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22 February 2018 - 03:51 PM

If you are baking a custom layout, then you are unlikely to be doing so with any modifiers in the stack (especially if you are following Quanon's routine). In which case the eventual walkmesh would be just like any other mesh. The question is what happens when you dump a walkmesh modifier on it, which should be easy enough to test with any pre-existing lightmapped mesh. No need to bake one from scratch.

That's what I needed to hear! Thanks, DP! :) Okay, so I can rewrite the walkmesh modifier to take the data from the previous material before replacing it with a walk material and store the data somewhere in it.

I think that covers all the possiblities. Or is there any other reason why max would need the information about the lightmap texture after the walkmesh modifier is applied?


In Topic: MDLedit bug reporting thread

22 February 2018 - 02:31 PM

There's nothing inherently special about a walkmesh that makes it different for lightmapping compared to any other mesh, at least as far as Max is concerned.


There is: the material. With a regular mesh you do mesh.material and you get a material that you can add a diffuse or ambient texture to. You can't do mesh.material and then add diffuse or ambient info on a walkmesh, because it's a multimaterial, which does not accept diffuse or ambient info. It's just a collection of regular materials. So what I can do in kmax, is add the diffuse or ambient info onto the first regular material in the bundle. What I don't know is if the lightmapping workflow can do the same, or if it causes any problems. Somebody needs to try it before we can move on.

The problem is just with the texture name. The tvert coordinates as well as the trimesh properties are handled perfectly.

As for getting 3dsmax, I know I can. I use gmax because it's more light-weight, and because it's easier to keep kmax compatible with gmax if I use gmax myself. I'm in a serious lack of time, so even if I decided to install it now it would take forever for me to test this.

In Topic: MDLedit bug reporting thread

22 February 2018 - 10:39 AM

Here is an updated mdledit and some fixes to kotormax.


1. The VFX issue

Not tested, but maybe resolved? I will test it when I have time, or somebody else can do it.


2. The grass and roomlink issue

Apparently, walkmeshes can also be lightmapped. Since I only have Gmax (which can't render), I can't test what the workflow would be for adding a lightmap to a walkmesh. It is non-trivial because the walkmesh has a multimaterial, while the other meshes have the basic material type. Anyway, for now, when importing a model with a walkmesh, the texture map will be saved on the walkmesh's editable_mesh, a trimesh modifier will be created which saves the 'lightmapped' property (as well as all the others), and the lightmap name is saved on the first material of the multimaterial ('Dirt'). Since the mutlimaterial is only created once per scene, in case you load several walkmeshes into a scene, they will also end up having the same lightmap texture on export. I'm leaving this as is for now, until we figure out what the workflow for adding lightmaps to a walkmesh would be. I can't do this alone, so if anyone is ready to help out, try using Quanon's tutorial to add a lightmap to a walkmesh and then report your findings in this thread.


3. Detonate

I have disabled the exporting of 'detonate' from kotormax as a static controller, but I left it in for when it is animated. We have no examples of this in the game, but it should be tested at some point.


4. Emitter, Light and Mesh animation controllers missing


Apparently I changed the way animated controllers are handled at some point and forgot to change some other code accordingly, so while reading an ascii, mdledit would ignore any controller except for position, orientation and scale. Fixed now.


+ also fixed a crash issue with mdledit I encountered that hadn't been reported.

DISCLAIMER: These files have not been tested and may be unstable. After they have been tested, they will be uploaded to the download pages. Unless you want to help with testing, you should wait for the new versions to be released there.

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18 February 2018 - 12:32 PM

Memories? How so?



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18 February 2018 - 10:17 AM

Reading that brings back memories! Good old times :)