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#55708 Sleheyron

Posted by N-DReW25 on 20 April 2017 - 01:48 PM

If the Modules are custom made that should mean we are allowed to port the new Slehehyron Modules to TSL and make a TSL version of Sleheyron without any troubles, is that allowed?

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#55401 [Heavy Modded] Miscellaneous bugs

Posted by N-DReW25 on 10 April 2017 - 03:29 PM

That looks like the most incompatible bundle there is. K1 Enhancement Pack, K1R, and Brotherhood of Shadow do not sound like a compatible mix.
Here are some explanations that might be able to help:

Dark Jedi Bug: The Dark Jedi encounters are super difficult in K1 Enhancement pack, The K1EP makes enemies more difficult such as giving enemies more grenades for example but that Dark Jedi Encounter is difficult in the extreme and I had to through everything I had to defeat them. (That being Max Stimulants,  Verpine Energy Sheild, Force Abilities, Grenades, Kay, a lot of running and an army of NPC's from the Call of Aid mod )

Marl Bug: I do believe that is Intended

Outcast Children bug: Please show us a screenshot of this as the child model doesn't support armor and I'd like to see what is actually going on

Kandon Ark Bug: Try removing "tar10_kandon01.dlg" from your override

Tar'eelok and Garrum bug: Sounds like a bad case of 2da conflict

Iriaz bug: To my knowledge are supposed to be neutral to the player. I'd suggest waiting till they walk away from the blocked area, if they aren't moving then that's a problem.

Jedi Holocron: If this said holocron is a placeable, that could be a 2da conflict

Grass bug: That's due to your graphics card and is unfixable to my knowledge

Floating Lightsabers: 2da conflict

#55234 New Planet: Ilum

Posted by N-DReW25 on 02 April 2017 - 12:33 AM

I really hope this mod doesn't make blue the new orange.


Additionally what is up with your galaxy map? I can't which one is Ilum due to all the new planets like Malachor VI, M4-78, Coruscant, Canon Galaxy Map and what appears to be Kotor 1 worlds.

#55024 Ask the Developer of Revenge of Revan....a Question.

Posted by N-DReW25 on 19 March 2017 - 06:09 AM

I first saw Revenge of Revan mod 6 years ago in development at ModDB.com.

No new Demo for 6 years doesn't mean he isn't developing the mod. This mod is basically making a whole new game with lots of new content, textures, modules, NPC's, voice overs and god knows what else. It will probably contain hundreds of thousands of small scripts that would be horrendous for any other modder to actually make, and on top of all that hard work I doubt he'd want to make updates for Demo's when he could be focussing on the main mod itself. This mod for all we know might take another 6 years to make.

#54929 What do you like about the K1 Mandalorians?

Posted by N-DReW25 on 15 March 2017 - 06:35 AM

I think why people hated the Kotor Mandalorians was because their appearance wasn't near as cool as Jango Fett and Boba Fett's armor in the movies. Kotor came out in 2003 a year after episode 2 and they probably found the Kotor Mandalorian Armor as non-intimidating at all when compared to Jango Fett's armor that had a Jet Pack combined with a rocket pack, a blade and a rope like in the movies. I personally feel like they should be a tad skinnier and have a Jetpack each. Maybe in Aperion or a new kotor rpg by disney there could be some awesome jet pack battles in the sky.

#54927 KoTOR2 mod converted over to KoTOR 1?

Posted by N-DReW25 on 15 March 2017 - 06:06 AM

There is no kotor 2 to kotor 1 converter he simply renamed the files to work in Kotor 1.


No, and be prepared for the invariable reaction of this topic being closed.

The mod is likely custom made since it's a lightsaber mod and since it's custom modders are allowed to convert custom model lightsaber mods for Kotor 2 to kotor 1 with the permission of the original author. Since this Youtuber isn't releasing them just using them for personal use in a video without claiming he made it he doesn't necessarily need permission to do make videos on it.

#54800 Taris Dueling Ring

Posted by N-DReW25 on 10 March 2017 - 04:41 AM

Gungans vs Selkath

Carth vs Cede

Saul Karath vs General Hux

Bao Dur vs John cena

Bao's remote vs BB-8

And last but not least
Fair strides vs Chris Avellone

Sith Holocron vs Sith Holocron seen in star wars rebels

#54743 Download:Party in Naga Sadow's Tomb Restoration

Posted by N-DReW25 on 08 March 2017 - 06:55 AM

Oh I saw this actually! Even thought about doing it ;P

The lines are specifically for Jolee and Juhani,otherwise nothing is added when you speak to them, right? Also, how were you able to tackle the "come alone" that Uthar says before you leave the academy? Did you edit that dlg file? 


Edit: How about that cutscene where it says "you exit the Academy alone with Uthar?"

There should only be new lines when you find the Star Map itself and they are for every single party member. Your party members are really only there to fight Terentateks and to say those new lines. I knew there was a line where he mentioned you must go alone, I tried to find it but I couldn't so I thought it was just me going insane because I haven't played the game on Korriban for a while. If I do find that mentioned line I will release a 1.1 version of this mod


If the "you exit the Academy alone with Uthar?" didn't seem clear I apologize. Basically when Uthar saids "We should go now" and your character and Uthar will run towards the exit and the screen fades to black, basically your party members during that cutscene don't follow behind you.

