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#59823 Improved blaster bolts

Posted by Kexikus on 19 October 2017 - 12:47 PM

Have a look at this mod. Maybe you can find the files in there.

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#59817 UPDATE: Credit Videos (for TSLRCM only)

Posted by Kexikus on 19 October 2017 - 05:27 AM

One should add that the Version with credits was supposed to drop More than a month ago as well and hasn't.

And there hasn't been a word on M4 either...

#59786 Deadlystream all the things

Posted by Kexikus on 17 October 2017 - 08:15 PM

A more stable DS chat that doesn't crash when more than 7 people are in it  :hrhr:


Or a chat that's not shut down? ;)

#59540 DP's Droid Foundry v2.0

Posted by Kexikus on 01 October 2017 - 10:31 AM

I might do one more head in the style of the vanilla KOTOR protocol droid. Not sure yet.


That would be awesome. I'd love to add the variety of your droids to my KotOR games but I wouldn't want to loose the vanilla design and a hybrid version similar to your hybrid HK droids would allow me to do that.


And as I haven't said it before: Those droids look awesome!

#59506 Skyrim / Witcher 3 mods

Posted by Kexikus on 29 September 2017 - 08:36 AM

Are incompatibilities an issue with either games? 


Mod incompabilities?


Then yeah, of course there are. Skyrim has thousands of mods and they certainly won't run all at once due to conflicts, but in my memory it was easier to just pile Skyrim mods on top of each other with the Nexus Mod Manager and they would still run just fine.


For Witcher 3 it's a little more tricky when it comes to mods that modify scripts (i.e. pretty much everything that's not just textures). As there's no patcher to install these mods, you'll run into troubles as soon as two mods edit the same script. However, there's a tool called Witcher 3 Script Merger that will allow you to merge these mods into one. It works automatically most of the time but sometimes you need to manually select the script parts it should merge.

And then there's also a random artificial limit on how many mods you can install at once but there seems to be a mod merger for texture mods that allows you to pack those into a single mod and thus avoid this limit. I have not tested that one yet as it wasn't around when I last moded my Witcher 3 game.

#59490 New PC specs

Posted by Kexikus on 28 September 2017 - 10:01 PM

You could easily play those games on a GTX 1080 or even a 1070 (actually, only Witcher 3 can really take advantage of these. Skyrim and the KotOR games really don't need the latest GPU generation) and an i5 core. But then again, your system here is certainly future proof.


You could save some money and get the latest i5 processor instead as the i7 only offers a few % of extra fps in games, but if you need a fast processor for other applications, there's certainly nothing wrong with getting the i7.

And about the GPU: Just make sure not to buy the Founders Edition, but one of the other editions as the FE is usually the least powerful and ridiculously overpriced. Not sure which one you're currently looking at, as the manufacturer is not currently in your list but as long as the reviews don't say that it's overly loud you should be fine.


Other than that, my only recommendation would be to get a 500GB SSD as 250GB can fill up very fast with just the OS, some software and one or two modern games.


Oh, and make sure that your power supply has actually enough power for your GPU/CPU combination. It probably has but it's better to check before ordering it. BeQuiet has a great calculator for that on their website that also works for non-beQuiet power supplies of course.

And you probably don't need to buy an extra power cable. Every power supply I ever bought had one included and even if it doesn't, you can still use your current power cable.

#59460 Download:HD Cockpit Skyboxes

Posted by Kexikus on 25 September 2017 - 02:16 PM

Mmmmmm.. it looks really bizarre with a static waterfall tho. Any alternative?


One could add a second plane with a smaller texture that covers just the waterfall to the model and then animate this smaller texture. That would get around the huge file size issue but I'm not sure if it'd be possible to make it seamless. And you'd probably only have like 16 frames, so the animation wouldn't be very smooth and would be repeated very often. But that might still be better than a static waterfall.

#59338 Bastila Robes Mod Problem

Posted by Kexikus on 14 September 2017 - 05:35 PM

The .utc for the Bastila that joins your party in the DS ending are p_bastila001 to p_bastila006 from the module unk_m44ac. Those would have to have the new robe equiped for Bastila to wear it after joining your party. However, IIRC there was a pretty substantial bug that occured when using modified versions of this file or when having these files in the Override. If you encounter any issues after altering these files, you'll have to do some digging and maybe you can find the cause of whatever that issue was.
And for her NPC appearance on the Starforge, it should be sta_bastila.utc or sta_bastila001.utc from sta_m45ac. Not quite sure which one though.

#59333 Bastila Robes Mod Problem

Posted by Kexikus on 14 September 2017 - 07:49 AM

Most likely it's a mod incompability. Which other mods do you have installed? List them all please and include links to their download pages.

#59325 [WIP] High quality skyboxes

Posted by Kexikus on 13 September 2017 - 09:54 AM

Yeah, I could just reuse the K1 skyboxes but their lighting and general feel is completely different from TSL's Dantooine so that won't work at all.

#59323 [WIP] High quality skyboxes

Posted by Kexikus on 13 September 2017 - 09:18 AM

The royal city of Iziz:




The clouds are still very much WIP in this shot and have been changed quite a bit since I made this render, but the general look remains approximately the same.

This is of course not the perspective that will be used for the actual skybox (which will be rendered from inside the city) but I wanted to have a picture of the entire city. Iziz' look and layout is inspired by the Tales of the Jedi comics with somewhat less extreme proportions while keeping the look of the buildings used in TSL.

#59287 How did SpaceAlex make his K1 Enhancement Pack NPC Overhaul?

Posted by Kexikus on 10 September 2017 - 09:59 PM

Ah right. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation :)

#59176 Need help to modify game mechanics in Kotor2

Posted by Kexikus on 07 September 2017 - 09:14 AM

I'm certainly not an expert on combat mechanics in KotOR, but I think most of what you're trying to do is hardcoded into the game and can't be changed. I might be wrong however.


14) & 15) is definetly possible by modifying the .utc files for the characters and the .uti files for the armor. Maybe there's something else involved in making the armor upgradeable. Not sure here.

6) is also somewhat possible in a special dialog. There is a mod that allows you to talk to the Remote and it'll tell you all the influence values.


For the other ideas, someone else will have to chime in as I can't say for sure whether or not they're doable.

#59136 Increasing The Size of K1's Menu Screens?

Posted by Kexikus on 06 September 2017 - 08:10 AM

It's definetly not easy and might even be hardcoded.


IIRC someone has been playing around with that. I'll see if I can find the thread.


Edit: Found it!

ndix UR found a way to rescale the GUI to be bigger but it seems like there were issues with it that never got resolved.

#58948 The Workshed

Posted by Kexikus on 31 August 2017 - 01:27 PM

No it wouldn't. As you'd replace the vanilla P_VisasBB model in that case and you want to keep it for the animations. So your model needs a unique and new name.