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In Topic: How Do I Use KT?

11 January 2017 - 02:18 AM

its still there, i even reduced the white part of the alpha as small as possible and its still there


alpha channel doesnt go well with other lightsabers it seems... hahaha



Sorry to bring up this post but I am working on a similar lightsaber mod, how did you get past this issue?

In Topic: Black Core Lightsabers

11 January 2017 - 01:14 AM

Interesting, I had never seen that mod. I did try to get a black core but failed, I think because of how the texture gets applied to the model. This updates the model, I assume to get past that problem.

It appears to me that in TOR there's no color in the blade either, only in the outer glow.

I took a look at the texture for the black one and it should be as simple as giving the white parts a color because there's transparency in the image.

You can give this a try as a reskin for the black one:
(convert to tga, I can't attach a tga, name it/replace w_lsabreblak01.tga)
I multiplied the layer to make the glow more visible, might be too much though.

I recently reinstalled KotOR, don't really want to mod it yet, but I'm interested in a screenshot of that in action.

And if I wanted to get this texture into TSL how would I do that, don't the lightsaber textures in that game have more dots than in kotor