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Today, 05:11 PM

Do you have TSLRCM from the Steam workshop? If so, then yes, the Steam workshop works completely different compared to TSLPatcher. I suggest you read this guide.


Basically: The Steam workshop will create new folders where it simply dumps the workshop mod content and when launching the game will take all these files and if a file is present in two locations it will choose one based on some kind of priority list. There's absolutely NO merging when it comes to .2da, .gff or even .tlk files.

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Today, 02:50 PM

Install options would definetly be a possibility but I was hoping to avoid them.

In Topic: TSLPatcher: Only modify file if it's present

Today, 02:38 PM

I tried not having the file in the tslpatchdata folder but then TSLPatcher would open a window asking me to select the file and if I abort this prompt, TSLPatcher will stop the installation with a critical error.

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Today, 01:42 PM


Dang, really? I was really looking into trying to replicate this mod for K1 for my own use since Jorn doesn't mod anymore and has left his mods available for editing 


if hilts are dependent on color, is it possible to map a few hilts to a single color or would there be conflict?


It's no different in KotOR 2: TSL and SLM doesn't change anything about that.


As you probably know, you can change the color in your lightsaber by swapping the color crystal on a workbench both in K1 and in TSL. From the vanilla games, where every saber (of the same type, e.g. single blade sabers) has the same hilt, one might get the impression that this simply swaps the blade texture. However that's not the case. There is one model for each lightsaber type in each color and then there's a 2da file (2d array) called upcrystal.2da that assigns each color crystal the models to use for a standard, short or double saber with this crystal. That's why it's impossible to disconnect color crystal and hilt model. You can of course create two crystals of the same color that link to different hilts to get more variety but something like the system in SWTOR where they're completely independant is not possible. SLM also only adds new color crystals that come with their own unique hilt design and possibly unique color.


You could technically replace the vanilla system by doing the following: Add dummy hilt and color crystal items that can somehow be combined to one item that takes the place of the vanilla color crystals and can be inserted into a lightsaber. The problem here is to find a good way of combining these dummy items since we cannot create a new GUI for it or edit the lightsaber upgrade GUI. So this would have to be done with a dialog system on a new workbench which would probably end up being really annoying to use. But if you have a good idea on how to do this, it would be a possibility.

In Topic: Any tutorials for a beginning modder?

Today, 08:23 AM

You can also look at other mods that add new lightsaber crystals to the game and see how they work. Then go from there to construct your own mod.


One thing to note: In KotOR the hilt model is determined by the color crystal of the lightsaber so it's not possible to have hilts and blade colors that are independant from each other.