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#59816 UPDATE: Credit Videos (for TSLRCM only)

Posted by N-DReW25 on Today, 04:42 AM

So.... hate to beat a dead horse, but is there any chance at all of TSLRCM being back up on this site any time soon?

TSLRCM has been back for a while now, it now doesn't include credits until credits are made for them. May I ask how did you not notice?

#59748 DP's Droid Foundry v2.0

Posted by N-DReW25 on 13 October 2017 - 08:21 AM

Can you show footage of when you play as B4-D4 when you help the ithorians? I'm sure some of us would like to see this beauty walk.

#59560 Bugs and minor inconveniences with TSLRCM 1.8.5

Posted by N-DReW25 on 03 October 2017 - 08:48 AM

Seeing as it's only one MP3 file, this seems like this would be a ridiculous thing to upload as a mod so I'll just leave the line here. No credit needed if anyone wants to use this in one of their mods.

It also needs the dialogue to state "he" in the text. To everyone who downloaded Sith Holocron's mp3 you must also download this dialogue.

Installation for the dlg is your override. Installation for the mp3 is "StreamVoice/601/saedhe".

Please report any possible bugs if you encounter any from this Saedhe fix via PM to either myself or Sith Holocron.

Attached File  saedhe.dlg   159.14KB   3 downloads

#59547 Party console switch

Posted by N-DReW25 on 02 October 2017 - 06:32 AM

Have you ever heard of Party Swap? It does just that but with a stim instead- http://deadlystream..../544-partyswap/

#59480 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 28 September 2017 - 12:07 AM

Hey, just learned of this. Sounds cool and good luck!

Thank you



Is this the final demo before the completed version is released?

No, the Demo is always updated with whatever finished content I have for the mod. This might sound stupid at first glance but if I ever gave up with this mod like everyone else who's ever tried to restore the GenoHaradan I would of at least developed a functional TSLRCM compatible mod with some GenoHaradan features that can easily be played and/or used as a base for the next guy to give it a shot.


But I assure you I really like this mod and I wouldn't want to give up on it.

#59374 Anakin Skywalker Mod Port

Posted by N-DReW25 on 17 September 2017 - 09:33 AM

I see, however, when I place the mods textures into the override under 'PMHC04...' etc, it causes the game to crash. 

That's the model doing that, notice without the textures it causes an invisible head.




However, please DON'T use the KotOR 2 model! It would create a lot of problems for you.

That's why it needs to be converted to a K1 format so it doesn't cause problems.

Well, you see, the problems it THAT KotOR 2 has a different "collection" of heads than KotOR 1.

However, please DON'T use the KotOR 2 model! It would create a lot of problems for you.

#59368 Anakin Skywalker Mod Port

Posted by N-DReW25 on 17 September 2017 - 09:07 AM

I managed to import the mdl and mdx to KOTOR by setting them to override PMHC04, however, applying the textures crashes the game.

Kotor and Kotor 2 uses a different format, just moving TSL files into K1 will cause a crash. You'd need to convert the models though I wouldn't know how to do that.



I have some bad news... Anakin's head model is actually a female head. PFHC05 to be exact.

This means what exactly?

The head (In order to work with a male body) needs to be edited because a female head on a male body will cause it to move around retardedly cause it isn't designed for a male body model.



And the textures.... They look original enough.

Anakins textures are custom made thus no porting but you cannot use the excuse "They look original enough" to get away with porting. Porting is still porting and an excuse like that won't get you out of a ban if you are caught.


#59311 Seeking equipment list for TSLCRM

Posted by N-DReW25 on 12 September 2017 - 07:28 AM

How did TSLRCM go about editing the loot scripts? What was different about than the vanilla game loot scripts?

I do not know for sure but I think the Vanilla Loot Scripts were bugged dropping Lightsaber Crystals randomly "per level" not randomly (For example the Rubat Crystal might have been for level 11-16 only), certain items dropped rarely only when you reach a certain level (I think Malak's robes dropped rarely only if you were level 50), Some items dropped too much or not at all and I think that's it.

#59276 Telos surface revisited

Posted by N-DReW25 on 10 September 2017 - 06:13 AM

What kind of admin are you..... He is just asking a question you don't need to just reply with ''.......'' not everyone here knows how the restored content Works, you should try to be more ''helpful'' or just quit the job man.

Are you aware you've resurrected a thread from 7 years ago right? I wouldn't be surprised if the developers, at the time, had no idea how restored content works.

#59132 Help to HK-47

Posted by N-DReW25 on 06 September 2017 - 06:04 AM

I think I'll lower the stats but keep the unlimited items. That way the player doesn't need to worry about equipping or levelling HK-48. I don't think the skills matter too much since they're not gonna be used much (or at all?) in the HK Factory. 

