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#60564 Star Wars: Rian Johnson's Trilogy

Posted by DarthVarkor on 09 November 2017 - 11:21 PM

Please be Old Republic related, please.

#59807 Trailer Movie

Posted by DarthVarkor on 18 October 2017 - 01:54 PM

I do have plans to do it...eventually. As SH said, I'm currently very busy with my own film as well as uni work on top of that. Maybe around December time when the semester comes to an end, who knows?


I did also do one for K1, but I can't seem to find it at the moment...

#59787 Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Posted by DarthVarkor on 17 October 2017 - 08:21 PM

I'm very meh on this one, even the name is predictably...dull. While I was hyped for Rogue One, the idea of a Han Solo prequel doesn't really interest me that much. Add to that, all the production dilemmas that have been reported recently don't fill me with confidence.


With that said, I'll no doubt go and see it, but I won't be going into it with very high expectations, I imagine. 

#59733 Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Posted by DarthVarkor on 12 October 2017 - 01:47 PM

Looks like I'm also in the minority here, but I really don't get what everyone's beef with The Force Awakens is. Yes, I'm fully aware that it has many parallels to not just A New Hope but for the the original trilogy in general. But what no one seems to notice is all of the Star Wars films mirror each other. Yes, TFA takes a bit too far in some places, such as Starkiller Base being another Death Star, but how people can dislike it so much amazes me. When the prequels came out, everyone said "this doesn't feel like Star Wars, too much CGI", etc. and now TFA is out, everyone said "this is too much like ANH, the prequels were bad, but at least they were something new". No one seems to hate Star Wars more than Star Wars fans it seems. Sure, JJ could have done something more experimental with the story, but can you really blame him for playing it safe after the backlash the prequels got? It's a retro movie, sure, but it was a return to practical effects, real sets, some great acting, likable characters and good film-making. Compared to some of the mindless CGI crap Hollywood churns out at the moment (looking at you, Transformers), TFA is a great movie with some flaws.


Look at Kylo Ren alone; compare him in TFA to Vader in ANH, who is the better character? Not who is more iconic or "cooler", but who from those two films alone is a better character? People whine because Kylo was "weak" and a joke compared to Vader, but that's exactly what he was meant to be, he literally wears a helmet to hide how he looks. It's a pretense, he's trying to be as intimating as his grandfather. If Kylo had just been a generic bad-ass in black with a mask, everyone would be saying "he's just a Vader rip-off". What's wrong with a flawed villain done right? We don't know what Kylo will evolve into yet, he is how Anakin should have been written.


As for Rogue One, I like it, I have some issues with its pacing particularly around the middle section, I also didn't care much for the characters, though it was pretty much a given from the outset that they would all die. But the final act on Scarif is Star Wars at its finest. Anyone who says they didn't get goosebumps during that final sequence with the planet's destruction and THAT Vader scene is lying. For me, it was a fun, exciting prequel that nailed the 70s look of the original trilogy perfectly.


Now, if Episodes 8&9 were to be simple re-hashes of Empire and Return of the Jedi, then I would have some issues. But, I can honestly say I am excited for TLJ, Rian Johnson is a fantastic director when it comes to Sci-Fi, and from everything I have heard about it, it sounds like we're in for something quite different. As others have mentioned in this topic, Luke's views on the Jedi Order seem very similar to Kreia's philosophy, and if it's anything like that, then I'm game. While I'm glad Colin Trevorrow is no longer directing Ep9 (Jurassic World was very...meh, big dumb action, no substance) I do have some concerns about J.J. Abrams coming back, I'd much rather let Rian Johnson handle the film. But, I guess only time will tell. 

#59623 Need help with getting Carth to look...right (TSL)

Posted by DarthVarkor on 08 October 2017 - 05:34 PM

Hey everyone, I don't create topics often here so sorry if this is in the wrong section!


For those who know me, you'll know I'm currently creating a machinima film series based on K2, and an now onto working on the final film. For the previous three films I have used jinger's Admiralty Mod with the TSLRCM compatibility mod for Carth. The mod works fine in cutscenes, and for scenes I created myself in order to get Carth to wear the admiral uniform I simply created a disguise for him, equipped it, and equipped the original horrible red armour Obsidian gave him for vanilla K2, wearing that armour automatically switched to the admiral uniform from the Admiralty mod. I recently re-installed K2, TLSRCM and the Admiralty mod and its patch for TSLRCM, made a Carth disguise, equipped it and the armour as I did before but this time he stays in the original red armour. I'm at a complete loss here as he wears the admiral uniform in the cutscenes (Battle of Telos, conversation with him on Citadel Station, etc.) 