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#54409 Download:Genoharadan - Light Side

Posted by N-DReW25 on 24 February 2017 - 12:13 PM

I do like the idea of this mod and I definitely will be playing this mod in the future but I have a few questions about the mod!

* At the Hulas boss fight is there an option not to kill all the overseers and let them live?
* If you lets say if you killed two Overseers and let three live will that have any affect at all?
* I am pretty sure the GenoHaradan has many spies who follow your player character around the Galaxy (It was mentioned in game when you let Zuulan escape)! If this is correct then that means the GenoHaradan sends spies to spy on you and make sure you actually complete your missions! so how in your mod does Hulas not get informed about letting the Overseers live?

#54313 Download:Upgradeable Swoop Bike (Incomplete mod)

Posted by N-DReW25 on 23 February 2017 - 02:10 AM

Swoop upgrades weren't intended for K1. At least not as much as for K2. So you don't have the swoop upgrade screen and all the hardcoded functionality. Technically you could still do it using a dlg file.


Anyways, this is off my hands, this question is really for the person who picks this up.

Swoop upgrades were likely intended for K1 as a bunch of NPC's on Tatooine and Manaan mention Swoop upgrades! But they probably weren't coded in at all so your likely right!

#54307 Response to Claims that Peragus' Purpose is Confusing

Posted by N-DReW25 on 22 February 2017 - 10:42 PM

Lets see...


Kreia - the end boss, so she obviously has to die.

T3-M4 - survives.

HK-47 - survives.

Atton - survives or not, it's up to you if you win the fight vs Sion.

Handmaiden - survives unless you piss her off and she fights Visas (in which case her fate is unknown)

Visas - survives unless you choose to kill her on the Ravager

Mira - survives unless you're dark side or lose to Hanharr

Hanharr - unknown (if DS)

Mandalore - survives

Disciple - survives, unless he fights Atton, in which case his fate is not known (probably dead)

G0-T0 - might die, depending on your choices in the HK factory

Bao-Dur - unknown, potentially dead.


How is that "dropping like flies" and "not having any choice"?

There is also an option to poison Disciple, Handmaiden, Visas, Mira and Mandalore!

#54246 Response to Claims that Peragus' Purpose is Confusing

Posted by N-DReW25 on 22 February 2017 - 06:37 AM

But regarding the merging of planets, there actually is some merit here as the demo of the game had everything set on Telos, even though it utilized assets that would later end up on Peragus and Dxun. Although I'm not sure how much remains that would be usable in any way.  Not many of the voice lines remain in the game files, and the demo Mira had a different actress anyway.

I do believe I've already found a few video's about the TSL Demo




The TSL Demo from those videos appear to have different portraits, K1 Music and a Storm in the restoration zones



If you cut Peragus, you'd lose the following:

- The player's introduction to Kreia
- The player's introduction to Atton
- The player's introduction to T3-M4
- The player's introduction to the HK-50's
- The player's introduction to Sion
- The player's introduction to Admiral Carth Onasi
- The reason that Lieutenant Grenn has the authority to arrest you when you get to Telos Citadel Station
- The reason that G0-T0 captures you on Nar Shaddaa
- One of the reasons that Atris gets to berate you on the Polar Plateau (One the reasons that many characters throughout the game can yell at you actually)
If you pulled Peragus from the game, the game would make less sense.
If you feel that Peragus' purpose was vague, you'd want to add an explanation to Peragus, and not remove the whole section.

I get your point, Removing Peragus would make the current TSL story a mess...but that doesn't mean someone can't rewrite the TSL story! I am sure someone could easily rewrite TSL to remove Peragus and have all of those missing plot points fixed! If your really picky I may make a blog on how I'd write Peragus out of the picture! If someone would make this a mod however it would likely be somewhat of a total conversion similar to ROR but instead of Kotor 2 it's just a redo fo Kotor 2 TSL, I should also mention if someone did rewrite Kotor 2 they could restore previously unrestorable content like the GenoHaraden or Dvakvar Grahrk.

#54199 TSLRCM's take on Bao-Dur's endgame fate?

Posted by N-DReW25 on 21 February 2017 - 09:58 AM

I can't spell his last name. What I meant by deadlines not interfering with story I meant writing the plot, and the characters. Not building the game itself. Mr. A. had a great theme, sound characterization, and great conflict, but he didn't WRITE the story properly. I'm a writer, it's what I do, so my issues have nothing to do with the "game" part. (I also wasn't putting down m4-78) a good writer usally knows two things, from the start... 1. What they want to say 2. How the story will end. In this case, Mr. MCA had something to say, and amazing characters to say it, however, he utterly and completely failed to make it matter to the player. In the end nothing happens! Kreia wants to cause the death of the Force without killing the Galaxy, he never explained how that may be possible. You are supposed to be a Zombie untouched by the Force, yet you weild it. Again not possible in the SW's mythos. You can be blocked, but never without it. He didn't make that clear. Characters like Bao-Dur, who do nothing after training them to be Jedi, when they should be moving along with the character. These are mistakes by an author, not "game" mistakes. 

