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In Topic: Easier Prestige

Today, 06:02 AM

May I suggest making it so that if your neutral you get a choice of what you wish to be so you might get a question like "Do you want to be a Jedi or a Sith" and if you pick Jedi, for example, you can become a Jedi prestige class and a bunch of LS points so you can get into the blue zone of the alignment screen and if you pick Sith you get to select the Jedi prestige class and you get a bunch of DS points to get into the red zone of the alignment screen.

In Topic: The Missing Heads in TSL

Today, 04:32 AM

I got to play as PMHC05 (K1 head) in TSL by renaming PMHC05.mdx and mdl files (Extracted from the TSL files) to PMHC07.mdx and PMHC07.mld. doing that changes the orange haired Caucasian male into PMHC05.I also have a few videos of PMHC05 in Kotor 2 using this way of getting it InGame


I should also mention a number of Revenge of Revan Demo heads actually reskin those missing texture heads so while they aren't the K1 style heads there new textures using the models.

In Topic: HD Reskin for PMHC05

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

Have you checked these mods out yet?





The nexusmods one looks pretty good, but it also changes the look a bit.

Nexus link is the male head from the Male Head Pack texture for the vanilla PMHC05 and the deadlystream link is for TSL which adds PMHC05 into the game (PMHC05 is actually buried in the game files for TSL) but with a very slightly different skin.

In Topic: Ebon Hawk ID Signature Quest Loop (Game-Breaking!!)

Yesterday, 05:49 AM

My guess is it's an incompatibility with TSLRCM and Nar Shadda Hidden Complex.

In Topic: Download:Quanons Jolee Reskin

25 June 2017 - 01:27 AM

The robes in the second picture, a very good reskin of the commoner model I believe.

I believe it's a reskin of the sand people Robes.