I think the HK-48's stats should be exactly the same as HK-47's stats when he is first recruited. Why you may ask: because I think the Level of an NPC affects the NPC's vitality points so having an average Level 26 HK-47 and a Level 50 HK-48 it's an easy guess who's going to die first in a fight and who the players will always play as in this case. Also, the unlimited items I can agree can stay but I don't want HK-48's inventory to be locked, instead you should have him with nothing in the inventory and have the items shown in the screenshot appear in the munitions area armory so the player can collect the items and equip what they want for example if I want HK-48 to wield an Ion Rifle I can do that.

#59033 Download:Recruitable Maxis

Posted by N-DReW25 on 03 September 2017 - 06:09 AM

Welcome to your ban.

Attached File  unnamed.gif   1.96MB   2 downloads


This felt a lot better in my head.

#58675 (WIP) Added Content: The Quarantine Shutdown.

Posted by N-DReW25 on 22 August 2017 - 09:35 PM

How about instead of freeing Taris you make a mod where you can visit the Taris ruins and talk to some survivors of the bombing.
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#58661 Spawning K1 NPCs in TSL?

Posted by N-DReW25 on 22 August 2017 - 04:55 AM

Alternatively, you can create K1 assets from scratch. That means someone would have to model a Juhani look alike and record some lines using a professional actor that sounds like Juhani.


An example of a created from scratch mod is- http://deadlystream....win-mullet-men/

#58452 Bao Dur's Sacrifice Idea

Posted by N-DReW25 on 14 August 2017 - 10:02 AM

Which lines for the nameless NPCs could I voice?

While I am not making this mod NPC's who could be voice acted include the retreating TSF Officer, The Kolto tank Mercenary, and the Mandalorians who captured Tobin.



And maybe the gameplay could be streamlined a little bit as the endgame already consists of many random battle encounters and your idea seems to add even more. The merc camp for example is a nice idea but could maybe work as a puzzle instead to change up the gameplay some more. Also having Mandalore face Nihilus alone seems not really important, so maybe he and the Exile could regroup earlier. One possibility would be that once Mandalore gets to the locked elevator, the game cuts back to the Exiles part, which is taking place at the same time and then the Exile and Mandalore meet shortly afterwards.

Perhaps the puzzle could be the way to unlock the energy shield and the Merc and be revived to give you a hint on how to solve the puzzle. The point of having Mandalore fight Nihilus is because of the line "What are you doing up there we need to get off this ship" that one line proves Mandalore at some point was never intended to actually be up on the bridge. I don't really mind how Mandalore doesn't go on the bridge as long as it happens.



As I am/was part of that mod team, I'm afraid you're correct. This mod really is dead or at least very close to it. Or to be more precise, it never really lived at all. This is due to bad communication among our small group (which at least partially is also my fault) and now Cirosan seems to have left this site, Fair Strides seems to be busy with other projects / real-life as well and the same holds true for me.


And to be honest: I prefer your story outline for Bao-dur's sacrifice  :D

A shame, and thanks for your honest opinion.

#58424 Bao Dur's Sacrifice Idea

Posted by N-DReW25 on 13 August 2017 - 10:44 AM

I had this crazy idea for a mod that restores Bao Dur's sacrifice into the game giving a much-needed ending and resolution for Bao Dur's character. I know there is a mod called Bao Dur's Endgame Enchantment in development but it's been a long time without any updates and I am positive the lead modder has quit. This idea isn't a mod I am working on right now this is simply my idea for a mod someone else may want to make.

When the Exile finds all the Jedi Masters and returns to Dantooine two ships will be planted outside the enclave one being a G-Wing escape ship (Zez Kai Ell's Ship) and a Shuttle (Kavar's Ship). After the Jedi Masters sequence when you go outside the shuttle is gone, that is because of Kreia and Atton/Handmaiden, if they left with her, stole it and took it to Telos (This ship can also be placed outside Traya's Academy to show where Kreia landed it when she arrived). When the player leaves Dantooine they will land on Citadel Station and go to Chodo Habat or Jana Lorso depending on which side you chose before and request for a shuttle to the planet's surface as the Ebon Hawk isn't legally allowed to the planet's surface. Suddenly when you reenter the Entertainment Module the Ravager arrives and begins its assault. After talking to a retreating TSF Officer you using the comlink call Atton to lead the entire party to the Ithorian HQ regardless of who you chose at the beginning of the game.

Once their Lieutenant Grenn will be waiting for you and will brief you. Once there you will send Visas, Mandalore and Bao Dur onto the Ravager while HK-47 goes to the HK Factory to shut it down and the player will have to go deal With Atris. Mandalore, Visas, and Mandalore will vanish into stealth and supposedly stealth to a shuttle to go to the Ravager. HK-47 and Exile will then go through Citadel Station doing the usual stopping the Sith from shutting down the fuel cells etc, however, a new bit of content we could add for Dark Side players have Jana Lorso and two CSD try to fight their way to the shuttle module in the Entertainment Module only to be killed be Sith in a cutscene.

