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TSL Item rarity

Today, 03:18 AM

To this day I can't remember if I've ever found Jolees Robes in TSL. I can remember that I always used a very unmodified version of the game on PC in the beginning, but I played well over 15+ playthroughs on my Xbox original before playing the game on PC.


The only method I knew of to get his robes at the time on Xbox original was spamming a save right before speaking to Fassa the docking master for Vogga on Nar Shaddaa. Upon completion of his pylon quest you receive an item that was possible to be Jolees Robes. I could never actually get his robes though.


I did try spamming the infinite hssiss glitch as early as possible a few times but I still wasn't able to find Jolees Robes. I also never found Malaks robes in TSL, but I was only really concerned with not finding Jolees Robes to be fair. 


The one thing I didn't like about the random loot in TSL was having multiple Freedon Nadd Blasters in one playthrough, or other multiple unique items. 


The last few playthroughs I've used on the PC version has had a lot of mods, and I've not actually concentrated on acquiring Jolees Robes, as I've had like 100+ mods installed. 


Has anybody ever found Jolees Robes before? Or have I been unlucky?

Questions about Stealth Animation

15 May 2017 - 08:10 PM

A supermodel is the model that another model draws its animations from. For example, player models draw their animations from a chained series of supermodels with various shared and unique male/female animations. When the game tells the model to play a specific animation, it checks if that animation is included in the model, if not then it looks at the specified supermodel and checks it for the animation (and further on, if it also references a supermodel itself, like for players). "Super" in this sense just means "above", referring to the fact that the model with the animations is higher up the chain in terms of priority.

The original C_Terentatek model has unique animations. For the scaled versions I just imported geometry only, scaled up the scene, changed the name of the AuroraBase, changed the animation scale value to match the world scale change, and then changed the supermodel from null to C_Terentatek. Thus the scaled versions have no inherent animations themselves, they rely on the original model for those.


Thanks for the great advice as ever!!


Do you know what part of the chained series of supermodels for the player that controls the stealth animation? 

Music (Non - Star wars)

15 May 2017 - 01:38 PM

Hello all, 


I wish to gauge some people in what they listen to, truth be told most of the songs I've found and really liked have actually been on TV shows. And if truth be told when I was younger the music I enjoyed the most was Reggae / Hip hop. I ignored most other types of music and avoided listening to the radio altogether, and my little sister has a better music knowledge than I do these days haha. Most songs I list to her via email she's already heard a year before I've ever even knew it existed haha (I've only discovered Pearl Jam in the last week). 


So, does anybody have any songs that have a heavy Piano, Violin or saxophone influence? It doesn't have to be limited to an English based song. 


Here is a list of the last few songs I've heard, liked and saved. They're in no particular genre:


Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under 
The Last Kingdom Soundtrack (Uhtreds sons death)
knockin' on heaven's door piano (Lucifer TV show version)
Medley - Deborah Loves Rudy 
Ludovico Einaudi-Nuvole Bianche
John Swihart - You're all alone
Comptine d'Un Autre Été- Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie Piano 
The Vikings are told of ragnars death (Vikings Season 3 soundtrack)
The Middle East - Deep Water
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
Jesus and Lafayette (true blood, 0.15 seconds in)
Daughter - Candles
The Shins - Simple Song
Peacock Affect - I wrote this in the dark
Wardruna - Helvegen (The Way To Hel)
I know I said Non - Star wars music but here's my favorite violin song at the moment: 


A problem with the vanilla model / texture for the Valley of the dark lords module

14 May 2017 - 04:13 PM

I have came across an issue with the appearance of the cliff side near Naga Sadows tomb within the Valley of the dark lords on Korriban. I was wondering if someone has ever fixed the issue before, no mods that I currently have changes the strange look of the cliff side. 

I thought it was a problem with my laptop until I saw this screenshot on Nexus:




This is a picture from my laptop:


Attached File  KotOR0000f.JPG   543.94KB   0 downloads


Enlarged creature models in Kotor 1

14 May 2017 - 01:41 PM

Hello all, 


I wish to have new creature types (not new species) within my Jolees Hut mod questline. They don't have to be completely new I only wish for either an enlarged Kinrath, Terentatek or a Kath Hound. My preference is Terentatek.


Is this easy to do? I've seen it before with aliens or the player model.