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#49439 Update 10/25/2016

Posted by Logan23 on 26 October 2016 - 02:07 AM

Hi everyone,



First off the project is still alive.



Things have been very slow because I'm dealing with a medical issue the past few months.


Its nothing life threatening. 



I'm hoping to get the medication for it in the coming few weeks.

Got health insurance red tape to jump through first.



I will keep you guys posted.


Ideally once i have my medication, things will be looking good for the project and my amount of time i can work on it =)


Thank you for your patience 





#46793 Ask the Developer of Revenge of Revan....a Question.

Posted by Logan23 on 21 June 2016 - 01:00 AM

Hi! I was trying to install this mod because I've read really great things about it. There is a problem though. I did everything right but it starts me off at the prologue for KotOR 2. I have the Steam version. Is there any way to fix this?  :blush:


The issue is probably in the module folder of your kotor2 game.


To solve this-
Go into the module folder in your steam kotor2 directory 


I'm not at my desk but the first module should be EBO001 or something like that
You should see an EBO###.mod file and an erf of the same name. 
Simply re4name the EBO###.erf file to ex. NOEBO###.erf

The game will then see the .mod file instead.


Let me know if this worked or any questions.



#44768 Update 4/9/2016 The Player's Ship

Posted by Logan23 on 10 April 2016 - 06:23 AM

Hi everyone!


Below are some images of the inside of the Raptor.


These are not the final setup,..there will be tweaks but you can see how we are trying to make the Raptor look like someone lives there.










































#44764 Ask the Developer of Revenge of Revan....a Question.

Posted by Logan23 on 10 April 2016 - 02:56 AM

I'll be posting some pics later tonight- California pst time....before midnight

#42408 Update 1/18/2016 - Escaped Hoth

Posted by Logan23 on 29 January 2016 - 03:28 AM

All this talk about exploding fans lol


Everyone here gets +10 Dark side points  :thumbup:

#42177 Update 1/18/2016 - Escaped Hoth

Posted by Logan23 on 21 January 2016 - 01:53 AM

Looks great as always Logan

Please no


Keep Mandalore as a drunk in this mod.





There will be no drunk Canderous.



Mandalore/Canderous will be more of what you would think of a leader of the Mandalorians - very much in control =)

#42096 Update 1/18/2016 - Escaped Hoth

Posted by Logan23 on 19 January 2016 - 08:07 AM

Hi everyone


I feel like i was frozen on Hoth the past several weeks.


Good news- I have a place to live at now- so i won't be living under my work desk.



Thanks to some fellow modders here I learned abit about editing module properties to create atmosphere.


This new mood to the module was done just today and thanks to the new Toolset from Fair Strides , I have starting to populate and test changes way more quickly- an amazing modding tool!









Here are some quick pics of Vogga's Ship (Goto's old module)


Had to make them a little lighter since the images came out dark orginally













More to Come


















#38122 RoR Update 9/21 with pics

Posted by Logan23 on 21 September 2015 - 11:20 PM

Hi all
What I will be showing here through the use of images is how a player can make choices - and how it can be used for later in the game and how we are going about with their use.
The player is faced with an issue- behind this door - two Republic soldiers.
The player can either open the door and kill them or look around the area to find another way to neutralize them.
The game will take note of which choice you make.
Here the player is going to use the kolto chemicals to create a gas that case knock them out
Basically while kolto is used to heal, it also can relax the body to the point of paralysis if the mixture is too pure.
Player now places the device with the gas so it will travel to the next room.
Here you can see the soldiers are knocked out.
The player could have killed or not kill the characters.
Killing Republic soldiers/officials will impact events and future choice options and relationships with characters.
Below the player must deal with this situation.
Again - will the player kill this Republic officer when he is just doing his duty.
Player decided to Force Push the officer during the dialogue scene - this will also be noted in the game.
Later in the game, conversations will happen and these events above could come into play - the party member/or NPC will make note of these past choices.
Choices like this and other will shape how the party interacts, others see you from other factions and even the ending.
This is a quick example how we are using them and giving players some freedom when we can.

#36226 Update 8/4/2015

Posted by Logan23 on 05 August 2015 - 04:30 AM

Hey, quick update-



I have my laptop back and im back to moddding.



Will have something to show very soon




#34265 Update 6/24

Posted by Logan23 on 25 June 2015 - 12:04 AM



I wanted to let you know what has been going on.


I have taken a few weeks off the mod in order to focus on getting a new job which has paid off.

I'll be starting a new job next week!


What this means for the RoR Mod:


The job's hours are normal working hours vs my last job was 3pm- midnight, plus my days off are the same every week!


When i get done with work I'm usually still fill with energy from the day which now can be spent to the mod.


Just wanted to say hi and let you know whats going on =)




#33136 Update 5/25/15

Posted by Logan23 on 26 May 2015 - 05:10 AM

Hi everyone,

I want to apologize for not posting sooner.

The mod is still going but very slowly.
This is due to- deciding to stay in San Francisco (very expensive) or move back to NJ.
I will need to find a place to live and a job to cover rent.

Thank You all for your continued support.


P.S. I will post more often

#30472 Ask the Developer of Revenge of Revan....a Question.

Posted by Logan23 on 30 December 2014 - 12:19 AM

Hey everyone,

The project is alive but due to holidays this month - haven't done much on the mod.


This will be changing in January.

