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#56574 [WIP] Recruit Dark Side Juhani

Posted by Kexikus on Yesterday, 07:14 PM

Speaking of mods, do you know - at this point- if there are mods that will surely be incompatible with this, once released?


Recruitment mods that replace Juhani with a new character will obviously be incompatible.

Mods that alter Juhani's appearance will be incompatible but can receive a compability patch.


Other than that, I don't know yet. I have a list of mods that I want it to be compatible with, so I'll try to get these compatibilities done or provide a patch, but I can't say which ones yet (except for K1R, which will definetly be compatible).

#56417 Block "Item Lost/Received" message

Posted by Kexikus on 15 May 2017 - 12:36 PM

Is this the same as Kotor 1?

I don't think so or they would have used it for the HK upgrades. The documentation in K1's nwsscript.nss has no information on that either. The latter is also true for TSL but that's probably due to Obsidian not updating the documentation properly when updating the function.

#56411 Block "Item Lost/Received" message

Posted by Kexikus on 15 May 2017 - 07:25 AM

No, I didn't... And now I feel like an idiot. I didn't check the commented out part at all but that was indeed the solution. Thank you very much :)


So to answer my original question:

At least in TSL you can add "TRUE" as an additional argument to both CreateItemOnObject() and DestroyObject() and it won't show the "Item received/lost" message.

#56332 Questions about some mod compatibilities

Posted by Kexikus on 13 May 2017 - 09:34 AM

Invisible Head Gear and my Full Jedi Council should also be compatible with these other mods.

#56331 TSL Stealth textures (Steam)

Posted by Kexikus on 13 May 2017 - 09:33 AM

What kind of PC would you recommend? I keep hearing people say that you should play KOTOR with an old PC. But should I then use the RX 470 as a graphics card?


I honestly thought this issue was to do with Steam haha. Not because of my PC. 


Which PC doesn't really matter as long as it has a dedicated graphics card and not an integrated one. That you need an old PC is just wrong. I play KotOR without issues on my Windows 10 with a GTX 1080 and you currently can't get much newer than that.

#56177 Mandalorian Lehon Expansion

Posted by Kexikus on 07 May 2017 - 12:54 PM

No the Quest log is killing me. I can't get any of the jrl tools to work. I've even tried using kotor tool and K-GFF editor, still unable to correctly tinker with it. 

I've put the getting the quest log on the backburner. I don't think it is that essential. 


You really should get the quests working before releasing the mod as those are pretty essential for a quality mod.


Anyway, I might be able to help with the journal entries as I've had issues with those as well. In the end there were two working methods that I discovered: Using dialog.tlk entries and JRLEdit or using K-GFF. In the latter case I only used JRLEdit as a reference and to find certain quests. I'd recommend going for that method as adding lines to dialog.tlk can be quite tedious especially while you're still working on the mod. So what I did is the following (this is for adding entries to existing quests):


I'd use JRLEdit to find the quest and its tag. Then I'd open global.jrl in k-gff and search for the tag. Once you have the right quest, simply right-click one of its entry structs to copy it and then paste it in the same position. Now give it the next available Struct ID and change the StringRef to -1. Finally right-click the StringRef and select Add String. Type your text into that field and save the gff file. That's it.


Creating an entirely new quest would probably work in the same way except that you'd copy an entire quest instead of one entry.

#56103 [WIP] Recruit Dark Side Juhani

Posted by Kexikus on 05 May 2017 - 11:01 AM

I just completed my own playthrough of KotOR with the Dark Side Juhani mod installed, so I figured it's time for a small update.


Thanks to all the people helping me test this mod I now have a list of 55 bugs to fix, oversights to correct and improvements to make. Three more playthroughs are in progress so that number will probably rise some more but the big issues have hopefully been found already.


Now it's time to start fixing those and I've no idea how long that will take. Some of these issues are very small things that will be fixed in a few minutes each, others might take longer depending on how fast I can figure out what's causing an issue.


At this point I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who is testing this mod for me. This is a tremendous help and I couldn't have found all the issues without you. Thanks to you this mod will be way better polished once it's actually done. Thank you :)

#56091 Steam Star Wars games on sale

Posted by Kexikus on 04 May 2017 - 05:54 PM

GoG also has a sale on its Star Wars games for those who prefer DRM-free games :)


And May the fourth be with you.

#56041 Full Jedi Council

Posted by Kexikus on 02 May 2017 - 06:19 AM

Fan voiced? How's that done?


