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#38345 Bugs and minor inconveniences with M4-78EP (1.2)

Posted by Obi Wan Pere on 28 September 2015 - 02:32 PM

First of all say THANKS and show my admiration all that people for these big and great jobs
Second, English is not my native language and for sure I'm far of perfection. "My only Hope" ;-) is to be able that you understand me.
Well, the problem... (I hope too this is the correct place for the plot)
I downloaded TSLRCM and M4-78EP 1.2.3 and made it run with my 4CD's Spanish version (I know, I know...). It looks like works fine and I can complete Peragus with no problems. After cutscene escaping Peragus, at the Ebon Hawk begins a conversation about what to do (go Telos) and finally about Kreia's wound. All right, at the beginning of the conversation the game freezes, not completely stopped but almost frozen. With time and patience, I'm able to finish the conversation but the game is still frozen. I cannot go out of the cockpit and run for the Hawk. I can interact with the galaxy map, with Atton, and with M3 if he's close enough (the only solution for get out of the cockpit, but stuck again after speaking).
Knowing about limitations of M4-78 with languages, I tried with an English version of K2 (4 CD's). At this moment without any other mod installed, only -obviously, TSLRCM and the patch. Well, the problem is still there. Frozen again at the same point. I've tested with minimum detail options and resolutions, with a set of options of NVidia control panel I've found in this forums, and nothing to do, the problem is still there.
With a fresh installation of K2 and (only) TSLRCM, I have no problems and I can reach Telos normally. (The game give me problems if I simply uninstall M4-78.) Testing different things, I've run through Peragus 4 or 5 times these last days. I think I could make it through Peragus with Kreia's dead eyes now... I don't know what else I can do. 
I want to know -and enjoy- the new contents of TSLRCM, but I wouldn't like leave an entire planet and all its story like is M4-78
Thanks again, from the fringe of the galaxy, Mallorca, in Catalan Countries.
P.S.: Sorry for the "bible"...