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#61217 Download:Sexy Malak

Posted by N-DReW25 on 11 December 2017 - 08:46 AM

I swear with this mod installed someone should make a video of Malak's introduction on the Leviathan when he walks in but replace the evil music with "I'm bringing sexy back".

#61198 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 10 December 2017 - 10:19 AM

There is no need for such patch, the GenoHaradan Legacy Mod is meant to be used with TSLRCM and not without it, so it doesn't need a TSLRCM patch. It probably needs to be patched for either Loot and Immersion Upgrade or NPC Overhaul. Maybe you should also try using that mod with TSLRCM and one of the two of mods, so that N-Drew would know which of the mods causes the problems and where to look for the conflicting file.

Anyways, it's a demo. You shouldn't expect full compatibility with big mods on that stage of work.

As he has reported the crash was during the Ithorian Protocol Droid quest where the Czerka Assassins try to steal it I highly doubt it was even my mod as my mod doesn't modify that scene at all. If anyone would like to test out these mods with Legacy to check if there compatible I would welcome that. superSzym is 100% correct about "you shouldn't expect a demo to be compatible with everything" (GenoHaradan Legacy may even have an extremely mild incompatibly with M4-78EP due to the Grenn dialogue being modified). 


On a more random note, will there be a mod update every time there's a new piece of content added into the mod?

Yes, things that are quick and easy will to make will almost instantly be put into the mod though things that are "big" that add in sidequests, for example, will likely require people privately Beta the content first...Would anyone be willing to do this?


If a big bug in the Demo was found, a bug fix patch would be released - though there have been no bugs so far (which is good.)

#61167 Save Hakra WIP

Posted by N-DReW25 on 09 December 2017 - 12:41 PM

I feel like, just for a laugh, have it so that after the Trial scene if you go back to the Embassy the two Republic Scientist (If they survived) will have single lines thanking the player and near the pair will be the Locker with Hakra inside it and the player responses should be something like "You're on the surface, you're safe" but Hakra doesn't believe you and still think's he's inside the Rift Station.

#61088 Mod of the Year 2017 nominations

Posted by N-DReW25 on 04 December 2017 - 09:49 AM

The mods I chose are

Kotor 1:
Korolevskyz Faces- http://deadlystream....olevskyz-faces/
Effixan's Jolee Alternative- http://deadlystream....ee-alternative/
Kotor Ultimate 2.0 Endar Spire- http://deadlystream....20-endar-spire/
HD Darth Malak- http://deadlystream....hd-darth-malak/
Ebon Hawk K1 Fixes- http://deadlystream....-hawk-k1-fixes/
HD Carth- http://deadlystream....hd-carth-onasi/
HD Canderous- http://deadlystream....canderous-ordo/
NPC Portraits for Kotor- http://deadlystream....ts-for-kotor-1/
Senni Vek Restoration- http://deadlystream....ek-restoration/
Bastila Romance Script Fix- http://deadlystream....ance-scriptfix/
Zaalbar HD- http://deadlystream....074-zaalbar-hd/
Quanon's Twilek Outfits- http://deadlystream....twilek-outfits/
N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO- http://deadlystream....provement-demo/
Gamorrean Battleaxe Fix- http://deadlystream....-battleaxe-fix/
Kotor Ultimate 2.0 Taris- http://deadlystream....ris-upper-city/
Recruitable Maxis- http://deadlystream....ruitable-maxis/
Shanila- http://deadlystream..../1044-shanilia/

