, hoping you don't get another crash in the next module.


I've been searching for ways to permanently fix (or bypass; the semantics of it matter little to me) this issue without facing crashes or being forced to constantly change settings in the .ini. Unfortunately, the only thing I can personally think of which can absolutely fix the problem is reverting the game to Legacy, but for users who experience the fullscreen bug in the Legacy version, that opens up an entire new can of worms. It would necessitate upscaling the game and the movies to fix, the latter of which is horribly time-consuming and the latter of which is more difficult for KOTOR 2 now, as many widescreen HUD mods are no longer supported thanks to the Apeiron update.


So, basically, I'm looking for a way to handle this issue without needing to tell my users to revert to Legacy, which at this point isn't even a fully tenable suggestion. Failing that solution, if I recall correctly there's only one properly-made HUD fix for KOTOR 2, for 1920x1080. If I were to use the Legacy solution, I would need widescreen support for at least the resolutions listed on the WSG forums for the original KOTOR, which as you can imagine is a further issue. So... please somebody know how to permanently get around this.