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In Topic: UPDATE: Credit Videos (for TSLRCM only)

Today, 04:42 AM

So.... hate to beat a dead horse, but is there any chance at all of TSLRCM being back up on this site any time soon?

TSLRCM has been back for a while now, it now doesn't include credits until credits are made for them. May I ask how did you not notice?

In Topic: Deadlystream all the things

17 October 2017 - 10:40 AM

That aside, over the coming weeks Deadlystream will need to undergo some server hardware maintenance; This may result in  the site being offline for hours at a time while I move all of Deadlystream to a new server cluster. I hope you can all bare with us while this is underway. 


And for one site update, we plan to have the Mod of the Year conest once again this coming December, so please get your mods in as soon as possible!


Hours right? Not three days right? When all this maintenance is finished what will be improved/fixed? 

In Topic: GenoHaradan Legacy

13 October 2017 - 09:01 AM

Here is a preview of what the next update to the GenoHaradan Legacy will include.


Attached File  swkotor2 2017-10-07 13-55-28-06.png   720.07KB   0 downloads


This means the Batu Rem side of this mod is over 90% complete.


Onto other ideas here are two idea's I have floating on my mind, both of which happen on Telos. If you remember when you talk to Vossk on Nar Shadda if you talk about the Gand, Zhug Brothers etc the camera skips to another side of the map where NPC's would spawn in only to show a visual representation of the NPC your talking about such as the Zhugs for example. I want a similar feature on Telos when you talk to Grenn about Bountys when he specifically talks about Batu, The killers and Batono the camera teleports to a different section of Citadel to show the NPC's in the flesh like on Nar Shadda. Reason for this is because in the 202TEL module files there are utc files for the killers yet they don't actually appear in that module at all and the NPC's appear to be suitable for this type of feature.


The second is modifying the Duro's attacker. In TSLRCM this Duros is presumably hired by Czerka to kill the exile when he/she receives the quest from Grenn to find the source of the black market hold out blaster which was used by Czerka-hired bounty hunters who attacked the exile in order to get the Ithorians protocol droid for Czerka. My idea is to change this so instead of that scenario the duro's instead works for the GenoHaradan and spawns either after you've completed the Batu Sidequest or after you ask questions to the Czerka Duros in the hangar bay and he "may" mention the GenoHaradan I'm not sure about that yet. Another idea for this specifically is the restoration of the second thug who was supposed to attack you...a Trandoshan. The only problem with this is I'd have to find someone to reskin the Trandoshan to appear similar to his Duros thug and have some hex edit the mask the Duros wears onto his face, not to mention I'd have to find a spawn for him and presumably make dialogue for him since he had none. Also, something I know people will like is I'm considering adding a new mask item that is found during the game which is pretty much the mask the duro's wears in TSLRCM.


Please let me know of what you guys think, and if anyone can provide examples of the scripts I need to make these ideas a reality (Mainly question 1) to make any of these ideas a reality please post them.

In Topic: DP's Droid Foundry v2.0

13 October 2017 - 08:21 AM

Can you show footage of when you play as B4-D4 when you help the ithorians? I'm sure some of us would like to see this beauty walk.

In Topic: KOTORmax

10 October 2017 - 07:11 AM

Would a tool like this be able to fix the data errors in the M4-78 modules that allow enemies to shoot you through the walls? (In the Environmental Zone specifically)