Kotor 2:
PMHC06 Fix- http://deadlystream....-fixed-for-tsl/
TSL NPC Stat Fix- http://deadlystream....stat-fixes-mod/
TSL of the Old PC- http://deadlystream....-of-the-old-pc/
JC's Supermodel Fix- http://deadlystream....del-fix-for-k2/
TSL Main Menu Fix for widescreen- http://deadlystream....for-widescreen/
Serocco Guard VO Fix- http://deadlystream....o-guard-vo-fix/
NPC Portraits for TSL- http://deadlystream....traits-for-tsl/
GenoHaradan Legacy DEMO- http://deadlystream....an-legacy-demo/
Full Jedi Council- http://deadlystream....l-jedi-council/
K1 Dantooine Texture Restoration for TSL- http://deadlystream....ration-for-tsl/
Implant Feat Restoration- http://deadlystream....at-restoration/
Blaster's Reloaded- http://deadlystream....sters-reloaded/
Ebon Hawk Model Fixes- http://deadlystream....wk-model-fixes/
Alternate Revan Romances- http://deadlystream....mances-updated/
Handmaiden and Female Exile- Disciple and Male Exile Romance- http://deadlystream....-exile-romance/

#60907 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 26 November 2017 - 08:18 AM

Thanks. The problem for me was the "geno_hold.uti" wasn't in the override.

Now that it is, the Duro has the pistol now.

Now that I've looked closer that is a result of a TSLPatcher error not copying the uti into the override, will be fixed soon.



Could it be the Benok's Alternate Lines Restoration mod that's the culprit?

No, it would be a mod that edits the Protocol Droid cutscene in some way. Do you have Loot and Immersions installed because if you do that is most likely the reason why there is a crash.



1) Mellowtron11: I guess you will not need those filters after all. Let me know via PM if you need them for the other part that N-DreW25 has in mind.

2) N-DreW25: "ill" and "you're" used incorrectly. (The hits keep on coming!)

1) If you are talking about filtering Mellowtron11's lines I can say for now it is very likely they will have to be filtered.


2) Thanks for correcting those mistakes.


Sure, I'd be interested in seeing what you have available. 


Ah, don't worry about it. It's his modding project after all. Thanks for adjusting the sound files anyway! 

If you want I can do the PMing for you as long as I get the lines to give.

#60883 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 24 November 2017 - 07:59 AM

Did you include the custom pistol you made for the Duro in the update? He didn't attack me with it nor was it on his remains.

I think I did, where there any errors in the TSLPatcher? The only three causes of it not working is either "geno_hold.uti" isn't in the override, the duro's utc file didn't get placed into the 202tel.mod or it's the save game you used.


Now I get why people were asking about the Genoharaden in the Restoration zone. That makes sense now. I'm curious, though- was there any indication that the Genoharaden assassins supposed to be on Telos according to the game files or voice over notes? Or was that just something added in by the modders?


I'm also curious, N-DReW25. Do you want a voice over for the following lines at 6:45 in the first video?

“The Genoharaden will hunt you down Jedi. There is no escape from death. We see the deaths of our enemies in our waking thoughts and as we meditate. There is no higher calling than the Genoharaden.”


I'd be willing to record those lines if you'd like. Or are you going to stick with the alien voice overs for simplicity's sake?


-Exile007 had the better boss fight with the two drexels. They both come out of rooms in the background (not out of nowhere) and come from a planet (Dxun) that can be easily accessed, unlike Malachor V. Why TSLRP had a storm beast, I have no idea.

-Both mods showed that the disciples and Desiccus had only the basic attack option. Having those enemy NPCs take all the master melee combat feats and combat style feats like Master Two-Weapon fighting and close combat would probably help make this part of the game more challenging. 

-The Trandoshan double blades was a good idea for the disciples. Maybe add some duel wielding NPCs in the mix for variety's sake? 

-A random nit-pick- Why the heck was Dessicus using ion pistols??? Disruptor pistols, some type of heavy blaster or your Genohardan survival pistol would make more sense for him. And maybe have him switch to a melee weapon if you get too close?

