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#54951 [WIP] Bao-Dur Endgame Enhancement

Posted by l2daorch on 15 March 2017 - 08:41 PM

Much love for doing this. Can't wait for this to be out. 

#54674 JCarter426 reminisces on the M4-78 EP that never came to be

Posted by l2daorch on 03 March 2017 - 09:17 AM

That Manaan stuff sounds really sick. As others said, I think it'd be a great addition to the mod, and also improve K2 as a whole. Both games are already well connected due to K2 reusing Dantooine/Korriban so I think getting a connection to the other planets would be great. Obsidian probably only put those planets in to save time, but I still think that it's great that K2 does such a great job in following up the events of the previous game.

Any idea why the Selkath was cut? I mean outside of HH hating Selkath.

#51475 Full Workaround for "DisableVertexBufferOptions" in TSL Steam Update

Posted by l2daorch on 31 December 2016 - 07:11 PM

For some of us, time is a factor. I'd rather spend my free time playing, instead of trying to get something to work.

That's pretty much what I said. Some prefer to spent their time playing rather than getting something to work, for others like me getting it to work is fun in itself. I think time is a factor for everyone nowadays, I just actually enjoy spending some of mine with solving problems.


Personally I don't understand why we don't have the option of rebinding buttons. 

For me, the button layout isn't the problem (you can use software like 360ce to rebind controller buttons for all games), it's that the way you control it is god awful. Having to constantly force the game to go from the item bar to the combat action bar is really annoying. I honestly had more fun using a mouse bound to the right analog stick for combat or using the Dualshock 4's touchpad as a mouse.


Don't assume. I played the OG Xbox versions for years until roughly 2014. 


I don't use the Widescreen custom hacks because in my experience, especially in K1- they're terrible. 

I wasn't looking to offend anyone. I was just really disappointed by the update and was just curious as to why people were using it as I saw no advantage whatsoever. As I said, I always managed to get widescreen to work, besides lots of issues when I tried to set it up on my old 720p TV. That goes for both uniws and flawless, I also never had to change any ingame settings due to widescreen... But I guess others might and I can see how not everyone would wish to invest the time to get it to work. 

Again I wasn't trying to offend you, I just figured you had never played it on an Xbox if you thought the new controller support was fine. I find it quiet unplayable tbh. I also wasn't implying that you weren't using many mods (or whatever is the reason for you feeling like you have to post your mod list), I was just saying that some people may enjoy convenience (out of the box widescreen, steamwork shop etc.) while others might not mind having to put in some extra time. Of course installing mods is always a lot of work and if you feel like I implied that you were lazy then I do apologise for that.

#51464 Full Workaround for "DisableVertexBufferOptions" in TSL Steam Update

Posted by l2daorch on 31 December 2016 - 04:34 PM

Widescreen resolutions without any hack, controller support and I've encountered no problems with it. 


Have you played the original xbox version? I'd much rather set up a custom Dual Shock 4 layout and use that to play Kotor than the joke that they refer to as "controller support", switching between the target thingy and the items bar is a just sad.

I guess I can understand the widescreen support if you enjoy plug & play. Personally, setting up a new Kotor playthrough is usually 2 weeks of looking for mods, setting up widescreen and making sure everything works. For me it's part of the experience and I actually enjoy spending hours getting widescreen to work just right. And I only ever had any real issues with widescreen when using a 720p display, but even then I managed to get it to work just fine. 

I guess it does have a place then, since people seem to enjoy the convenience it adds. It comes down to whether you wanna just go ahead and play or invest a decent amount of time to tweak your experience to what you want to have.

#51430 Full Workaround for "DisableVertexBufferOptions" in TSL Steam Update

Posted by l2daorch on 30 December 2016 - 03:02 PM

If you could, bug him about KOTOR 1 not getting the same update please lol. 


Oh dear please don't. I was quite hyped about their update when it first came out and planned on using it in my next playthrough. But now after watching my gf play it... They introduced some bugs, the controller support is pretty bad when you compare it to the original xbox controls and adding wide-screen support was never that big of a deal without their update. I'd much rather use Kotor Collection, which works flawlessly on modern OS and everything else can be done via mods. Adding controller support via xpadder isn't even significantly worse than what they added...

I guess if I really wanted to play Kotor 2 under Linux I'd go with their version...

#37800 Getting the most out of Planet M4-78EP

Posted by l2daorch on 12 September 2015 - 05:04 PM

Go to your kotor 2 folder. Open the modules folder. If you have mod files called 801DRO - 809DRO in there you should be fine.

Alternatively you can use warp cheat codes to warp to those areas to see if they work.