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In Topic: Ebon Hawk ID Signature Quest Loop (Game-Breaking!!)

Today, 07:46 AM

That seems quite likely, yes.


But you also list KotOR Savegame Editor as a mod, which it isn't, so the question remains: What did you do with KSE?

Improper use here could also cause issues like this, although the incompability suggested by N-DReW25 seems more likely.

In Topic: [WIP] High quality skyboxes

Yesterday, 05:39 PM

Does whatever you are using (Terragen, was it?) allow for distributed rendering?


I think so, but I've no idea how as I've never looked into it.

In Topic: [WIP] High quality skyboxes

Yesterday, 07:55 AM

Here's a render of what I hope Coruscant to look like:


Attached File  Coruscant.jpg   108.91KB   0 downloads


I think it looks pretty good, there's only one problem: It took 6:40 hours to render and that's at half the resolution I need for a single skybox texture. So at this point I'm looking at 65 hours of rendering for Coruscant alone... which is quite a lot especially since I can't really use my computer while doing so with it having a CPU usage of 100%.


The reason for this long render time compared to what I did before are the clouds. I used TG4's EasyClouds for this one and they're really awesome. Unlike the standard clouds, you just add them and they look great. Of course you have to tweak their density, coverage and such but the shapes are great right from the beginning. But as I learned now, this also comes at the price of very large render times.


I'm not sure what I'm going to do here. Maybe I'll try and get good standard clouds or I'll just go with the EasyClouds and live with the render time / try to improve it.


Also, this may all not seem important as it's only for Coruscant which you see for about 5 minutes in the game, but if possible I'd really like to use those EasyClouds for other skyboxes as well. To be fair, their render times will most likely be shorter as this one has quite dense clouds and a low sun angle, resulting in a lot of noise in the clouds, requiring me to use high anti-aliasing settings which also increase render time quite substantially. So it won't be that bad for the usual "day" shots of other skyboxes (I hope).

In Topic: Game crash after entering Ebon Hawk on Dantooine

24 June 2017 - 04:03 PM

Glad to hear that you got around this scene even though finding a cause would certainly be preferable.


Also good to hear that you found at least the cause of one issue. The others are probably files edited in .mod files (in the modules folder). You could of course try and find which .mod is causing the issue(s), but removing a .mod mid playthrough is usually a bad idea so I'd not recommend that.

In Topic: Game crash after entering Ebon Hawk on Dantooine

24 June 2017 - 12:44 PM

My guess would be that something went wrong during your mod installations as I can't see any obvious incompabilities.


To clarify some things:

You say that Handmaiden for Females / Disciple for Males doesn't work, so I assume you're playing a female character?

If so, then the problem is most likely that this mod not being properly installed is what's causing your crash. One possible explanation could be that the recruitment part doesn't work but now when you return to the Ebon Hawk, the game tries to play a cutscene with the Handmaiden since you have a female character with the mod (partially) installed, but with the Handmaiden not present, the game crashes. Although, it should usually shouldn't in that case... Weird.


You say that you had tons of other issues (which makes incorrect installations and/or incompabilites very, very likely) that disappear when removing the Override. That's not happening with your crash, right?

Could you try and remove 003ebo.mod from the Modules folder (keep a backup) and see if that fixes it?

Also, for the other issues, have you tried finding which file(s) is/are causing them? You could do so by removing only half of the Override, so you see which half it's in and then repeat until you find the cause.


And in your first post, you say that those other mods were simply placed in the Override, but on your list I see many mods that require TSLPatcher for installation. Did you just copy their files in the Override or was that just too vague a description in your first post?