The Telos Surface Assassin's I believe are made up by modders just for the sake of restoring those lines. I will actually keep those alien lines for those lines because those alien lines are cut and restoring them in this mod would be a good idea though I can offer you a voice over role for a more important character if you like (It isn't Dessicus)


Dessicus will be able to use more than just normal attack though I'm not sure if it would be master ranked due to balancing reasons. In my mod, the GenoHaradan Members will be using more than just a single type of weapon and if they do use weapons they will most likely be GenoHaradan items. As for Dessicus' weapons, I believe those are actually Disruptor's not Ion Pistols, I'd also like to note, the GenoHaradan Blaster from K1 being introduced into TSL will be stronger than the Survival Pistol. If anything the Survival Pistol would be the lowest of the low for the GenoHaradan so their leader wouldn't use it though I guarantee in my mod the weapons he wields will make sense.


also here are some notes and ideas i mentioned in my video, might as well through in my two cents as well :]


- I don't know if this will actually happen but hopefully the Dessicus encounter will take place in the Jek Jek Tar where it belongs

- Dessicus should be given given a unique look (which I believe is being worked on)

- Dessicus and his disciples are given actual Genoharadan equipment (which N-DRew is restoring for TSL). Maybe give Dessicus his own unique Genoharadan disruptor pistols or something.

- Drexl beasts instead of the great storm beast because it makes more sense.

- Dessicus, the Genoharadan Disciples, and the duros assassin are given more feats that make their fights more interesting and chalenging rather than feel cheap.

- Maybe let there be moments where the player encounters Genoharadan disciples instead of HK-50's

- A way to acquire the genoharadan's unique gear (which I'm guessing he has in mind)


also to expand on my comment of unique gear, here's some ideas:

- Genoharadan double blade (what the disciples could use)

- Genoharadan disruptor pistol or Dessicus' disruptor pistol

- I know the genoharadan poison blades are returning so the disciples can also be given them as well

- Genoharadan blaster rifles (don't what what type of blaster rifle specifically)

- Genoharadan light, medium, and heavy armor. maybe wear something that resembles what the disciples wear. and yes, i know there was a piece of light armor that hulas gives you in K1 so that one is fine for the light armor one

- Genoharadan headgear. again, i know there was one in K1 but maybe there could be a new one that the disciples use. maybe Dessicus could have his own unique and/or one of a kind headgear piece.




It will be in the Jekk Jekk Tarr and all I'm going to say about it is that it works and doesn't conflict with the plot. Dessicus does have a unique look which is a reskin of a player head which is available on Deadlystream and the Steam Workshop which the people have requested I used, I do have permission to use this skin so when I get it working in game as a separate head I will likely show it off. The GenoHaradan Assassins will have unique weapons and will be different in appearance. I do not think I will use Drexl or any beast in my mod, instead, I have something much cooler in mind. I'll probably give them power blast and power attack just to avoid overpowering them. While they may not replace the HK-50's they may show up in groups of three in kinda "hidden" area's such as the Shyrack Caves on Korriban though they will probably despawn once you complete Nar Shadda. And yes GenoHaradan gear will be obtainable as well as some other potential items. 


As for the items. The Double Blade is very likely, Disruptor pistols are a likely, all K1 GenoHaradan items are returning, I wouldn't say Blaster Rifles because I like to use textures that aren't seen in-game (Mostly K1 item textures hidden in TSL files) and I think all the Blaster Rifle textures are seen in-game, I already have a heavy armor made up for Dessicus though I need to figure out what the medium one should be like, I've already previewed the texture and the stats of a GenoHaradan mask before (It uses the same texture the Duro's uses)


For similar reasons that N-DREW has expressed about the lack of private messaging, I want to express an idea to him publicly: namely, if we remember the threat given to the Exile in TSLRP, the Genoharadan threatened to blow up several locations on the Smuggler's Moon. In Genoharadan Legacy, I want Dessicus to back up this threat by blowing up Vogga's chambers.

Probably won't be a terrorist act though there will definitely be a reason to stop the GenoHaradan. If by lack of private messaging I bet it's because my PM box is full, I can make a space for your PM's if anyone likes. 



Well, I am not sure about the beasts at all. You have a beast encounter on Onderon and it turns out far more natural than Dessicus summoning Drexl from places with computers.

