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In Topic: [Request] A ripped Mandalorian model

Today, 06:39 AM

Seeing as there was a bit of spare UV space, I decided to try out a second version with the addition of the collar from one of the player armours:

Helmetless_Mando_Armour_06_TH.jpg Helmetless_Mando_Armour_07_TH.jpg

Helmetless_Mando_Armour_08_TH.jpg Helmetless_Mando_Armour_09_TH.jpg

Here are the compiled models of both versions with placeholder textures (as pictured above) and UV templates:



Thanks for your assistance DP, great work as ever :D

In Topic: [Request] A ripped Mandalorian model

Yesterday, 07:28 AM

I love what you've done with the torso. It'll be good to see some Mandalorian faces.

In Topic: [Request] A ripped Mandalorian model

Yesterday, 07:01 AM

Unless you get permission from Dak, you're not going to be able to publish any works that are derivative of his work. That will limit the folks willing to help you. So focus your efforts on getting in touch with Dak.


I understand about not using someone elses work. I held off on releasing my Canderous Overhaul to get a reply from Dak. But he never replied so I released it without the modified Mandalorian Armor model lol. 


This thread was an alternative approach as he hasn't answered in a month. 

In Topic: [Request] A ripped Mandalorian model

Yesterday, 06:46 AM

I PM'ed him on this site on the 27th of March :D

In Topic: Download:Zaalbar HD

27 April 2017 - 07:56 AM

Here's a screenshot of Zaalbar without Rashade, I don't think it's the best for screenshots:


Attached File  KotOR0001a.jpg   318.52KB   1 downloads


That is a nice upgrade. Please do the same for Hanharr next!


I second this request!