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Help needed fixing my GLIntercept FreeCam

17 May 2017 - 12:29 PM

Hey everyone, I'm a bit of a lurker on these forums, so sorry if this is posted in the wrong place!


Those of you who know me know I'm currently working on a machinima film series adapting KOTOR 2, the primary method I use for the "free-camera" effect is the GLIntercept FreeCam method, which you can download here: http://deadlystream....eecam-in-kotor/


Now, I've been using this software since around 2014 when I began working on the series, and haven't had a single problem with it, yet, the other day, I loaded up the game to capture some footage for my film (CTRL, SHIFT, C, I haven't changed the default keys to toggle the freecam on or off) and my game started doing, well, this: https://www.youtube....h?v=FOibVCdSSao


I have no idea what's causing this, I've tried deleting & re-installing the GL software completely, following Xuul's tutorial for it in case I'd forgotten how to install it properly, even tried changing the keys to toggle the free-cam on and off, but it still happens. Weirdly enough, when I booted up the game today, it started working completely normally again, but then started moving of its own free will again shortly after.


I'm probably just being a complete idiot and overlooking something, but any help would be really appreciated! 


In case they're needed, here are my config files for it from the "Plugins" folder.

Need a tutorial on AniCam (for dummies)

11 June 2016 - 06:12 PM

Hey everyone, I've been trying out the software "AniCam" lately, that not only I believe TSLRCP team used, but also a few KOTOR Machinima makes out there use, being one of these filmmakers I would like to try this out myself.


Following the readme, I've become stuck on the dlg_editor section, I've followed the instructions on creating a template camera shot using the software, but am now struggling on how to integrate it into dlg_editor and into the game. I've tried putting it in amongst dialogue with Atton, but must clearly be going wrong somewhere.


Could someone explain in simple terms what I have to do to get it working in-game? I'd really appreciate it.