Also is the robes K1 or TSL a change just for this module? 


Being if I pick K1, in the rest of the game do they wear their TSL robes?


T3 answers the question, so no fan voices here.


And yes, the robes are only for this module. No other part of the game was touched in this mod.

#56020 Full Jedi Council

Posted by Kexikus on 01 May 2017 - 11:03 AM

Version 2.0 is now uploaded. Here's what you can expect:


- Replaced generic human Jedi with Vima Sunrider and a Duros
- Vima sunrider has a custom robe (thanks to DarthParametric)
- Choose between K1 and TSL style robes for all Council members (except for those with unique robes)
- The 7 added Council members are now mentioned in the post-trial scene on the Ebon Hawk


Make sure you remove version 1.0 before installing the new one or you'll get Council member clones.

#56003 Sorting droid armor into tiers

Posted by Kexikus on 30 April 2017 - 07:48 AM

Thanks for the reply and sorry about being so vague.

I'm making a mod that changes HK's appearance depending on the armor he's wearing and I want to use this to have a visual representation of him being repaired over the course of the game. So if he's wearing no armor, he looks like a piece of junk and while equipping better and better tiers of armor, his appearance becomes more and more repaired until he looks like the new droid we know from K1 at the highest tier of armor.

So the tiers should be chosen in a way that a player usually won't move down a tier when getting new armor. Thus the sorting should be based on their usefulness in the game. Maybe it's even worth to add the fourth tier for the really good armors like HK's special armor, but as I said, I'm really bad with stats etc, which is why I asked for help^^

#56002 Scripts contingent upon an item being equipped/DS quest mod help

Posted by Kexikus on 30 April 2017 - 07:44 AM

You can also use GetItemInSlot() to check if the lightsaber is actually equipped:

int StartingConditional(){

return GetItemInSlot(<inventory slot goes here>, GetFirstPC()) == GetObjectByTag("<tag of your lightsaber>")


And then probably also add an or condition to check the second hand.


For the alignment shifts you can use the same conditions to check for the equiped item or the item being in the inventory and apply them to the corresponding functions. The scripts for that are k_act_darksml, k_act_darkmed and k_act_darkhigh. If you have a look at those, you'll see that they look like this:

#include "k_inc_debug"
#include "k_inc_utility"
void main()

One possibility would be to add a condition in here that moves the DS hit up one category if you have the item equipped:

#include "k_inc_debug"
#include "k_inc_utility"
void main()
  if(GetIsObjectValid(GetItemPossessedBy(GetFirstPC(), "<item resref>"))) {
  else {

I used JC's method to check for the item here but you could use mine as well (if it actually works^^). For k_act_darkhigh you'd then have to fire UTDarkHigh and UTDarkSml or something if the item is equiped to get a bigger hit.


Or you could directly alter the calculations. To do that you'll need k_inc_utility. The functions like UT_DarkMed are in there but all they do is to call another function called "void UT_AdjustCharacterAlignment(object oTarget, int nScale)". You could edit these calculations, once again using if-conditions to check for your item being equiped, then save your UNCOMPILED k_inc_utility to the Override folder and recompile k_act_darksml, k_act_darkmed and k_act_darkhigh. That would probably be the more elegant solution, but it's up to you.

#55981 Fog and Speed Blur Fix for the 2016 TSL patch

Posted by Kexikus on 29 April 2017 - 09:46 AM

As you might know, fog is not working or at least not working properly in Aspyr's 2016 Steam patch for KotOR 2: TSL. An official fix for this issue doesn't seem to be in sight but luckily HappyFunTimes101 wrote a fix himself.


To show the issue with the 2016 patch, here's a comparison between the Steam and the GOG version:


Attached File  20170429110154_1.jpg   190.56KB   1 downloads   Attached File  Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 04.29.2017 -   3.05MB   2 downloads


As you can see, the fog is really screwed up in the latest Steam version while all other versions (4CD, DVD, gog, Steam legacy) look the same as the "gog picture". In other areas, the issue is not as visible when the fog is completely missing in the Steam version, but if you compare the two versions it's easy to see.