I feel like mentioning Peragus didn't make a lot of sense. Think about it, The Restoration of Telos was a Government funded project that can an impact on the Galactic Senate if it succeeds or fails (All of this was mentioned in game). So if taxpayer money was being put into such a project that was so important why would they use highly explosive fuel that blew a chunk out of a planet when people tried to mine it. Not to mention the Citadel somehow survives a space battle, Seriously being realistic one trigger happy sith fighter could take out Citadel with a stray missile if it's loaded with explosive fuel. (Not to mention the Citadel houses many important and innocent people so imagine the Citadel getting destroyed all thanks to its only fuel source)


 Also, how did the Miners actually build the facility? From what we know that asteroid that the facility was on definitely had lots of fuel so how could they build a mining facility in an asteroid field in space without blowing the entire asteroid field up! If a blaster can make a big explosion I'm sure building equipment can! Also, how did no asteroids hit the actual facility AT ALL! If anything a rogue asteroid would crash into the command console room and ruin everything!


If I could I'd cut Peragus and move most of the Peragus stuff to M4-78 for example mining droids gone evil makes a lot of sense there and I'd start the game on Citadel where Atton and Kreia would be and you'd start the game there!


I feel like maybe having HK and Bao Dur spawn on the landing pad outside the Complex to see a boss either a Tank Droid or a Terentatek or better yet a big Rancor is blocking the Path which makes Bao Dur say "Make my Sacrifice Matter" then he runs up to the boss and sets his arm to explode like a power conduct killing the two in the process allowing HK to proceed into the facility (Or better yet, have Bao set his arm to explode then have him be eaten by the Rancor only to be exploded from within)


Or you could be lazy and force him to stay on Citadel afterward and tell him to rebuild Telos and make it a sanctuary for the Jedi or Sith depending on alignment!

#53692 Download:Quanons Bastila Shan Reskin

Posted by N-DReW25 on 10 February 2017 - 11:50 AM

I've tested it, the .tga files of Bastila's texture from this mod are indeed compatible with TSL, but I have to avoid installing P_BastilaH.mdl and P_BastilaH.mdx because otherwise those two files cause my TSL game to crash. I don't know if the same will happen to others but here's a warning just in case.
Here's a screenshot of how Quanon's Bastila reskin looks like in TSL:


Very informative but why that specific screenshot? It makes Bastila look like she's been on an All Night Tarisian Ale Drinking Binge!

#53599 TSLRCM Animation and Immersion Modification

Posted by N-DReW25 on 07 February 2017 - 11:56 PM

Things we'd need a list for:

Minor fixes to party members dialogs.

Changes to cutscene animations. -For this one we'd need someone to play through the game with the mod installed, if DReW has his input could be useful.


These things and Member: N-DReW25 has played through part of it whilst I have not; so hopefully he could answer some queries. 

Alright, well it's better to put my 2 cents in late than never. I have played the mod up to Citadel Station and I have seen some really good features in this! The following list is the list of things I have seen within the game during my playthrough a while back so some of them may not be 100% accurate


*In nearly all conversation there is noticeable changes including camera angle and animations
*The cutscenes on Peragus instead of Hologram Miners talking are now actual Miners talking with a Hologram Overlay over the screen to make it look like a Holo Video

*The Corta  cutscene scene in the mining tunnels has the same treatment as above but has been adjusted so that the Camera doesn't show the debris as like in TSLRCM

*The "Destroy Terminal" option is now gone which means you have to do the mini sidequest regardless to whether or not you actually want to

*When going onto the space catwalk your character switched into the space suit before actually going onto the walk

*The Harbinger cutscenes are even better than the ones on Peragus. They are no longer Holograms but I cannot remember if they had the Hologram overlay or not. One specific scene I liked the most from the mod was the Carth/Admiral scene

*The random loot seems to be 90% disabled

*You get a lot less money on Peragus so by Citadel 250 credits from Lorso is a good deal

*You no longer get a HK piece from HK-50

*The Dead Miners now actually have the unique appearance of Dead Miners instead of being Generic Corpses

*The Vibrocutter can be obtained in the security locker instead of a miners corpse

*The Mining Blaster can be obtained from the dead Mining Droid instead of the remains of a living one

*Your character has to release Atton by operating a Terminal (Cutscene)

*TSF will patrol ALL modules

*The Appartments that Harra is in looks like it's a Czerka Exclusive Apartment judging from all the Czerka guys in it

*The Thugs who ambush you in the hangar have a unique new armor


Those are the features I can remember from the top of my head. Judging from how the modder has changed the files it may be impossible to combine it with TSLRCM. To be honest part the reason I would use TSLRCM over this is because TSLRCM gives are nearly complete list of things that it does, It's been heavily beta tested for years, all the good mods like M4-78, Goto overhaul and TSL NPC Overhaul work for TSLRCM only and most of the Dialogue is skippable in TSLRCM.