Also, I'd really love to know how are you going to tie it into what happens in TSLRCM and Visquis. I don't know if two assumed deaths on one planet are a good thing to do, it would make TSL's storyline too repetitive. The scenario that happens in mods would also require re-using the after-Rebuilt Enclave dialogue and a Nihilus-Sion sequence that fits well into the finish of the game and is used that way in the Extended Enclave. And putting Sion makes the game too focused on him, while we have the Excahange, Goto, GenoHaradan, Sion, Nihilus and Kreia. There are too many interesting antagonists to focus just on Sion.

I'd like to mention the Sion VS Nihilus scene is staying in Extended Enclave and will not be added to Legacy so the assumed death won't be as big as it would have been otherwise. Though, sadly I must admit even without that scene I feel like Sion may have a bigger role in Legacy than what Obsidian intended for him in Nar Shadda. Though it hopefully will focus on Dessicus, the GenoHaradan and the Force at the same time.




#60847 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 21 November 2017 - 11:03 AM

Cool! Looking forward to playing with the demo in the next few days.


A quick question- on the mod demo download page, the uninstallation line says the following: uninstallation: N/A. How will the full mod or future demo releases work if you can't uninstall the current demo?

Technically you could uninstall the Demo though I just do not want to carefully explain how one would do that yet. At this point, is there any reason to uninstall GenoHaradan Legacy?


In theory, installing 1.4 over 1.3 shouldn't cause any trouble though if you are nervous about this it may be best to either back up your game files or wait until the full GenoHaradan Legacy comes out.




I just tried it out and it's a lot of fun.


I also liked how you added "GenoHaradan" to the description in the  "False Batu: Bonus Mission"  quest to match up with the fake Batu's true allegiance. 

Was this new in 1.4? I swear I fixed this at least a month ago


sorry for being two days late for replying, after i upload the videos i can give you the unaltered boss fight footage

Thank you, once your video's go live I'd like to ask the community a question


What parts of TSLRP's and Exile007's GenoHaradan mod do the Dessicus fights do right and wrong?

#60814 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 19 November 2017 - 03:15 AM

Is that pistol the Duros had a cut item Obsidian made? 

No, that is actually a custom item made by me for balancing reasons as I'm sure the normal GenoHaradan Pistol obtained in K1 would be a bit overpowered in this section of the game.


Also, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: The Duro will NOT spawn if you talk to Grenn about the blaster like in TSLRCM. The Duro will only spawn if you finish the Batu Rem sidequest.

#60793 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 18 November 2017 - 08:00 AM

Here is another preview: this time it's the Masked Attacker to GenoHaradan assassin conversion. Bugs: I tried to add the "ready" animation to make him flourish his pistol but the Duro's has no ready animation so at the last line it just goes Stiff and the TSF Officer's don't attack the Duro.


#60768 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 17 November 2017 - 09:24 AM

I plan on making a run down analysis thing on the 2012 version of the genoharadan mod as preparation. that and because no one on youtube has yet to make a video actually talking about it

I've already looked into that mod though it would be useful for everyone else to see what is included in that mod. Fun Fact: My new mask was inspired by the new items in that mod.



I have played that one before. I didn't think it was too bad, but sadly it's not compatible with TSLRCM.

Please let me know when you start making your video analysis on it as I would be interested in watching it.

I may make videos on that mod though I'd like to see his video's first if he intends to do this as I'm sure he can produce a higher quality video than I.



Wait, what? There was an older Genoharadan mod?

It isn't TSLRCM compatible. Stick with GenoHaradan Legacy Demo for now. TSLRP also had the GenoHaradan which we are all fortunate enough to see that dumpster fire on my Youtube Channel- https://www.youtube....zJEInQDuxL7fZKL (Please excuse any text errors in the video and maybe come leave a review of it in the comments or in my blog)

#60704 Download:Infinite Energy shields [TSL]

Posted by N-DReW25 on 15 November 2017 - 08:38 AM

Good work, even if I don't really see the point. 