The project is going but slowly.

#29417 Ask the Developer of Revenge of Revan....a Question.

Posted by Logan23 on 16 October 2014 - 10:39 AM

That may sound like an odd question, but... how have you replaced a part of a movie with another? I mean, replaced Ebon Hawk with the shuttle in jump-to-hyperspace movie, for example?


I have a few options but I'm hoping to use the game model with the reskin and then shoot the scene in "Source Filmmaker".




Thank you Logan I love the UI can't wait




I just updated the developer build with the latest version of the UI.



Other than Bastilla, Bao-Dur and Brianna/Handmaiden, are there any other past party members that are going to make their appearance in the game?


By the way, that UI looks pretty awesome.


Yes there will be others but some of this will be depended on how kotor 2 ended -for example.


I have placed them in the story based on the character was defined in kotor 1/2.



I have several questions.

You mentioned that the player can define content restored in TSLRCM; does that include M4-78EP since that's often considered to go hand-in-hand with TSLRCM?

Since Handmaiden is returning, will there be Disciple for female Exiles? Or will that also be a choice?

Lastly, will anything to reference Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge be included as well? Even a small cameo from Sera Degana (also known as Channa Mae, Matilda and Shadow of Revan) would be incredibly awesome. If I remember correctly, she left to wander the galaxy with Kobayashi after fighting her former master, Solomon.


Haven't decided on how M4-78 could factor in based on the mod. Its something to think about- I'm sure it will be mentioned in one for or other.


Disciple and Handmaiden are both included wither the exile was male or female. The thinking behind this- I'm sure they would have naturally gravitated to the new Jedi Order. 

But if anyone mentions their travels with the exile- then those comments be be based on wither exile was male or female.


I love the mod- Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge! 

I would love to have a cameo or even some NPC make a comment about them but unless Doc gives me the green light - and what would be mentioned would come from he view on where they are- then I would be happy too.

But right now- no there will be no mention of them- maybe some modder will mod into RoR what you are asking for.



KOTOR 2... Seems like only yesterday that I was beta testing the M4-78 restoration mod. Looking forward to ROR. When is the next update out?


I will have some news very soon.






#27154 Ask the Developer of Revenge of Revan....a Question.

Posted by Logan23 on 25 May 2014 - 08:07 AM

is the mod dead?


The Mod is very much alive.


I have started a new job, yes I'm employed now =)


Been working on my brother's mac power book and it took some time to get kotor2 running on it.


But I will soon have my own pc laptop in a few weeks - then I can really get back to the methods i had before.

#26376 Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge [Sera Degana Inquiry]

Posted by Logan23 on 11 April 2014 - 08:43 PM

OK, after watching a quick let's play of the mod - to remind myself of what I might have forgotten. 


I think she was a Vallley Girl , . . [;aughs] I kid, I kid




As a Cliff Notes version:

Think of a Echani Warrior who is blindly dedicated in what one wishes to do (as they do with combat) , add in that she deep down is unsure like a teenager coming of age /wondering who are they internally/identity. She is more masculine than feminine/ like a tomboy mentality-like expressions/tone/composure. She has a hard time with love since she sees love as loyalty like one that is discipline in a form of combat-she has a hard time with the idea of love being emotional. Her caring is shown through her will to fight for/ protect someone like a family member.

A hard time relating at time due to her past Jedi training and having grownup as a slave, her sense of humor is very much feeding off the comment of someone else to create a humorous moment but it also can come out of her awkwardness in such social moments. Her social skills when it comes to feelings/humor/ and small talk are not fully develop. She would rather talk and discuss about actual solid topics or tasks.


Her Arc-

She goes from a slave -   to a Jedi-   to a Jedi with a cause-   to a Sith/fallen Jedi loyal to her master- to a lost person who is left with questions- to a person who is forced to confront her past- Face her self and allow her self to search for the answers to the questions that have haunted her for so long- to face her old master and in doing so facing her self- to redeeming her master as well as finally deciding who she is what she wants in life, she will have no master other than herself-she is free and alive- She knows herself.



Just random comments:

She is strong in her focus and will but under it she is seeking to find her identity/her self. 

She only starts opening up to this later in the mod and at the end she decides who she is.



When she finds out her old master has been seen, she has this anxiety of wanting to find him. She is stubborn in her determination to find him.



She is a bad liar when trying to hid something when asked a question on something she doesn’t want to talk about.



She can be stubborn/determined when she wants to do something- ex she wanted to go to the Korriban wasteland and she wasn’t going to be talked down from the idea



She sees herself as a warrior and not a dancer – when she was asked to be the dancer in the mod’s new scenes. She has is a tough female and not one who shows her feminine side. This probably comes from her training –since her master as an Echani Jedi/ warrior


She accepts the consequences of her choice to follow Revan


She knows she has changed and is no longer the child that was found on the Hutt planet so long ago



Her obedience to Revan and the War is centered around Revan's ability to inspire others/ she at the time of joining the war was at a time where she was looking for purpose and the call to help others/ fight in the War/ this became her identity at a time.


When she takes on a task, she goes 110% in, almost to the point of being blind to what else is going on around her- And this is why her master thought Revan manipulated her in a dark side way.

She has a sense of humor but it's one that plays off what someone else would say. She would not be comfortable telling a joke.  This is seen in the last scene as the three are walking away from Revan and her dead master talking about who will be the new mechanic.