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Mask Hook problem and possible MDLedit bug

Today, 07:17 AM

What I've been trying to do is add a mask hook to Davik's head for K1 to see if I can add masks to NPC's who can't wear masks, so far I've encountered a problem. I think I've added the correct mask hook text to the right location in "n_davikh.mdl.ascii" and when I saved it, it turned into "n_davikh.mdl.ascii.txt" to which I renamed back to "n_davikh.mdl.ascii" (I doubt this is a problem but just putting this detail out there to be sure). I then tried to open "n_davikh.mdl.ascii" again but a pop-up appeared telling me that "s_female02.mdl" wasn't in the same directory as "n_davikh.mdl.ascii" and that the numbers would be wrong (I think that file is Davik's supermodel or something). I extracted "s_female02.mdl" from K1 and then it told me that "s_female02.mdl" was from the wrong game and the numbers would be wrong. I tried loaded "n_davikh.mdl.ascii" again and it worked, I converted it to a fresh mdl and mdx and got it in-game and I got this-


Attached File  swkotor 2018-03-24 18-02-57-44.png   998.14KB   0 downloads

Attached File  swkotor 2018-03-24 18-00-39-20.png   700.95KB   0 downloads


So if someone is willing to can someone please analyse and explain my error?


Here are the files if required

Attached File  Davik Bug.zip   465.95KB   0 downloads

[SPOILER] Who were the Sith in M4-78EP?

Yesterday, 11:25 AM

This may be a rather confusing question but who were the Sith who inhabited M4-78?

The Sith on Dxun and Onderon where quite evidently apart of Nihilus' branch of Sith. Nihilus wanted to use Vaklu to overthrow the queen to leave the Republic so he may use Onderon as a Sith staging base. Using the power of the Dxun Tomb, via the ritual, the Sith could control the Onderonian beasts to their will (Of course until they stop the ritual). Nihilus intended to feed on the power of the tomb after the fall of Onderon which obviously never came to be.
The Sith Triumvirate on Malachor seemingly where the last of Darth Revan's empire. Obviously from the cut content all I know about these Sith is that they had an Academy on Malachor, whether or not they had a fleet like Nilihus did is unknown or whether or not the Sith on Malachor and Nihilus' sith where the same group I also am not completely sure however judging from the fact in cut content Nihilus and Sion fought I'm willing to bet the two groups are rivals with the same belief.

So I'd like to ask "Who are the Sith on M4-78" and "Which faction of Sith would gain from having control of M4-78?"  (Let's not forget M4-78 is an industrial planet that creates war droids and presumably other weapons and ships for the Sith so having M4-78 in the post-war would definitely provide a major edge to whatever faction has it)

Turning an NPC hostile script problem

19 March 2018 - 07:15 AM

Ok, so I am trying to edit a script from the base game that makes NPC's hostile. Essentially, I've added a third NPC to a module and I want to make it so after a dialogue he will go hostile along with the other NPC's. The problem is I am running into some sort of compiling issue, presumably caused by me because I don't know how to script properly.


Here is my script.


// Prototypes
void sub1();
void sub1() {
int int1 = 0;
string string1 = "REThug5";
object object1 = GetObjectByTag(string1, int1);
while ((object1 != OBJECT_INVALID)) {
ChangeToStandardFaction(object1, 1);
SetLockOrientationInDialog(object1, 3);
object1 = GetObjectByTag(string1, int1);
void main() {
int int1 = 0;
string string1 = "REThug4";
object object1 = GetObjectByTag(string1, int1);
while ((object1 != OBJECT_INVALID)) {
ChangeToStandardFaction(object1, 1);
SetLockOrientationInDialog(object1, 1);
object1 = GetObjectByTag(string1, int1);
If anyone would be so kind as to explain/show me how to add a third NPC to the script that would be much appreciated.

File Request

08 March 2018 - 09:27 AM

I'm experiencing a problem with Kotor Tool right now where the model.bif for K1 doesn't display every single model it should offer unlike the model.bif for TSL. As the file I want isn't offered I'm just going to ask for it in the mod requests section as this is probably the most appropriate place to create such a thread.


The files I need are "PMHA01.mdl" and "PMHA01.mdx".

New Head Cloning Problem

26 February 2018 - 05:12 AM

So I have successfully created a new NPC head with a custom texture, though I have encountered a problem. The new NPC uses a reskinned Republic Soldier head with the helmet, so when I have the new reskinned NPC in-game with a vanilla Republic Soldier also in the module the vanilla Soldier will have the same texture as my new NPC. However, if I have a module with just the vanilla Soldiers they all have their normal vanilla texture.


How do I fix this problem? If it can't be fixed, can I avoid this problem if I instead have multiple reskinned Republic Soldier heads in a module and completely remove the vanilla Republic Soldiers?