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In-game armors

02 August 2015 - 10:28 PM

Hello guys.I do not know if another topic like this exists already(I admit,I am too lazy to search in the forum for it).I noticed that nor here neither in any other site there is a mod that adds the republic trooper's and officer's armor for the player to wear both for kotor 1 and kotor 2.I wouldn't mind having one mod like this available,I am sure many people would like to wear the republic military armor's.Also,for kotor 1 there is a mod that adds the mandalorian armors in-game and makes them available for the player but isn't happening for kotor 2.Pity,if you ask me.Same goes for the sith trooper armor and especially the commando ones(both the red and the silver color armors).And to be honest,I wouldn't mind getting the robes of the sith we encounter inside the rakata temple and on the star forge(kotor 1) both for kotor 1 and for kotor 2.I would really love if there was mods that add these armors in-game(I prefer to get them in-game rather than using the cheat concole since I am not a fun of cheating although adding mods in the game could be considered cheating but anyway,I believe you understand my point).If there is any mode like these coming any time soon,please let me know.



note:I haven't checked the existing cheats for either of the games so if I can get any of the above mentioned armors and robes via cheats,please let me know.