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In Topic: Download:Resisting Arrest -DS Manaan

Today, 12:19 PM

I like the mod but what happens after killing those officers? Do the Selkath turn a blind eye and react as if nothing happened? From what the Selkath Officers from the Sith Embassy raid said if your character should overpower the officers the Selkath government would send the entire Selkath Military onto your character!


Also, do the Selkath still talk to you after killing the officers (For example can you still cash in the sidequest with Shaelas)? And what does happen if you walk into the courtroom afterward and talk to the judges?

In Topic: Download:Genoharadan - Light Side

Today, 12:13 PM

I do like the idea of this mod and I definitely will be playing this mod in the future but I have a few questions about the mod!

* At the Hulas boss fight is there an option not to kill all the overseers and let them live?
* If you lets say if you killed two Overseers and let three live will that have any affect at all?
* I am pretty sure the GenoHaradan has many spies who follow your player character around the Galaxy (It was mentioned in game when you let Zuulan escape)! If this is correct then that means the GenoHaradan sends spies to spy on you and make sure you actually complete your missions! so how in your mod does Hulas not get informed about letting the Overseers live?

In Topic: Fair Strides' Script Shack

Yesterday, 03:16 AM

This is definitely not the case in TSL, but I haven't yet opened a single door per script in K1 :P



You need to put a custom OnDamage script into the NPC's .utc and use SetMinOneHP() before the battle, so they don't die. In the script, when the HP is as low as you want, CancelCombat(), ClearAllActions() and ChangeToStandardFaction() for all the creatures involved, then ActionStartConversation().


If you want the same to happen when the PC hits low HP, then you make a similar script but put it in OnEndCombatRound.


I should probably put this disclaimer in my signature :P : all of this is for TSL. K1 is likely the same, but can have differences.

Thanks, but can you please put the script in a format that I can copy and paste like what DarthRevan101 did in his post in this thread at the beginning?

In Topic: Download:Upgradeable Swoop Bike (Incomplete mod)

Yesterday, 02:10 AM

Swoop upgrades weren't intended for K1. At least not as much as for K2. So you don't have the swoop upgrade screen and all the hardcoded functionality. Technically you could still do it using a dlg file.


Anyways, this is off my hands, this question is really for the person who picks this up.

Swoop upgrades were likely intended for K1 as a bunch of NPC's on Tatooine and Manaan mention Swoop upgrades! But they probably weren't coded in at all so your likely right!

In Topic: Download:Upgradeable Swoop Bike (Incomplete mod)

Yesterday, 01:39 AM

What do these upgrades do?