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In Topic: Turning an NPC hostile script problem

Today, 04:34 AM

That's somehow neither of my suggestions but also a possibility. As Hassat Hunter said, your sub2 function is never triggered.


To help you understand that, here's what a KotOR script does: It has either a void main() function or a int startingConditional() function if it's a conditional script. void or int are the return type of the function. void main() is used in "normal" scripts and returns nothing as it just does some stuff. int startingConditional() returns an integer (0 or 1, i.e. true or false) that is used for conditions in dialogs. Since yours is a normal script, the main function will be called. The first thing it does in your case is to call another function called sub1() (which turns REThug5 hostile). Then it proceeds to turn REThug4 hostile itself.


The problem here is that sub2() is never called, so it will never be executed and does nothing.


And then there's the other problem in your sub2() function. You declare variables int2 and string2, but then later in the function you check for int1 and string1, but these variables don't exist inside sub2() as you never declared them. So you need to either rename your int1 and string1 to int2 and string2 or vice versa. Since those variables are only used inside a function, it doesn't matter that their name is the same as the variables in sub1(). They're only declared locally, inside the function.

That just goes to show how horrible I am with this sort of stuff. 

In Topic: [SPOILER] Who were the Sith in M4-78EP?

Today, 04:24 AM

Hmm...only thing's I could find were this:


The only droid that told you anything substantial was that the original colonists were from the Quelii Sector. The only significance there is that this is the same sector containing Corstris, Pil Diller, Varn, Vinsoth, Amorris, Dathomir, Axxila, and Selaggis VI, and the only significance there is Vinsoth as the home of the Chev and the Chevin, and Dathomir...and we know all about what Dathomir is. The other planets were just briefly mentioned in a story somewhere.


The only other thing I could find was a brief reference in Medstar:Intermezzo.... which was literally....nothing...


So...small possibility that Dathomir is involved...but only because there does not seem to be any origin or old enough stories of Axxila, which is compared as "Coruscant if it was inside out". And briefly appeared in a comic book...apparently...



So SH: The answer is...probably not...?  :wallbash:

Also, the droids were dispatched to M4-78 around the time of the Exar Kun wars so that may have something to do with it.

In Topic: [SPOILER] Who were the Sith in M4-78EP?

Today, 04:18 AM

Not every corpse on a battlefield in a war movie deserves a back story.  The same applies here.

True, but all of the corpses on M4-78 are Sith Soldiers except for this one corpse that is obviously a Sith Lord. You are correct, this Sith Lord doesn't need a backstory as he's only really there to give the player a new Lightsaber or a piece.

In Topic: Turning an NPC hostile script problem

Yesterday, 11:36 AM

The elegant way to do this entire thing would be to to give the sub1() function an argument with the tag of the NPC and then just call it twice in main, once with the REThug5 argument and once with the name of your third NPC.


The simple way would be to make a copy of everything in void main() except for the sub1(); and change the variable names from int1, string1, etc to int2, string2 etc, and to change the value of string2 to the tag of your third NPC.

As I do not know much about scripting I am certain what I've done is probably wrong and will need correcting.


How does this look?


In Topic: Were these droids ever seen in TSL?

Yesterday, 11:13 AM

Weren't they used in the E3 demo?

Judging from the small number of clips of said Demo I've seen I'd say no.


Aside from the fact that they only exist in TSL, their animations are more or less the same as the final game mining droids, so there's nothing to be gained from using them as a base.

Not to mention their animations are more or less broken so if anything you'd lose rather than gain if you used them.