And finally, here's what it looks like with HappyFunTImes101's fix applied:


Attached File  20170429110919_1.jpg   180.49KB   1 downloads


One more comparison, taken from the Ravager where the fog is not present at all in the Steam version:


Attached File  20170429111104_1.jpg   206KB   1 downloads   Attached File  20170429111034_1.jpg   193.06KB   1 downloads


Additionally HappyFunTimes101 provides a completely new speed blur effect to get rid of that headache causing blur in the vanilla game while keeping some visual effect:


Attached File  20170429111309_1.jpg   86.21KB   1 downloads   Attached File  20170429112034_1.jpg   141.58KB   2 downloads   Attached File  20170429112037_1.jpg   147.58KB   2 downloads


It's a little hard to see on a still frame but if you compare the last two pictures, you can see that the edges of the screen are warped while running with Force Speed active. I really like that new effect, but it's optional when installing the fog fix, so it's up to you to decide whether you want it or not.


Which brings me to the important part: How to install the fix

First of all, here's the Read-Me. But I'll provide easier to follow instructions, originally taken from a reddit post by TonyKaku but slightly edited:


  1. Go here and download the contents of the Release folder. Copy them in your main KotOR 2 directory. If you don't want the changed speed effect, go to KotOR 2 directory \ shaders_override and delete fp_speedblur.txt.
  2. Start the game
  3. You should now have two folders called shaders_original and shadow_override in your KOTOR folder.
  4. Go into the shaders_original folder and open the first file with a program like Notepad++
  5. locate the line that says "MOV result.color, r0" (second to last line usually)
  6. right above that line paste the content of the quote under "Fog Issue" that starts with PARAM p =.... Your file should look like this.
  7. Repeat this step for every text file in the folder that has the MOV result.color, r0 line (these are all files starting with fp). That can take some time and there might be ways to automate the process but explaining it might take so long that you're probably just better off doing the whole thing manually.
  8. After you pasted this into every file that has the MOV result.color, r0 line near the end, copy all text files into the shader_override folder.
  9. Launch the game, the fog should now be fixed

This fix is definitely a big step forward for the usability of the Steam patch, which I always avoided due to issues like these. It's up to you to decide if it's easier to fix the fog in the Steam version or to get widescreen support in a different version but it's definitely a good thing to have this patch available. Maybe this fix can even be expanded to include the missing saber hilt textures (if that's even a shader issue).

A big thanks to TonyKaku for posting this on the kotor reddit or I wouldn't have found it. :D


To the moderators: I wasn't sure if that qualifies as a tutorial, so I posted it in the general section. If it is, please just move it or maybe just pin it so that the information doesn't get lost. Thank you :D


Edit: I tried to apply the speed effect change to the older TSL version and to K1, but it's not as easy as I hoped it would be. The shader identified as the speed shader in shader_ident.txt just doesn't exist in these versions of K1/TSL so it can't be overwritten that way either. I assume it would be possible by editing the OpenGL32.dll file but I just don't know how to do that.

#55950 Any tutorials for a beginning modder?

Posted by Kexikus on 28 April 2017 - 01:42 PM


Dang, really? I was really looking into trying to replicate this mod for K1 for my own use since Jorn doesn't mod anymore and has left his mods available for editing 


if hilts are dependent on color, is it possible to map a few hilts to a single color or would there be conflict?


It's no different in KotOR 2: TSL and SLM doesn't change anything about that.


As you probably know, you can change the color in your lightsaber by swapping the color crystal on a workbench both in K1 and in TSL. From the vanilla games, where every saber (of the same type, e.g. single blade sabers) has the same hilt, one might get the impression that this simply swaps the blade texture. However that's not the case. There is one model for each lightsaber type in each color and then there's a 2da file (2d array) called upcrystal.2da that assigns each color crystal the models to use for a standard, short or double saber with this crystal. That's why it's impossible to disconnect color crystal and hilt model. You can of course create two crystals of the same color that link to different hilts to get more variety but something like the system in SWTOR where they're completely independant is not possible. SLM also only adds new color crystals that come with their own unique hilt design and possibly unique color.


You could technically replace the vanilla system by doing the following: Add dummy hilt and color crystal items that can somehow be combined to one item that takes the place of the vanilla color crystals and can be inserted into a lightsaber. The problem here is to find a good way of combining these dummy items since we cannot create a new GUI for it or edit the lightsaber upgrade GUI. So this would have to be done with a dialog system on a new workbench which would probably end up being really annoying to use. But if you have a good idea on how to do this, it would be a possibility.

#55887 Full Jedi Council

Posted by Kexikus on 26 April 2017 - 10:12 AM

So what are the results, so far?


Vima is done, I was able to recreate robes that look pretty close like the K1 robes (without porting of course). They are not perfect but good enough for a short scene like this. All that's left now is to make the installer with the options to choose between K1 and TSL robes.