For those who aren't quite sure what I mean, see here in my latest film: https://youtu.be/VPiRXgxeHkA?t=29m38s


Does anyone know anyway to fix this?

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#57181 The Recruitment Of Master Atris

Posted by DarthVarkor on 14 June 2017 - 06:06 PM

Nice one, Reztea, probably won't be able to play this anytime soon due to having other plans for Atris in my machinima series, but I look forward to finally playing through with this mod when it's done!

#56949 End Credit Music: An Plea to Those Hoping to Resolve the Recent Issue

Posted by DarthVarkor on 04 June 2017 - 03:27 PM

Here's my third one: 



This uses "The Tomb of Freedon Nadd" and "Aboard the Ebon Hawk" for TSLRCM, and "Hero's Walk" for M4-78.


If you guys decide not to use the latter for M4-78, perhaps B-4D4 could work?  It's a tad short, though, so would have to be either extended or mixed with another track, just a thought.

#56947 End Credit Music: An Plea to Those Hoping to Resolve the Recent Issue

Posted by DarthVarkor on 04 June 2017 - 11:35 AM

Great mixes L0ki & bead-v, I'll have another stab at this later on today if I get the chance.

#56928 End Credit Music: An Plea to Those Hoping to Resolve the Recent Issue

Posted by DarthVarkor on 03 June 2017 - 10:22 PM

Put these two together quickly:






I tried to keep the same time lengths JC mentioned as well as I could, the text also changes signify when the credits switch from TSLRCM to M4-78 EP. The first video uses the M4-78 music Sith Holocron suggested for the M4-78 part, whereas the second video is a mixture of two other tracks from the game.

#56498 Help needed fixing my GLIntercept FreeCam

Posted by DarthVarkor on 17 May 2017 - 11:30 PM

Hey, tpiom, that's basically what I just did about 30 mins before seeing your reply on here, weirdly enough, after a full re-install, I loaded up K2, used the command keys to activate the free-camera and it started doing it again! But I seemed to be able to change the direction it was moving by pressing the directional control keys for it, very weird. But then, say if it was tilting left, I hit the key once for tilt left, it stopped! And it hasn't come back since on either K1 or 2, really weird.


I think it's to do with the shift key, not only is it the modifier for the speed of the camera, but holding it whilst holding down the tilt buttons seems to lock it in that direction, and only tapping said key again on its own without shift seems to stop that, too. I'm just gonna put it down to me being clumsy with what keys I'm pressing. Panic over! 

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#51345 R.I.P. Carrie Fisher

Posted by DarthVarkor on 27 December 2016 - 06:45 PM

Farewell, Princess.

"I am one with the Force, the Force is with me."

#51021 What Did You Think of Star Wars: Rogue One?: MASSIVE SPOILERS

Posted by DarthVarkor on 15 December 2016 - 12:51 PM

What was Darth Vader doing in a Bacta Tank?

Even Sith Lords have to shower!

#38009 KOTOR II Machinima Trilogy

Posted by DarthVarkor on 19 September 2015 - 03:55 PM

Hey everyone, firstly, I hope this is in the right section, if not, my apologies. 


Anyway, I'm sure everyone here is aware of Kaydon Sentry's amazing KOTOR Movie Trilogy, and the subsequent other iterations that have followed, including AB Director's (unfinished), Revan 411's, DarthYcey's, and now, mine. Like 411 and Ycey I'm adapting the second game into a trilogy, giving it a fresh, darker and more psychological approach with tons of new content and characters.


Episode I, "Return of the Exile" was released in July this year, and you can watch it here:


Episode 2 (title to be announced) is currently around 40% done, and is looking great in my opinion, I'm taking lots of feedback into account to make sure it is a worthy sequel, this includes full moving lips for all characters, a shorter, snappier length and better pace (RotE is 2 hours and 35 mins, Ep2 is looking at being 2 hours & 15 minutes including credits), and better writing for the new characters, that's not to say I feel RotE was bad, simply that there are some clear improvements that can be made and I'm working hard  on making sure they make Episodes 2&3 better films overall.


Feedback is more than welcome, and I'm always on the look out for new ideas, suggestions, and voice actors!