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In Topic: Heavy Weapons Feat Restoration

23 March 2017 - 06:48 AM

N-DReW25: Remember when I mentioned that you should contact the makers of TSLRCM about inclusions in your status updates?  It should be very apparent now why I recommended that.

I have done that already, Zybl2 himself said the following


"The only reason I wouldn't include it is because I've always been against using TSLRCM to rebalance the game and I've already veto-ed some similar changes when HH tried to make them.


That, and if it was present in K1, then I assume Obsidian cut it out on purpose, and we don't want to go against what they intended."- Zybl2

(The Veto-ed was a mistake done by Zybl2 not me)


I could however ask Xuul to make a review of my restoration mods that can't make it into TSLRCM or K1R so people are aware of these Restoration Addons.

In Topic: k1 black robes

23 March 2017 - 05:49 AM

I think this is it- http://www.nexusmods...1&gid=234&pUp=1

In Topic: Heavy Weapons Feat Restoration

22 March 2017 - 07:46 AM

But it's written on page of Kainzorus' mod, informing that in 1.8.5 the issue was fixed through feats.2da.

I did not know that! Install this mod first and see if my mod has fixed icons if not...copy the heavy weapon feat icons from primes mod into your override folder.

In Topic: Heavy Weapons Feat Restoration

22 March 2017 - 04:34 AM

Why do we have to use Kainzorus Prime's mod for proper icons? Much more people use TSLRCM, which fixes the Proficiency and Focus icon order, and using the full version of the aforementioned mod would unfix the bug. 
For fixing this to be fitting with TSLRCM, we need to copy only heavy weapons icons from Kainzorus' mod?

It's included? It doesn't say that on the TSLRCM mod page?

In Topic: MDLOps

20 March 2017 - 04:44 AM

I have two more MDLOps issues to report.


We talked before about how MDLOps does not currently allow for smoothing between different meshes. Well, I just discovered that this also applies to different elements within a single mesh.




So, you can see here I have the model PFBAM, which is made up of a few elements. They are all set to use smoothing group 1. The individual elements smooth just fine, as do the arms, however...



There's a rather nasty seam around her shorts, and it's not really visible but the same issue occurs in the shoulder region.


And here's the same model again with the textures removed, so you can see this is a smoothing issue and not a texture issue:




I tried welding vertices but that led to more trouble. It was actually a bit serendipitous because it helped confirm the source of another problem I've been having.


The second issue is... this is hard to explain, but basically MDLOps does not allow for faces that are connected on a mesh to be unconnected in the UVW map. 3ds has a break function that lets you do this - you can map faces to wherever you want, so even though if they share vertices on the mesh, those vertices don't have to be in the same place on the UVW map. I was using this function to un-mirror Bastila's underwear model, so the left and right sides of her body could be textured differently.

I know for a fact that model of underwear is K1's scoundrel underwear model with a different texture. That weird line thing is supposed to be the underwear where the original scoundrel underwear was supposed to be. I do believe a simple reskin to make the underwear match up to that line should remove the eyesore.