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In Topic: New Landing and Take-Off Videos

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

Playing through Onderon, a couple of a additions to the wish list come to mind. JCarter and I discussed these previously at points, namely the Mandalorian shuttle and the Basilisk War Droid. If you were going to remake the landing videos, might as well add those two to the list. That would be a good opportunity to switch out the in-game appearance of the shuttle, swapping the G-Wing for something else. And of course tackling the issue of the canonicity of the Basilisk's appearance (or lack thereof).

In Topic: New Landing and Take-Off Videos

12 December 2017 - 04:51 AM

The forum has a large mod projects sub-forum. I'd suggest that if this project is to progress to anything significant, an early point of business would be creating a dedicated sub-forum for it. That seems like it would fall under your purview.

Depending on how hands on you want to be, there are a myriad of managerial/organisational type things that you could do. Having been involved in an (ultimately failed) large mod project before, I know firsthand that these sorts of things live or die based on organisation. Trying to get a group of disparate modders to do anything collectively is like herding cats. It will quickly fall into a heap unless things are very clearly planned out.

As an example, for myself as a potentially interested contributor, what I absolutely need is a clear outline of exactly what the project is doing, what has been done, and what yet remains to be done, and who is doing what. I need a list of tasks that are awaiting assignment that I can peruse, and if one takes my fancy I need very specific guidelines for what is required and by when. To use the Yavin station as an example, I would want specifics of size/dimensions, does it have to be fully constructed or do you only need a camera facing half, is it a high poly CG model or a low poly game model, does it need lightmapping UVs, do I need to create the textures, what's the timeline for completion, etc. Who do I talk to if I have questions/problems, how do I report my progress, what do I do with the final assets? And if I agree to undertake this task, then it needs to be made clear that this task has been assigned, so someone else isn't doubling up the same work. Someone, or possibly several someones, needs to implement and manage such a system.

In Topic: New Landing and Take-Off Videos

12 December 2017 - 03:54 AM

The hangar itself would also be needed as well.  I've made a separate request to support that need.

Yes, I noticed. To be honest that's premature at this stage. At this point we need discussion and organisation. Randomly making stuff now is a waste of time, as chances are it could end up needing to be partially or wholly remade at a later date once all the requirements are known. And regardless, doing it via random request threads is not the way to go. That way lies madness.

If you are keen to pitch in SH, I'd suggest there are far more useful contributions you could make in an administrative capacity.

In Topic: New Landing and Take-Off Videos

12 December 2017 - 03:27 AM

Oh, we also don't have Yavin Station.

It's basically just a giant lightsaber with a couple of flappy bits.


I don't think recreating it would prove to be a significant challenge.

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11 December 2017 - 08:36 AM

I assume you are a former Bioware Austin employee, from their Cartel Market art team?