Once arrived at either a Czerka or Ithorian Hangar with the receptionist gone the player has to splice into the receptionist computers to try to open the hangar door. The exile will fly the shuttle outside the underground facility (Because the hangar doors are closed) where the Czerka Mercenaries have reset up shop outside the base and will attack. After killing them all the player will realize the Mercenaries installed an Energy Shield outside the entrance to prevent Military Droids from escaping. They then discover a Mercenary inside a Kolto Tank, the Exile can either use the force, use a Medpac or use their treat injury skills to heal the merc. The player then can persuade this mercenary either through normal persuade/ threats or force persuade to get him to tell him the access code to the Energy Shield door -after you get the code through either of these options, you have an option to either kill him or leave him outside as HK-47 enters the facility. Exile will leave in the shuttle to go to Atris. After this HK-47's HK Factory part is exactly the same as TSLRCM's.

If your character is a female and has disciple the Handmaidens will battle the player including Brianna in the council chamber room. After defeating them or stunning them the player can go into the Holocron room to fight Atris, if you're male it will go out exactly the same as TSLRCM except your character doesn't start inside the hangar where the Ebon Hawk is because the Hawk is on Citadel. After defeating Atris you can either kill her, leave her or redeem her. Back on the Ravager, everything goes out normally except Mandalore is the lead of the party, not Exile. This is because Kelborn when contacting you over the com always refers to you as "Mandalore" even though you're not Mandalore. Everything goes out normally fighting Sith and planting bombs (Which should be actual items you receive at the start and lose when you place them in the target zones) on the ship except Colonel Tobin is nowhere to be found and the door to the bridge is locked. Additionally, the exit off the ship should be at the end of that long hallway Mandalore walks in at the start and the small room which is the exit in Vanilla where the Mandalorians blow out of to get into the Sith Soldier room should be remodelled to have a locked door that should make it appear the Mandalorians came from the Hangar with Mandalore but took an alternative route to clear the way for Mandalore. Also, there should be Mandalorians in one-half of the ship fighting Sith Soldiers so Kelborn is actually telling the truth about fierce resistance and all the other things he says over the com.

When you plant all the bombs Kelborn will tell you one of the bombs exploded prematurely Mandalore has to find or make another bomb. They find that torpedo room that can serve as a replacement bomb if someone can manually detonate it meaning someone has to stay behind and go down with the Ravager. This will be Bao Dur who volunteers to do it, perhaps here Mandalore can say "Your death will be worthy of a Mandalorian" to which Bao replied "I could use without your Mandalorian Honour. Make my sacrifice Matter". Visas and Mandalore leave the room and the door locks with Bao Dur inside. Then they will walk to the locked bridge door to see Tobin run out and go into stealth disappearing before they can talk. Once they arrive at the elevator they find it needs a pass card before it can be used so Visas and Mandalore go to Visas' chamber where Mandalore will pick up the pass card from her locker but Visas will stay behind and meditate forcing Mandalore to leave her behind and go alone. Mandalore will fight through the last Sith on the bridge and confront Nihlus. He will shoot at Nihilus (Gun will be given to him automatically if none is present) getting all his shots deflected away. Nihilus will then use a Lightning and Drain combo on Mandalore flinging him to the end of the bridge where Mandalore will limp out of the room.

Exile will arrive on the Ravager and make his way to the big open room where Mandalorians will tell the Exile they captured a prisoner who is conveniently Tobin. Tobin will say his lines and if you let him live will give you a pass card to the elevator but if you kill him you loot the card off his remains, The Mandalorians will support either choice. Everything with Nihilus will play out exactly just without Mandalore. Once Nihilus is defeated a loud troubling noise can be heard and Mandalore will com the player and ask "What are you doing up there, we need to get off this ship" because without it's master keeping it together it's falling apart. Exile and Visas (If she's alive) will make their way to the exit and the Ravager will blow up with Bao Dur still on it, killing him. Since the Exile doesn't know what happened to Bao Dur he/she still asks about him to Traya and Traya will say he cannot sense his fate because he is dead.

Once on Citadel if Tobin is spared will be on Citadel and will walk past the Exile during the cutscene when Grenn tells the exile Carth wants to speak with him. Tobin if the player supported Talia will be unarmed and still in his Armor lead by Republic and Talia Soldiers presumably being sent off to Jail for treason but if the player supported Vaklu Tobin will be wearing his Onderon Officer clothing being escorted by Vaklu troops heading back to Onderon. Whether or not he still has his Dark Side appearance is up to the modder.

That it is that's my Bao Dur idea that I will likely not make for a long time. I am sorry if the above doesn't make sense I feel like it could sound strange at certain parts. This could perhaps also link up with Reztea's Recruit Atris Mod where perhaps Exile and Atris arrive on the Ravager together and the Nihilus fight is between Exile, Visas, and Atris. If someone would like to make my idea a reality there more than welcomed to do so as long as I'm properly credited for the idea and I am fully aware of what's going on. If you like my idea please be sure to tell me what your favourite part of it is and what I could improve especially if I've plot hole.