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TSL Steam version Bugs/fixes?

15 April 2018 - 10:59 AM

Hi you all, 


ive been absent from modding for a very long time now - mainly due to a huge amount of work and a significant lack of time.

Dont know if its possible for me to get it done, but i still have a ton of half finished textures and just want to release that Kotor 2 Overhaul 

not too far in the future.


One major obstacle is that d*** Steam version of K2 - they seem to have cut off all CM Cubemaps from the game and thus no shine 

can be added via .txi.


To fix this is  very important to ensure the same visual quality on the steam version.


I just saw Malkiors post in the transparency issue thread here:




and i wonder if thats a .2da issue - 

e.g. i made some parts of the PER_Tr02 texture transparent, assigned a Cubemap via .txi and it looks simply solid - no shine at all ingame:


Attached File  K2_00000_1.jpg   142.1KB   0 downloads

Attached File  K2_00001_1.jpg   109.26KB   0 downloads


Interestingly, it looks transparent without cubemap - it seems, the cubemap was recognised somehow, but without shine effect.

Further, the mining droids do appear shiny, so the effect is disabled for regular textures like floors & walls somehow.


Does anyone have an idea what causes that - and probably how to fix it?

HELP: Ebon Hawk Texture K1

15 May 2017 - 06:33 PM

Hi there, 


im searching for the small dot texture(which i marked with a red arrow) which is switching on/off on the larger texture of the Ebon Hawk Panel  LEH_scre02:


Attached File  Texturename.jpg   151.87KB   0 downloads


Its really annoying for texturing and i want to make it invisible.

Im grateful for any help - does someone know the texture name?


Thank you in advance!