"The point" of this mod is if you don't like replacing Energy Shields after using them 5 times this mod removes the 5 times bit and makes them infinite like T3's energy shield and the Baragwin shield. This mod I can understand removes the nerf of the shields though if you ever found the running out of shields aspect of the game this mod removes that.

#60616 Any chance to make the final level of the game less boring ?

Posted by N-DReW25 on 11 November 2017 - 09:06 AM

1.There were too many enemy encounters compare to previous levels of the game even though that you are alone in there.

I agree with this though in this game Stealth and Force Confusion is a good option, call me a sadistic bastard but I like watching a Sith Marauder tear his Sith Apprentices and Commandos to bits. Not to mention the fact that they don't spawn a bunch of enemies behind you to fight you like in K1, however, despite its slight improvements when compared to the Star Forge the best thing to do with these enemies is to have cutscenes with the Sith like on Onderon where perhaps you enter a room and Sith Assassins appear out of nowhere and attack or perhaps they appear behind you and since it's a mix of Sith Lords and Soldiers perhaps have a cutscene where a soldier knows what's coming and he's not going to survive and he tries to flea but a Master chokes him to death perhaps. I know the Malachor VI mod had a room where it was pretty much a Sith locker room which I found interesting.

2.No computers to sabotage the enemies with.

This would be very helpful. I think Malachor VI also had a computer to use though I don't think a power conductor trick was ever available.

3.2 different paths weren't really different with each other.(Other than in one of them you can rescue the party members)

I think in TSLRP you were forced to take only one path and once you had taken that path you couldn't go back. I do believe in Malachor VI the party members were locked on the other side of the academy and we're in cages, not cells. If someone does make a mod to fix these problems on Malachor one side should house the party members and have tough enemies while the other contains armouries etc with weaker enemies, this will make Kreia's line "One path, assuming he/she survives, will allow her to save his/her friends though he will be weaker for it" true.

4.No fixable droids to help you fighting the enemies.

I honestly don't think TSL has very many droid options actually. Though it would be cool to fight and reactivate some of those Star Forge Droids.
I keep referencing Malachor VI. Malachor VI was a mod developed by Varsity Puppet around 2010 that aimed to fix the plot holes of Malachor that weren't fixed in TSLRCM and improve Malachor V overall. It was cancelled, the mods source code was released on Github which means if Varsity or anyone wants to finish it they can. Here is a link to its work in progress thread- http://deadlystream....ding-mod/page-1

#60480 Download:KotOR High Resolution Menus

Posted by N-DReW25 on 06 November 2017 - 10:08 AM

What does this mod do? All it does it cut the borders out introduced in Widescreen and makes the text really small.

#60429 Kotor Tool won't work

Posted by N-DReW25 on 04 November 2017 - 05:09 AM

Sorry for bringing this old topic back, but the same thing just happened to me yesterday night. I've  tried reinstalling the tool, but have had no luck. I'm using the US 4 CD version.

Would these registry key work the same for the 4 CD version (except for the location destination, which would obviously be changed)?


Should this be the first step in trying to troubleshoot this problem?

I ran Kotor tool in administrator mode and it worked again. Only downside was I now have a Windows 7 style border around Kotor Tool on a Windows 10 Computer, everything works though.

#60404 GenoHaradan Legacy

Posted by N-DReW25 on 03 November 2017 - 08:42 AM

Isn't that the Stabilizer mask with some additional bonuses and penalties? Really liking that armor skin you've got in the screenshot. Was that the armor used by the Aqualish thugs in K1?



Yes, an illegally modified Stabilizer Mask mixed with a Force Mask which is why the penalties are there. Though in terms of a Force Mask this mask is the best option as the penalties are low.


The new armor is a body model which is actually restored and exclusive to this mod.



That new character looks pretty awesome. 


Do you have a name for him or is it a secret for now?

He has a name though best not to ruin the surprise.

Hint: He replaces an already existing character on Nar Shadda and takes the same name as the character. Though please don't actually list names of characters and ask, for the real answer it is best to wait until I get some videos up for him.